Carmelo’s comments on Linsanity taken out of context

In this USA Today article, Carmelo Anthony said that he’s the selfish player people claim him to be because of “the whole Linsanity thing.” He goes on by saying “That’s when it started. That’s when it started to escalate as far as people saying I was selfish.” This I find not to be true on many levels. Prior to Linsanity happening, Melo was being barraged with criticism from really, the lion’s share of Knick fans for having a string of bloodcurdling shooting games. What I never understood was the criticism from certain Knick fans saying that he was a ball hog and a piece of shit (there’s many more things he was called and they weren’t good things). You should have expected what you were gonna get in Melo. I was expecting it to happen because of the following reasons: 1. His hefty usage-rates, 2. Being a purebred shooter (and a high volume scorer), and 3. Making sweet love to the basketball whenever he receives a pass from anyone. Those fans were acting like it was a breaking news story coming from tabloids, TMZ in particular, the headline being “BREAKING: Melo Is A Ballhog Fiend. Knick Fans Are Exasperated” or something like that. They were probably fans that came out of the woodwork for all I know.
Throughout his career, Melo has been a high-usage player. Last season, he was 4th in USG% with 31.8%, only behind LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Kobe Bryant. And in his Denver days, his highest USG% was at least 30% in five (and a half if you want to count his year being traded from Denver to New York) seasons played with the Nuggets. All of that being said, Melo is a usage rate stalwart. He’s certainly not in the upper echelon of defenders, averaging a steal to less than a steal per game, and most importantly, to him at least, he’s essentially branded as a scorer in isolation situations and in any situation. It’s a dead giveaway. Shooters shoot, and…yeah. Read more here…

Satire: New York Knicks write Jeremy Lin a goodbye letter

The debate will go on for the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin as to if one is better without the other, but key members of the Knicks sat down and took a brief moment to say goodbye to Lin.

It can be argued with out the key burst Lin gave the Knicks, they wouldn’t have made the playoffs this year and for that Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire say thanks.

Knicks Letter to Jeremy Lin

Carmelo Anthony: The Charles Barkley of his generation?

Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo Anthony didn’t picture his NBA career going in this direction when he was drafted 3rd overall in the 2003 NBA Draft. Anthony has emerged as one of the most well-known and popular players in the league.

He was named to the All-Rookie team, to the All-Star team five times and to the All-NBA team five times. Anthony led the Nuggets to two division titles and to the playoffs every year from 2004 to 2010. In 2009, he helped the Nuggets advance to the Conference Finals for the first time since 1985. As a member of the USA National Team, Anthony won a bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics and a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics.

Most recently Anthony, along with point guard Chauncey Billups, was traded to the New York Knicks in a multi-player deal also involving the Minnesota Timberwolves. That sent a stir through the sports world because of how he gutted the Knicks. They sent Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks 2014 first-round draft pick, the Warriors’ 2012 second-round pick, the Warriors’ 2013 second-round pick and $3 million in cash. Which basically was everything but the kitchen sink.

It made sense at the time for some fans because he would get paired with the superstar Amare Stoudemire, plus the Knicks were supposed to be making a run at Chris Paul. How did that turn out? Well… several years later and a couple of wild trades (Chris Paul going to Clippers) Anthony is left with a shell of a team and no Chris Paul. Read more here…

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks and championships: A statistical analysis

Fibbs walked into the bar that afternoon, his orange Knicks cap tilted backwards, gold chain around his neck and Amare Stoudemire jersey (sans cast) worn proudly.  He had been drinking all day and was smiling, giddy almost.  After all, why wouldn’t he be?  His Knickerbockers had just won their first playoff game in eleven years, an accomplishment Knicks fans were begrudgingly proud to celebrate.  Fibbs’ joy was short-lived, however, as the Knicks could only muster that lone, post-season win.  They were dismissed by the Miami Heat the very next game.

The proud yet highly dysfunctional Knickerbockers franchise has talent, but boy, are they a mess.  Coach fired mid-season, their hundred million dollar man’s hand stitched up like a softball, their most popular player on the sidelines still unproven and their best player taking way too many shots.  It’s enough to make Phil Jackson’s stomach churn.

I don’t mean to turn this into a bash Carmelo Anthony post, nor am I insinuating that with more balanced scoring the Knicks could have beaten the Heat.  They couldn’t have, but at least they could have made it more interesting.

