Can Deron Williams make it through the season?

Deron WilliamsDeron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets hasn’t been his usual self in preseason action, but encouraged by the results he obtained by a cortisone shot.

Williams has been bothered by tendinitis in his ankle and the Nets’ star may need postseason surgery to clean it up.

“Just walking down the street it would ache,” said Williams, who received the shot Thursday. “There were a lot of missed layups because I just didn’t have that explosion.

“I should be good now.”

According to the NY Daily News the inflammation in his ankle started during the Olympics.

“It was hurting really bad in the Olympics, swelled up in the Olympics. So, I had to get on some anti-inflammatory (pills) and we’ve been just trying to strengthen it and get it loose,” Williams said. “But it just seems like throughout the course of a game, it never gets loose.

“I thought it was from old age,” he added. “I couldn’t jump off my left leg. I can’t even dunk off of one leg, so I went in and got an MRI and it showed the inflammation. It was good to get the shot and now it already feels better.”

How many cortisone shot’s will he need to avoid the pain and frustration his ankle will cause this season?

Obviously, this is not a good sign for Williams who could end up sitting out the rest of the season at some point.

Knicks, Nets ‘in a New York State of Mind’

In the 2012-2013 season, there will no longer be one NBA team in the state of New York. The Nets,  formerly of New Jersey, have moved to Barclays Center in the borough of Brooklyn and have put together a formidable team that will rival what the New York Knickerbockers will put on their floor this year. We will discuss the changes that were made in these two teams, their fundamental differences, and their outlooks for the season.

For starters, competition is good. New York is a state with eight million people and for decades it has been a one basketball team town. This is a state that at one time housed three baseball teams simultaneously; the Brooklyn Dodgers, the N.Y. Giants, and, of course, the N. Y. Yankees. Currently in California there are four NBA teams; the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, and Kings. So why not have two NBA teams in New York?

Certainly the timing couldn’t be better for the Nets to have made their move. The Knicks have been struggling for quite a while, winning only one playoff game in over a decade. They haven’t won a championship in almost 40 years! However, it won’t mean that Knick fans will suddenly change their allegiance and become Nets fans either. Remember these are the same loyal fans who have gone through a long stretch without a winning team but want it so badly that after winning game four in the first round of last year’s playoffs, they threw confetti and gave their players a rousing- standing ovation inside a packed Madison Square Garden as if they had just won the NBA Championship! Read more…

Jay-Z fighting back against the New York media

Earlier in the year, the New York Times ran a story stating Jay-Z’s impact as part owner of the Brooklyn Nets was small. In fact, he only owned 1/15th of 1 percent, or an initial investment of $1 million dollars.

Seems like his role has been anything but small.

Jay-Z  designed the team’s new uniforms, added respect among NBA players, had a role with NBA2k13 and turned the Brooklyn Nets into a larger part of culture.

During the last of eight sold-out shows to kick off the opening of the Barclays Center, he fought back against the critics. Ben Golliver watched the YouTube live-stream of the concert, and he wrote about Jay-Z’s comments for Eye on Basketball:

Jay-Z first disputed the reported percentage — telling his audience that he didn’t know where the media got their numbers — before asserting that “some” in the media have presented his role in the ownership group in a way that was intended as a purposeful slight.

“That’s their way of diminishing our accomplishments,” he said. “Don’t let anyone diminish your accomplishments.”

The real story, he explained, goes like this: “[I’m] a young black African male who was raised in a single-parent home in low-income housing and I stand before you as an owner of the Brooklyn Nets.” The Barclays Center crowd erupted in cheers.

“Don’t let anyone diminish your accomplishments,” Jay-Z repeated. “You don’t have to be inspired by me, be inspired by Barack Obama if you choose to. Latinos in here, be the first Latino president. Ladies in here, be the first female president.”

Jay-Z then encouraged the crowd to raise their middle fingers into the air before breaking into his hit song, “99 Problems.”

