Bar Refaeli: TSB’s hottie

Look, we’d be lying if we knew who Bar Refaeli was before her viral video.

After some extensive work, Bar Refaeli is a well-known model who is frequently seen sporting swimsuits for top magazines and also ranked one of the most beautiful people in the world, but this week she put herself on the map.

A viral video has surfaced the internet of Refaeli promoting her new underwear brand “Under.Me” while playing tennis in her underwear.

Enough said…here is the video

The model is best known for her body and gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue but the 26-year-old is also known for her high profile relationships. In the past she’s dated Leonardo DiCaprio and David Charvet.

Another video showing off her ‘ass’ets under water has also come out recently.

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Summer Crosley: TSB’s hottie

Summer Crosley

Summer Crosley

Somewhere among the San Andreas Fault is this weeks “Hometown Hottie of the Week” Summer Crosley. We are pretty sure that it could be her causing the instability and the earthquakes on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Her beauty is definitely ground shaking, but would she allow us to hold on if we needed it?trans Summer Crosley: TSBs hottie

Born and raised in Illinois, Summer Crosley has been living in Los Angeles for the last three years. She spends a good amount of her time modeling and appearing on different events. On her days off she’s the one that draws all the attention at the SoCal beaches.

Summer can be seen most recently on the television show Californication. Search on Google and you can find a website that shows her part. According to the website they offer a picture of her “showing her sexy butt riding a guy naked on the side of a bed as his best mate walks in on them” but you do have to be a member.

Some of her other recent work includes a print job for Beryll Sunglasses and a spokes model with Brook Burke for a new and upcoming luxury shoe line.

We asked Summer a few questions on sports material and here is what we found out:

TSB: So Summer what is your favorite sport and who is your favorite team?

Summer: My favorite sport is definitely football and I’m a huge New England Patriots fan.

TSB: So we are afraid to ask, but if there was one athlete that you think is just too damn hot, who would it be?

We will try and forgive you for that…Let’s move on. So have you dated professional athletes? Would you?Summer: Tom Brady, do I need to explain more?

Summer: Yes, I would. I think it would be tons of fun!

TSB: We are sure that you have heard about Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger. What would you do if Brett Favre sexted you pictures of his penis?

Summer: No reply.

TSB: I know we would be shocked too. So, who is going to win the Super Bowl next season?

Summer: I like so many teams, right now it’s just too hard to tell.

We would like to thank Summer Crosley for being a good sport and answering our questions. Big things are up ahead for Summer and we are thankful for her being a part of our Hometown Hottie segments.

Follow Summer’s progression at IMDb.


Kyna Treacy: Hottest photos of A-Rod’s hottie

After struggling to find his way out of a paper bag during the eighth inning of the New York Yankees being down 4-0, Alex Rodriguez was seen flirting with two girls near the Yankees dugout. One of those women was Kyna Treacy, a bikini model and designer from Australia.

A-Rod has taken serious heat for his “lack of interest” in the actual game, even mogul Donald Trump couldn’t resist, posting Twitter musings that called A-Rod a ‘$30m/yr rip off’ and that ‘it was only drugs that made him great.’

Rodriguez has two children with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis and has dated Kate Hudson, Madonna, Cameron Diaz and WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson. Not nearly the list of teammate Derek Jeter.

Rodriguez didn’t talk to reporters as we he walked onto the field for pregame the night after, but wore a big smile on his face as he laughed and joked around with teammates.

In the dugout, A-Rod smirked, waved and mouthed ‘hi mom’ when TV cameras were fixed on him.

Treacy was identified by The Daily Mail as 33 year’s old, but she took to her Twitter account for the first time since May to let people know that she is actually 27.

She also appeared in a 2009 Air Pacific commercial in her bikini…enjoy

Sarah Jones, former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader: TSB’s hottie

We love cheerleaders, but this ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader took her spirit to an entirely different level.

In a complete waste of tax dollars, Sarah Jones seen in this 20-picture gallery, pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and custodial interference in place of more serious charges as part of a plea agreement.