Read more here…

The next great NBA rivalry may be upon us

Magic versus Bird, Russell versus Chamberlain, Jordan versus everybody else.  These are the rivalries that molded the National Basketball Association into what it is today.  It’s why so many fans resented LeBron when he decided he’d rather play with his best friend instead of eking it out on his own. But fear not, NBA fans.  We may be on the verge of another great rivalry.  If franchise owners play their cards right, these two teams could dominate the league for years to come. I’m not talking LeBron versus Kobe.  That’s a Finals matchup we have yet to see. It can’t be LeBron-Carmelo.  Even though they entered the league in the same year, LeBron is showing us he’s a far more dominant player. Read more here…

Is Carmelo taking the playoffs seriously?

Friday night the New York Knicks played the Cleveland Cavaliers. A game where the Knicks were dominated from start to finish, losing to the Cavaliers 98 to 90. This was a game the Knicks should have won easily. Instead they were outhustled and couldn’t get a rebound if their last earthly breath depended on it. Carmelo Anthony has been on a incredible stretch lately scoring and rebounding but against the Cavs not so much. Melo finished with 12 pts on 5 for 13 shooting. Coach Mike Woodson chose to leave Melo on the bench for the entire 4 th quarter. Everyone has a bad game but the problem came while Melo was on the bench. Melo sitting by Tyson Chandler on the bench starting telling jokes and laughing while the Knicks were losing. As a star player the Go to Guy why aren’t you not on the floor? Didn’t that bother you? Read more here…

Lin the Knick of time

After the season the New York Knicks have been having, the emergence of Jeremy Lin couldn’t have come at a better time. Both Carmelo Anthony and Amare’ Stoudemire are out and the Knicks were already pretty far back in the standings even when those two were in the lineup but Lin is showing how important a good point guard is to Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

Having a point guard that can run the pick-and-roll, push the ball in transition and break down the defense with penetration makes the game so much easier on the other four guys on the floor. If you don’t believe me then watch the last three games Lin has started.

Then go back and watch the last three games Anthony and Stoudemire played together. Knicks’ players do a lot of standing around, no one is sure what to do with the ball and there are virtually no fast break points. Anthony does a decent job of distributing the ball but the offense becomes stagnant the more Anthony has the ball in his hands.

So where did Mr. Lin come from? Lin was not drafted coming out of Harvard but Donnie Nelson of the Dallas Mavericks was intrigued enough with Lin’s game to offer him an invitation to play in the Maverick’s Summer League team.

Lin made the most of his opportunity and really turned heads when he outplayed rookie John Wall when the two went head-to-head during a Summer League game. Lin would receive offers from four teams but would choose to sign with his hometown team the Golden State Warriors. That ended up not being a very smart move since he would see little playing time on a guard heavy roster that featured both Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry.

Lin played two stints in the NBA Developmental League last year then would be waived by the Warriors during the offseason so the Warriors would have enough room to make a run at DeAndre Jordan. The Houston Rockets would claim Lin off waivers only to waive him again when they signed Samuel Dalembert. Lin would finally find a home when the Knicks claimed him off waivers on December 12th of last year.

Things this season hadn’t been much different than last season as Lin found very little time early on. Rookie Iman Shumpert was playing well and so was Toney Douglas which meant very little minutes were left for Lin. Despite the Knick’s poor record, Lin would once again be sent down to play in the NBADL on January 18th.

But something happened during Lin’s third stint to the D-League. A frustrated Lin would drop a triple double on the Maine Red Claws just three days into his D-League assignment. The Knicks would call him back up three days later.

D’Antoni was still hesitant to play Lin despite the slumping play of Shumpert. Lin would play a total of 39 minutes during the first seven games after being recalled from the D-League. Then Lin would come off the bench to spark the Knicks to a win over the New Jersey Nets. In 36 minutes off the bench, Lin would score 25 points and dish seven assists while adding five rebounds and two steals.

Next game Lin would be inserted as the starter and he would reward his team with 28 points, eight assists, two steals and most importantly another win. Then on Wednesday night he would continue his stellar play by scoring 23 points and adding ten assists against John Wall, the guy he made his name off of in the 2010 Summer League. Oh yeah, the Knicks would win that game also.

So is Lin a fluke? His numbers will definitely drop when Anthony and Stoudemire come back and the Knicks face stiffer competition than the Nets or the Washington Wizards but for the most part Lin has a game that is tailor-made for this offense. If nothing else he has proven that he is a better option than any of the other point guards they currently have on the roster.

Roosevelt Hall is an NBA Featured Journalist for The Sports Blitz. You can also follow him on Twitter @sportmentalist.