What becomes of Sixth Men of the Year?

James HardenWikipedia definition of the NBA’s Sixth Man is…The National Basketball Association’s Sixth Man of the Year Award is an annual National Basketball Association(NBA) award given since the 1982–83 NBA season to the league’s most valuable player for his team coming off the bench as a substitute (or sixth man). This year has not been decided yet, but i’m pretty sure that most are thinking that it will be Oklahoma City’s James Harden. With impressive numbers 31.4 mpg, 16.8 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 3.7 apg, 1.0 spg, he has made a huge impact for his team off the bench. Not only with the numbers but his emotional leadership to create a spark for the Thunder, has them in talks for the NBA title. Even though this is a great award to get, lets take a look at the past 10 players that the NBA crowned with the 6th Man award and see what they did after in their career. Where they able to become effective starters? Read more here…

Dirk Nowitzki set to retire?

Dirk NowitzkiThe Dallas Mavericks are one lose away from being swept in the NBA Playoffs. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. For the past 12 seasons the Mavericks have been getting bounced from the playoffs early. Most of the time they would usually make it to the second round but this year they have ran into younger legs. The dynamic duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been too much for Dallas to handle. Durant and Westbrook have accounted for 52 points a game.Westbrook is shooting nearly 50% from the field and thats the key to this series. Dallas is older and they cannot keep up with young legs of Westbrook. Read more here…

Lamar Odom: Time for him to hang it up?

Lamar Odom

Lamar OdomThe Dallas Mavericks have reached an agreement to part ways with Lamar Odom, but will not release his rights.

The Mavs will place Odom on the inactive list for the remainder of the season.

“Lammy” as those who watch Khloe and Lamar would refer to him as, needs the remainder of the season to clear his head after career-low numbers after leaving the Los Angeles Lakers.

There is no reason to not like Lamar Odom, no matter the team you root for. Sure he may be involved with the Kardashian’s but let’s not hold that against him.

The former Los Angeles Lakers sixth man of the year is passionate, dedicated and a hard worker. His struggles this year could be more  mind over matter than deteriorating skills.

After the reality set in that Odom was to be traded by the Los Angeles Lakers to the New Orleans Hornets he felt disrespected.

“It wasn’t about going to New Orleans. It was just about how they did it,” Odom said. “I felt a little disrespected. After being here for so long and going through so many things, I felt like they could have just told me and I probably would have accepted it. If someone is telling you that you can’t be here or there’s no more room for you, you got to understand that. I think because it’s just how they did it is the reason why I took it so personal.”

It’s obvious now  that the Lakers are much worse without Odom.

His first season in Dallas didn’t go as planed either.

The 32 year-old Odom was well below his career averages in nearly every statistic before being placed inactive.

As a sixth man for the Lakers he averaged 32 minutes per game and this season he is only on the court 21 minutes a game.

The 13-year veteran contemplated retirement after the proposed trade and it’s obvious his heart and soul, what got him here in the first place, is no longer on the court.

  PPG   RPG   APG   FG %   
Career 14.4 8.8 3.9 46.7
2011-2012 7.7 4.5 1.7 35.7

NBA rumor mill: Mavericks want to sign Howard and Williams

Dwight HowardAccording to multiple sources, within inner NBA Circles GM’s have been discussing the possibility of the Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks signing both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard this off season.

Dwight Howard has expressed publicly that the Maverick’s are one of the teams that he would like to play for if the Orlando Magic were to trade him during the season. With the trade deadline approaching, this seems more and more unlikely.

The Mavericks have plenty of cap room next season as Jason Terry, Lamar Odom, Jason Kidd, Brian Cardinal, Delonte West, and Brandon Wright are in the final year of their contracts. Additionally, Vince Carter does not count.

Shedding these contracts will save the Mavericks about $31 million dollars. Signing both Howard, Williams, 2012 draft picks, and enough players to fill out a roster will surely put the Maverick over the cap, but billionaire Mark Cuban hasn’t seemed to let this bother him in the past.