Jones, also a former teacher at Dixie Heights High School, was in a romantic relationship with a student when the boy was 17.

The 17 year-old student wanted the relationship and his parents supported him, but Jones avoided jail time and will not have to register as a sex offender as she was sentenced to five years of diversion.

Some cases can be “diverted” out of the criminal justice system. Criminal charges are normally dropped when a defendant successfully completes a diversion program. Diversion gives defendants a chance to escape the stigma of a criminal conviction.

Jones said the relationship began in 2011 and that the two had sex, that she sent him sexually explicit text messages and lied about the relationship to police.

The teen had been in Jones’ freshman English class in 2008, and she was his peer tutor in 2010 and 2011.

Lingerie Football League: TSB’s hotties

Look, there is one good thing about the Lingerie Football League, or LFL as they call it, women in lingerie. Sure, they want you to believe it’s a form of “football” but sadly we know better.

While the league might be a laughing matter, the ladies who play are no joke. They are tough as nails and will kick your ass…trust me I met them. These are determined women who take this game very seriously and would love to see a women’s professional team formed.

The Lingerie Football League is a woman’s 7-on-7 tackle American football league, created in 2009, with games played in the fall and winter at NFL, NHL and MLS arenas and stadiums.

The league was founded by Mitchell S. “Mitch” Mortaza as the concept originated from the Super Bowl halftime alternative television special called the Lingerie Bowl. It draws millions of viewers as a pay-per-view event broadcast annually directly opposite the Super Bowl halftime show.

These women hold nothing back as the play is full-contact and similar to arena football. Uniforms are nothing other than shoulder pads,  elbow pads, knee pads, garters, bras, panties, and hockey style helmets.

While the women take the league seriously it’s hard to take it serious when they are dressed, or not dressed, to gain the attention of men and their penises instead of their football interest.

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Hotties Tebowing: TSB’s hotties

Here we are into the 2012 NFL season  and something just doesn’t seem right?

Sure we have seen upsets, huge comebacks and some crazy moments with replacement officials but something is still missing.

It just doesn’t seem the same without seeing Tim Tebow and Tebowing?

Sure, the media tried to come up with “Griffining” to replace “Tebowing” but that is just a pathetic shot for traffic. Nothing can replace Tebowing.

Even if you dislike Tim Tebow, you have to love hot, nude, women Tebowing?

We do and just to remember here are 20 women Tebowing.

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Hotties: The hottest self pics

Hand a female a camera and put them in front of a mirror, it becomes magic from there.

There is no explanation for why and honestly…why would we search for one?

The self pic has becomes an internet phenomenon.

It seems every woman has pranced around in the bathroom in front of a mirror and snapped the famous shot.

Dressed, not dressed, half-dressed, or nude these women are obsessed with what they look like.

But, for some reason they always feel the need to share these pictures with a man. It’s that man who typically shares the photo and blasts it on the internet.

That’s exactly how we came up with these!

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Hotties: 50 of the hottest girls in the mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall…who has the nicest ass of them all?

It’s vital that we must not overlook the invention of the mirror. Especially when it comes to women and a camera. Where would we be without it?

Camera or phone, it doesn’t seem to matter women love to pose and we love to watch. The mirror serves as the canvas as we snap the photo.

Bathroom, bedroom, and dressing room mirrors are everywhere. Women love to use them when posing for pictures and we aren’t going to try to stop them!

It seems to be the perfect way to get that oh so perfect shot.

We’ve searched the internet for 50 of the hottest pictures of women capturing themselves in a mirror.

We can show you a taste, but due to our PG site, we have to show you them all on our sister site here.

We can show you a taste, but due to our PG site, we have to show you them all on our sister site here.



Alessandra Ambrosio: TSB’s hottie

Alessandra AmbrosioBrazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio is the perfect blend of beauty and brains.

Born in April 11th, 1981 Alessandra Corine Ambrosio is best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret as the first spokesmodel for the company’s “PINK” line.

Currently one of the “Angels”  she has also modeled for numerous brands that include; Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren.

Ambrosio is one of the word’s most sexiest women and was chosen by People magazine as one of the “100 Most Beautiful People in the World” in May of 2007.

