NBA Mock Draft (Part II)

Fab Melo

With the NBA Draft only a day away, I figured I may as well present only ONE mock draft of the 1st round. Last year, my 2011 NBA mock drafts did not pan out as well as I would have hoped. Regardless of my poor NBA mock draft history, I have listed why each of these picks for each team would make sense. I am posting this on the current draft order as of 6 P.M. on Wednesday night, 24 hours before the 2012 NBA Draft kicks off.

Therefore, here are my final 15 mock draft selections for Thursday’s NBA Draft, enjoy!

16. Houston Rockets (via Knicks): F Terrence Jones, Kentucky

Although it sounds like the Rockets may trade this pick away for something bigger, the Rockets could use a true combo forward like Terrence Jones. Jones, a national champion at Kentucky this past season, decided to stay an additional year in school, and really improved between his freshman and sophomore seasons. Jones is an aggressive basketball player who plays hard on both ends of the floor, while also exhibiting premiere athleticism for a player as big him.  Read More…