If these NBA rumors are true, look for the Mavericks to make a huge splash in free agency. Signing Howard and Williams would certainly make the Mavericks favorites to win the NBA Championship in 2012; who wouldn’t love a Heat Mavericks rematch?

5 teams that will attempt to sign Jeremy Lin after the 2012 season

Jeremy Lin

New York Knicks Jeremy LinJeremy Lin’s unprecedented level of play over the past six games has propelled him into the fore-front of the sports world. Lin’s play in February has guaranteed him a hefty contract next season, but what five teams have the best shot of signing him? Let’s take a look:

1. New York Knicks
If Mike D’antoni is smart he will do whatever it takes to ensure that the organization inks Jeremy Lin to a long-term contract before the end of the season. Under the new collective bargaining agreement the New York Knicks can only offer Lin five million dollars in the first year of a long-term deal; this is an eerily convenient set circumstances. The Knicks have their mid-level-exception available for next season, which would allow the team to make Lin the maximum offer without taking a hit on the salary cap. Given that the success of D’antoni’s system is predicated on the ability of a point guard to play at an elite level, the Knicks have no choice but to lock up Lin for the long run.

2. Dallas Mavericks
Count on Mark Cuban to make a run at Lin this offseason. Jason Kidd’s days are numbered and given that Kidd has finally won an NBA championship it seems likely that retirement might be an attractive option for the veteran point guard. One possibility might involve signing Lin to a long-term deal, and bring Jason Kidd back for a single season; a transition season if you will. In an ideal world Lin could start for the Mavericks while Kidd comes off the bench; this would allow Lin to continue to grow under the tutelage of a future first ballot hall of famer.

3. Houston Rockets
This may seem odd given that the Rockets appear to be set at point guard right now (Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic), but the Rockets seem to be active trade partners every year. Lin would make sense in Houston for a couple of reasons. The Rockets have the marketing infrastructure in place to do business in the Chinese market. After drafting Yao Ming, the Rockets adopted a uniform color scheme eerily similar to that of the Chinese national team, and there is no doubt that the organization’s executives still have contacts in Asia; this would be a marketing marriage made in heaven. Second, bringing Jeremy Lin to Houston could help Houston finally get over their playoff hump. If Jeremy Lin continues to play as well as he is now, he may be this franchise’s best hope of getting out of the first round of the playoffs.

4. Golden State Warriors
Early in the season Steph Curry was linked to both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard trade rumors. There is no doubt that the Warriors organization is still not sold on Curry’s ability to co-exist with Monte Ellis. While Golden State was the organization that cut Lin in the first place, don’t count out a reunion for the Northern California native. A Lin/Ellis back court could be deadly, and with a point guard with Lin’s vision could really do wonders for the Warriors young spot up shooter Klay Thompson and freak athlete Ekpe Udoh. Signing Lin would allow the Warriors to actively shop Curry, a strategy that could yield more young talent and draft picks for a team looking to escape from the cellars of the west.

5. Los Angeles Lakers
Last, but surely not least, the Lost Angeles Lakers are almost guaranteed to make a run at Jeremy Lin. The Lakers have been looking for an upgrade at point guard for years now. Jordan Farmar wasn’t the answer and neither is Steve Blake. The point guard situation has gotten so bad in L.A. that Kobe Bryant is literally lobbying the organization to sign Gilbert Arenas. Lin could be the answer for L.A., and an infusion of scoring, playmaking, and youth at the point guard position could be just what Kobe needs to get a sixth championship. Those variables, combined with the fact that L.A. is also a large Asian market, make L.A. a match too perfect for the Lakers and Lin. Look for Kobe to lobby for Lin during the off season.