Ambrosio is among the world’s top-earning models and in 2008 was’s number two out of “Top 99 Most Desirable Women.”

Aside from her modeling work, she serves as an ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Alessandra Ambrosio 17


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Scarlett Johansson: TSB’s hottie

Scarlett Johansson We love women who take naked pictures of themselves and in fact believe every woman should always keep these handy in case of an emergency.trans Scarlett Johansson: TSBs hottie

Scarlett Johansson is the latest actress to have her mobile phone hacked and while her nude pictures are being auctioned off to different websites we already have them and they are nothing to really go crazy about.

She has a phenomenal ass but she could have done a much better job with the self pics. We do have cameras if she would like to take more professional shots.

The actress is feared to have become the latest Hollywood star to fall victim to a mobile phone hacker ring responsible for stealing photos and videos from up to 50 A-list stars.

According to the blog, Black Swan star Mila Kunis was also named as a target, with hackers allegedly uncovering pictures of a shirtless and “seductive” Justin Timberlake on her phone.

Another image is said to show Timberlake with pink underwear on his head while there reported to be a separate explicit shot of an unidentified male.
A fourth image is said to show Kunis in a bath, covered by the tub from the neck down.

Kunis and Timberlake, co-stars in the film Friends With Benefits, have long denied rumors of an off-screen romance.

Johansson made her film debut in the 1994 film North and was later nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead for her performance in 1996′s Manny & Lo. Johansson rose to fame with her roles in 1998′s The Horse Whisperer and 2001′s Ghost World.

She transitioned to adult roles with her performances in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, for which she won a BAFTA Award, and Girl with a Pearl Earring, both of which earned her Golden Globe Award nominations in 2003. A role in A Love Song for Bobby Long earned her a third Golden Globe for Best Actress nomination. Following an appearance in The Island, Johansson garnered a fourth Golden Globe nomination, for Best Supporting Actress, for her role in Woody Allen‘s Match Point. She also starred in other Allen movies such as Scoop, with Hugh Jackman and Allen himself, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, alongside Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and Rebecca Hall. Scarlett Johansson also appeared in other films such as Christopher Nolan‘s The Prestige and the Summer blockbuster Iron Man 2. A role in the 2010s Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge gave her some of the career’s best reviews for her acting work and she received a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play.

Scarlett Johansson


Our pictures of Scarlett are too damn hot, so you have to view them here…


Olivia Wilde: TSB’s hottie

Olivia WildeOlivia Jane Cockburn, better known as Olivia Wilde is our hottie of the week.

At only 27 years old Olivia just started acting in early 2000 and has appeared in numerous TV shows, movies and magazines. Wilde is a board member of Artists for Peace and Justice, which provides education and health services in Haiti, and the ACLU of Southern California.

This hottie’s first role was actually in a TV show called Skin in 2003 which appeared on FOX. Despite heavy advertising, it only lasted three episodes. Her first well-known role was in the hit TV show, The O.C.

The young Olivia Wilde also played a main role in NBC’s The Black Donnelly’s, which was one of her best. The show lasted for one season despite a solid fan base.

Most recently, she portrayed Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley in the TV drama House for nearly four years, and has had starring roles in films such as Tron: Legacy and Cowboys & Aliens.

Olivia was born in New York City on March 10th, 1984. Her mother, Leslie Cockburn is a 60 Minutes producer and journalist. Her father, Andrew Cockburn, is also a journalist.

According to Wikipedia, Wilde has said that as a result of her family background, she has a “strong journalistic streak”, being “really critical and analytical”. Both her parents were prominent in the Washington social scene, hosting dinner parties. Her mother once recounted a story of a young Wilde eavesdropping one night on a conversation between Richard Holbrooke and Mick Jagger until Jagger noticed her and shooed her to bed. She has wanted to become an actress since the age of two.

In 2009 Wilde was ranked No.1 on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100. It was an honor which was included as an inside joke during House season 6: episode 4 called “The Tyrant“, where Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), upon hearing about Dr. Eric Foreman‘s (Omar Epps) recent firing of Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley (Wilde), sarcastically teased, “My condolences. Although, it’s not like she’s the hottest woman in the world.”

