Is it time for David Stern to move on?

David SternI’m sure by now all of you have either heard or heard about the altercation between the commissioner of the NBA David Stern and national syndicated radio host Jim Rome. For those of you still in the dark I will quickly recap it. Stern came on Rome’s radio show and was asked what seems like they yearly question, “Was the draft lottery fixed?” Stern responded by asking Rome if “he still beats his wife” and said he has made a career out of “cheap thrills”. Below is the entire radio conversation.

I’m sure most of you are thinking, “Was this the commissioner of a major sport in this country or just some idiot caller?” And to answer your question, no, that was not some hack trying to get his 15 seconds of fame. That was the commissioner of the National Basketball Association asking a member of the media if he still “beats his wife”. Yes, it was Stern using a loaded question to try and show that Rome had asked him a loaded question; however, that does not make it any more appropriate for him to act that way. Not to mention the fact that a lot of people thought he was seriously asking the question.

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A tasteless and contentious interview for the ages

I’ve long been a fan of David Stern.

These days, I’m probably in the minority, what with him moving teams from city to city to suit his needs or siding primarily with the owners in the recent lockout, but Stern’s actions, or more specifically his words, demonstrate that he may have finally gone off the deep end, his impending retirement from the game he’s managed for three decades not coming a moment too soon.

In a recent interview with Jim Rome, the radio host asked the commissioner whether the latest NBA Draft was fixed.  Sports fans have asked that question ever since the New York Knicks landed the draft rights to Patrick Ewing back in 1985.  This year, a team in desperate need of some draft love, the New Orleans Hornets, a team currently owned by the league, landed the rights to the top draft pick, most likely Kentucky’s Anthony Davis, despite not having the greatest odds of doing so.

So when Rome asked whether “the fix was in,” a question that Stern thought was out of line, or which he thought questioned the integrity of his sport, Stern took offense, and blasted back with a question he felt was equally as offensive and ludicrous:  whether Jim Rome had stopped beating his wife. Read more here…

Satire: Jim Rome’s next interview with David Stern

JR: Commissioner, it is believed that one of the referees in your league was arrested and convicted and then wrote a book about fixing games. Is that true?

DS: First of all, and let me put this in terms that even you can understand Jim. No. And shame on you for bringing it up on your nationally syndicated radio show that makes its money by generating ratings, and we all know that a good conspiracy theory generates ratings, especially when the commissioner of the league responds to the question by asking a follow-up question of “Do you still beat your wife?”

JR: And I want to thank you for that Commissioner. Manna from heaven. People used to think you were smart and maybe even competent. I’m not so sure that assessment is fair anymore. But your answer has made me relevant again, at least for the next 48 hour news cycle. And I know that you want the world to focus on how in the hell can you ask a national radio host “Do you still beat your wife?” during the NBA Finals?

DS: Are the playoffs still on? Which teams are playing again? Why would I possibly want to detract from our league’s showcase event by completely overreacting and looking like a scumbag and sucking energy from… where are we? The finals already? How’s Kobe doing? What I really want to know is do you leave the toilet seat up after you are done, and how does your wife feel about that?

JR: Commissioner, what possible value is there from coming across like a moron on national radio?

DS: Jim, do you drink the milk straight out of the carton?

JR: (pause)… I don’t think that’s fair commissioner. I’m not here for cheap milk jokes.

DS: Oh c’mon Jim. You’re a big famous national radio star. You’ve made your career out of things like this. Are you pouting?

JR: I’m not pouting, but now I’m taking offense. I’ve made my career out of things like what, Chrissie?

DS: Don’t make me go all Jim Everett on you Jim. What I want to know is did you pull the wings off of insects when you were a kid? Look Jim, I’ve gotta go. I have a very important interview scheduled with Jenna Bush next. I may even cry a little.

JR: Commissioner, do you believe that a red light at a stop signal means stop, and that a yellow light means slow down and that a green light means go?

DS: Do your kids still wet the bed at night?