Ball Don’t Lie, a sports blog by Yahoo Sports says it best, The issue here is not what Jay-Z has accomplished by becoming an owner, but what he’s achieved as an owner. There are people with full 100 percent stakes in teams who haven’t done so much to increase their teams’ presence in the market. The Nets and Jay-Z are a special case, certainly, but they’re also an example of what can be done with a certain level of commitment to a clear set of goals. It’s a useful example for other owners to follow, no matter how much money they’ve put into their investments.

Kris Humphries shoots back at Kanye West

Looks like Jay Z didn’t drop Humphries from the team after all.

In case you missed it, Kanye West released a song recently called Theraflu “Way Too Cold.” In the song, Kanye drops the following lyric: “And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim / ‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him/ Well that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thing / Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop ‘em from the team.”

It looks like Kanye’s threat fell upon deaf ears because Humphries didn’t get dropped, he actually got paid! A deal with Nets that is about two years worth 24 million dollars!

Humphries out of this whole mess got the last laugh however when he tweeted the following.

See the Tweet here…



Deron Williams hated the Lakers, could this hurt their chances?

Deron WilliamsDeron Williams was at the L.A. Convention Center on promoting his new video game “NBA Baller Beats” which features him on the cover and will be released in September. As reporters started asking questions the truth about his feelings toward the Los Angeles Lakers came out.

According to the LA Times, “I used to hate them. They pushed us out of the playoffs three years in a row,” Williams said of the Lakers, referring to when they beat Williams’  Utah Jazz each postseason from 2008 through 2010.

The Lakers would like nothing better than replacing Ramon Sessions, who struggled averaging only 6.8 points on 35.3% shooting in the Western Conference semifinals with New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams.

The problem…the Lakers don’t have the cash to sign him and he knows it.

“I know they don’t have any money to just go out and sign me,” Williams said. “It’ll have to be some kind of deal.”

Deron’s 21 points per game were ranked third among the NBA’s guards and his 8.8 assists could be helpful to Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum.

In essence it would give the Lakers another big three, but they would have to remove Pau Gasol from the equation. They owe him $38.3 million over the next two years and have committed $78.4 million to only seven players next season.

Pau Gasol for Deron Williams, crazy but possible

Pau GasolThe Los Angeles Lakers always seem to be in the middle of every trade rumor. Ever since their season ended, the rumors have been coming fast and furious. Most of them have been ridiculous but one has surfaced that actually makes sense.

ESPN’s John Hollinger discussed the possibility of the Brooklyn Nets doing a sign-and-trade deal that would send Deron Williams to the Lakers for Pau Gasol.

After two disappointing post seasons, Gasol may not have the trade value he once had, but he is still one of the most skilled big men in the league and would fit nicely with Brook Lopez. Williams has already stated that if the Nets don’t get Dwight Howard, he’s gone so they might as well try to get something for him. Read more here…

Avery Johnson and Nets could part ways, D’Antoni an option?

Mike DAntoni

Mike DAntoniThe New Jersey Nets sit near the bottom of the NBA’s Eastern Conference with a record of 16-35 and only winning a pathetic six games at home.

The future Brooklyn Nets are moving into the Barclays Center this fall and chances are Avery Johnson won’t be coming with him.

Not only did the Nets fail in the attempts to land Dwight Howard they are also on the way to losing Deron Williams who is eager to test free agency.

Johnson has only one year left on his contract at approximately four million.

His team ranks in the bottom third in every major offensive and defensive category, and record is the fourth-worst in the entire NBA.

All signs point to the Brooklyn Nets to be without a superstar player but could they look at former New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni?

While his “style” of basketball has been questioned it remains fun to watch and if they Nets want to make a profit they are going to need something.

D’Antoni can be successful if the organization buys into the players that he needs to run this style of offense.

Without Howard and Williams next season, what do the Nets have to lose for the first few years?