Should Brittney Griner be drafted by the NBA instead of the WNBA?

Brittney GrinerBrittney Griner of Baylor University could be the first female to make an NBA roster. Only a junior, Griner would have to declare for the draft, but would an NBA team like the Sacramento Kings or New Orleans Hornets select her?

If she declares, this will be big news and more than likely, a team would go for her late in the second round just for publicity sakes.

The suggestion of her making it to the ‘Association’ has been asked before, but the topic deserves a refresh.

She’s 6 foot 8 inches tall with a wing span of 86 inches. The most impressive aspect of her athletic sculpture is her leanness. She looks like she has the potential for a silky, smooth player with her rail figure and long arms.

In the women’s game, she has an imposing presence. She needs to use her presence to take care of business this year. She can quiet more critics by leading her Baylor Bears to a national championship.

Of course her length is intimidating in the women’s game, but it won’t hold too much weight in the men’s game. She would be a ‘Project’ of sorts for an NBA team.

They’ll have to work her out and figure out how to play her. She may not be tall enough for the power forward position.

Can she adapt her game for a swingwoman small forward position? This looks to be the biggest challenge. She may not have enough game for this position.

She gets up off the ground pretty good, but not like a guy can. This is the difference in men and women athletes. The muscle to fat ratio she does better than average in comparing a female athlete to a male athlete, but the dynamic muscle and fast-twitch muscles for her are slower and not as strong.

If the first woman is not Griner, than what will the first woman look like or will a woman never make an NBA roster?

Could a speedy woman point guard make it, or will the size of her hands always be an issue? The women use a smaller diameter ball in college and in the pros.

Griner’s hands are plenty big enough. She has dunked in a game before and it was the real kind, not the one in which the ball is rattled in. Also, she is an aggressive player, not afraid of challenges. She’s had her share of controversy, including punching an opposing player.

In the NFL, some have projected a woman could possibly be a field goal kicker. This idea has part of its roots from an old ’90’s football comedic movie, Necessary Roughness, where Kathy Ireland plays the kicker on a fable college team.

Then, there is the goalie position in pro Ice Hockey to think about. This has its precedent with minor league teams that employed female goaltender, Manon Rhéaume, for more than 20 games. She had signed a minor league contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning, but never played at the NHL level.

Other notable current and former college and pro women basketball players have either been bantied about as potential NBA hoopsters or have even had tryouts. Diana Taurasi and Maya Moore have been mentioned as potential candidates. Ann Meyers once had a tryout with the Indiana Pacers, but no woman has gotten playing time.

Griner may get the playing time. She could get a bigger contract to play 12th man or wo-man for an NBA team than she could in the WNBA. And, she can always get to the WNBA later on.

So, which team could take a chance on her?

Most likely, the only team owned by the NBA, the New Orleans Hornets.

She goes to Baylor University and is from Houston, both close enough to New Orleans to get added interest from basketball fans in the area.

Ultimately, she’d end up becoming a publicity stunt, but with good intentions. Her game can improve and she can move forward to the WNBA more prepared to dominate.

The debate would continue, but in a different way. Will any Woman ever start and/or play major minutes on a competing team?…or something to that effect.

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