Olivia Wilde


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Danica Patrick: TSB’s hottie

Danica PatrickNo one can make your heart go from zero to sixty like Danica Patrick can. At 5’2″ and 100 pounds, no one looks better in a racing suit.trans Danica Patrick: TSBs hotties

Born March 25, 1982 Danica has turned herself into one of the most successful women in the history of American open-wheel racing as the only woman to ever win the IndyCar Series and holding the highest finish by a woman at the Indianapolis 500.

Being a female in a male dominated sport comes with its share of haters. Robby Gordon claims that Patrick’s comparatively low body weight constitutes unfair competition due to the inverse proportionality of the combined mass of a car and its driver, and its maximum velocity.

In 2010 Danica began racing in the NASCAR Nationwide series driving the #7 Chevrolet Impala for JR Motorsports.

Her best career finish of 4th came in Las Vegas at the Motor Speedway and was the best finish by a woman in a NASCAR top-circuit.

Most recently Danica was involved in a horrible crash during the Daytona 500 qualifications but stormed back to take the poll the very next day.

FHM placed Danica Patrick in its 100 Sexiest Women Of The World twice; she ranked No. 42 in 2006 and No. 85 in 2007. Victoria’s Secret also chose Danica Patrick as the sexiest athlete for its What Is Sexy list, and she made’s Top 99 of 2009

Danica Patrick Ass


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Brooklyn Winn: TSB’s hottie

Brooklyn WinnEver sat there and thought to yourself there must be someone perfect out there? Well, we may have found her for you. This weeks hottie is Brooklyn Winn who has the beauty, brains and oh did we mention she owns a bar?

Born and raised in Southern California she started acting and modeling at the age of seven and has been involved ever since. She prefers to watch sports and not play them but was part of her high-school cheer squad and dance team. She loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing and anything that gets her dirty.

Brooklyn recently opened a bar in downtown Palm Springs and discovered her newest hobby, beer tasting. She is always looking for local craft brews and different breweries to visit.

We caught up with this week’s hottie and asked her our famous 10 questions.

TSB: Tell us about your career and where you see yourself going?

Brooklyn: I started modeling at the age of seven but my first love has always been acting, it wasn’t till I was in high-school that I started to consider modeling more seriously. While I might never be a high fashion model (I’m 5’3) you’ll still be able to catch me promoting different companies at various events, calendars, catalogs and websites which is an extremely fun job. When I was younger you might have seen me on an episode of MAD TV, That’s Life, or E True Hollywood Story but if not  you may have recognized me in week two of the MAXIM hometown hottie contest ( look for me when semi-finals start & VOTE!). I also work with a few really awesome clothing companies including The Continuous Line.

TSB: You obviously keep yourself busy, do you follow sports or do you have a specific team you like?

Brooklyn: I love sports. I was raised in a small town where there just isn’t much to do on a Friday night except watch the high school football games and I think it was then that I actually fell in love with the sport. Everyone in my family is a Viking fan, my grandpa, my dad, my uncle, my brother, so it was almost like a right of passage for me to become one too and I’m actually really pleased to be one! MMA is also one of my favorite things to watch, something incredibly captivating (and sexy!) about two men fighting for something.

TSB: So who is the hottest athlete is sports?

Brooklyn: Maybe its a little cliché but Tom Brady. He’s the only athlete that I could see myself  bringing home to meet the fam.

TSB: Excuse me, I think I just threw up a little… So would you date a professional athlete, I played a bit?

Brooklyn: In my experience professional athletes are just like everyone else… they’re either really cool or really NOT. Someones career status doesn’t matter when it comes to being “Date-worthy” to me… I like a man who takes care of himself, is laid back, fun, and genuinely respect me – it’s the only way to get me to be your #1 fan.

TSB would like to thank Brooklyn for taking the time out of her busy schedule to put up with us. Be on the lookout for Brooklyn and vote for her on Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest.

To keep updated with her find her on Facebook.

Brooklyn Winn


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