NBA forgot to schedule Mavericks’ visit to White House

Dallas-Mavericks-Honored-at-the-White-House_1With all the hustle and bustle of the season, shortened as it is, the NBA brass forgot, as it appears, to schedule the 2011 NBA Champions to visit the President at the White House this season. Well you know that didn’t set well with the Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. Would it set well with you if you were the owner? Would it have mattered what team one? I’m sure it was just an oversight on the behalf of the NBA personnel in charge of the scheduling.

That’s ok; our owner knows how to get things done and did his own planning and it’s a good thing he did because our Dallas Mavericks are visiting Washington, DC today and paying a visit to the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

We all know how much of a privilege this is for any champion of any sport to visit the President; and that’s probably the only time most of any of us would be able to visit him is under special circumstances; the bad side of this, there are a few people who helped to make this happen that are not on the visit today and I really feel they should be, but that’s the way it is anyway and I certainly hope those that did get to go, enjoyed it.

You could tell by the smiles on the faces of the guys that were there, that they enjoyed their visit; and as it appears, even though the President wanted Chicago Bull to win and picked Miami to win, he had a good time with the Mavericks players, coaches, owner and personnel that attended today.

Dirk seemed to have had a good time as he presented the President with an honorary jersey of the Dallas Mavericks team with the Presidents number (23) which was the number of his jersey when he was in school. As he stated, he had the number before Michael Jordan had it; and with that Dirk stated that Jordan stole the number from Obama.

The President also had a good time in talking with the team and poking fun at Jason Kidd for his age, thanking Mark and the staff for what they had done for Dallas and the sport of basketball as a whole and the best ribbing seemed to have come at Dirks expense about his rendition of singing “We Are The Champions”, but Dirk took it all in stride in knowing that it was all in fun.

There is not a person that has not seen nor heard Dirk sing that song that can’t say that he should not give up his other job, but he had soooo much fun doing that and it certainly was a pleasure to see him have fun and let loose; we all witnessed a different side of our MVP, and it was a pleasure to see.

Now, there was one player that was not on the trip to the White House, because evidently he was banned from being able to attend, and that was Delonte West. I realize that we all make some mistakes in our lives that we are not proud of and when you are a professional athlete, those mistakes get blown up times ten in the media and evidently his did. He did not deny about the weapons charges that he had in 2009 and I guess the Secret Service didn’t want him riding up to the White House with a guitar case full of guns trying to go all “Desparado” on everyone, and I’m sure he would not have done that. But what he did was taking it a little too far on his twittering.

Evidently he ranted a little on his Twitter page about the situation and a few other things that really should have been kept private, that is if you want to continue to play with this team or any team for that matter.

I thought that when Dallas signed West that there would be a question mark beside his name and was wondering how long it would take him to act out as he has done in the past, most famously the 2009 incident. But I felt that with Jason Kidd’s toolage and guidance that he might grow up; this is not the complete truth of what appears to be going on.

Mr. West appears to be complaining about not being able to have the President meet him, then because of the weapons charge, go from playing on a 60 plus win team to, well the Mavericks (NBA Champs), to making lots of money to league minimum and also because of his past, not being able to get approved on a credit or background check for an apartment and having to possibly be living out of his vehicle.

Well, Mr. West, when you make mistakes, you have to pay for those mistakes which I’m sure you have in some capacity; but we as fans would forgive some of those mistakes if you didn’t go all postal on your social pages and make yourself look a little like a dimwit. That’s the only way I can put it. This team has a history of being a respectful team and we don’t air our dirty laundry out there for everyone to see, hear and dissect.

I’m sure that the fans of Dallas would, and have accepted you for who you are and that is a part of the NBA champion team and want you to succeed along with the rest of the team. Yes, I would have been upset if it was me not being able to visit the President, but I would hope that I would have been a little bit more grown up about it and not put everything out there for everyone to see.

In other words, keep your displeasure in-house and let your teammates help you with your problems of this nature.

We all do wish Mr. West and the rest of the Mavericks a great season and I do hope that they are able to defend their championship with dignity and respect and hopefully repeat as Champs. Only time will tell.

So I bid you a good day and say good luck and let’s go Mavs!

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