Jeremy Lin: Blasted by New York media, knee not ready

Jeremy LinMore than six months ago after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus, Jeremy Lin, part of the new look Houston Rockers, continues to blame his struggles on his knee.

“My speed and my explosiveness and my agility (are not) there yet,” Lin said the other day. According to the New York Daily News

The former member of the New York Knicks saw his first action since injuring his knee last March against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Lin was unable to stay with Russell Westbrook, who accounted for 19 points in only 16 first-half minutes.

While some Rockets coaches have confided that Lin needs to work harder to improve his play, he points to his knee as the problem.

“I’m still trying to recover from knee surgery and get to where I was pre-surgery,’’ Lin said.

The New York Daily News pointed out, Lin didn’t have microfracture surgery or tear his ACL, so we can now safely assume that he’s one of the world’s slowest healers. But let’s also remember that even before his storybook career in New York effectively ended against the Pistons, he was anything but a premier athlete. Any problem he might have because of the knee in the future is going to make the Rockets’ $25 million investment look even more ridiculous than it did last July. When you consider that his old team was able to spend that amount of money to go with Raymond Felton ($15 million) and Jason Kidd ($9.3 mil) at his old position, you can see that the Rockets overpaid.

“More than a problem with his knee, what I saw again from Lin is that he is limited as an athlete,’’ was how one person with years of NBA experience put it after seeing Lin’s debut. “Offensively, he should be fine. But when he has to guard opposing point guards, especially guys with speed like Russell Westbrook, he is going to really struggle.’’

Seems to me as if the New York media is waiting and hoping on Jeremy Lin to do nothing but fail.

New York Knicks will miss Jeremy Lin

Jeremy LinWith the New York Knicks choosing not to match the Houston Rockets offer sheet on Jeremy Lin, the team has made the worst decision this off-season in the entire NBA. The Knicks will be in a struggle at starting point guard next season. If Jeremy Lin was returning to Madison Square Garden the Knicks would have been a top-3 seed in the East. Next season the Knicks will be regretting this decision while they try to win two playoff games in a series for the first time in 12 years.

Jeremy Lin may not be an all-star point guard in this league, but he didn’t turn a mediocre playoff team to the draft lottery like Raymond Felton did. Jeremy Lin provided a spark to this team, and the NBA for that matter with his play. Felton was playing this season looking like he was eating Dunkin’ Donuts every day after practice  instead of finding his teammates opportunities to dunk.  Jeremy Lin brought Linsanity to the world, Felton looked like he should be doing Insanity to lose weight. Lin dropped 38 against the Lakers while Raymond should be losing about 38 pounds. Ok I will stop with the cheap shots about Felton being overweight, his play last season should be enough to understand that this decision is horrible.

Jeremy Lin is not only a great player, but he is also profitable. With all the NBA’s greedy owners who are trying to find the ways to make the most money possible, isn’t keeping a guy who more than doubled your average ticket prices during a 25 game stretch? New York could’ve been making bank off his play and all the merchandise, and the international sensation Lin became. The Rockets made a copious amount of money off Yao Ming during his career, now it looks like they will be making money off the acquisition of Jeremy Lin.

With Lin the future of the Knicks looked solid and sturdy, exactly the opposite of what Raymond Felton’s stomach looks like. Jason Kidd would have came in to mentor Lin. He would have had all-stars in Carmelo and Amare by his side. The Knicks could have looked like a more fluid offense, in contrast to four players watching Melo trying to play hero ball every possession. New York’s season looked so Linteresting in my eyes. I can not see why the Knicks do see the possible Lindorsements that they could have made money on. Now its seems like the departure of Jeremy Lin was indeed Linevitable and now their playoff seed next year will show how much New York will miss Jeremy Lin.

Morgan Grimmett is a NBA writer for  The Sports Blitz and can be contacted at or on Twitter  @Morgan_Grimmett


The Houston Rockets rolled the dice

Jeremy LinThe Houston Rockets should never go anywhere and gamble… EVER. Recently the Rockets tried to out smart their fellow NBA teams by offering some sneaky contracts to players. Their thoughts were to try and lock up these individuals so that the franchises couldn’t be able to be major players in the 2013 free agency. This free agency will feature certain players like Chris Paul, Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard (if he doesn’t get traded and sign a deal). The new CBA has called for some steep penalties if the teams go over the salary cap.

Houston recently has made certain moves to make sure they would have enough room to sign two mega stars preferably Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Its no secret that Paul and Howard have expressed interest in playing with each other. Recently Houston waived Luis Scola in efforts to make room for their cap and trade for Dwight Howard. The Rockets made a move to block the New York Knicks from the Howard sweepstakes by offering Jeremy Lin, a restricted free agent to an offer worth 25.1 million dollars. This move, couldn’t be because Lin deserves this much but to gamble and think that Knicks liked Lin so much that they wouldn’t let him walk.

Unfortunately for the Rockets it looks like the Knicks will call the bluff and let him go play for the Rockets.  Read More…

Houston Rockets: Lottery makeover

Kyle LowryWhat will it take for the Houston Rockets to get out of the lottery and back into the playoffs? Here are three scenarios that could help the organization.

Trade Kyle Lowry and a future 1st round pick to Portland for their 6th and 41st overall picks.

The early word is that the Blazers are willing to move their number 6 pick for a young point guard. That is right up Houston’s alley. Lowry has said he would like a trade and after a career season where he averaged 14.6 ppg, 6.6 apg and 4.6 rpg, there isn’t a point guard in the draft who will step in immediately and produce at that kind of level. As for the Rockets, Lowry might be at his peak value-wise. As for the second round pick, the Blazers might want a future 2nd rounder thrown in there as well, but they don’t want as many picks as they have, look for them to move one of the second-rounders, or both if they hang on to both first-rounders.

Draft Harrison Barnes (North Carolina) with the 6th pick, Tyler Zeller (North Carolina) with the 14th pick and draft Tyshawn Taylor (Kansas) with the 41st. Read more here…

5 teams that will attempt to sign Jeremy Lin after the 2012 season

Jeremy Lin

New York Knicks Jeremy LinJeremy Lin’s unprecedented level of play over the past six games has propelled him into the fore-front of the sports world. Lin’s play in February has guaranteed him a hefty contract next season, but what five teams have the best shot of signing him? Let’s take a look:

1. New York Knicks
If Mike D’antoni is smart he will do whatever it takes to ensure that the organization inks Jeremy Lin to a long-term contract before the end of the season. Under the new collective bargaining agreement the New York Knicks can only offer Lin five million dollars in the first year of a long-term deal; this is an eerily convenient set circumstances. The Knicks have their mid-level-exception available for next season, which would allow the team to make Lin the maximum offer without taking a hit on the salary cap. Given that the success of D’antoni’s system is predicated on the ability of a point guard to play at an elite level, the Knicks have no choice but to lock up Lin for the long run.

2. Dallas Mavericks
Count on Mark Cuban to make a run at Lin this offseason. Jason Kidd’s days are numbered and given that Kidd has finally won an NBA championship it seems likely that retirement might be an attractive option for the veteran point guard. One possibility might involve signing Lin to a long-term deal, and bring Jason Kidd back for a single season; a transition season if you will. In an ideal world Lin could start for the Mavericks while Kidd comes off the bench; this would allow Lin to continue to grow under the tutelage of a future first ballot hall of famer.

3. Houston Rockets
This may seem odd given that the Rockets appear to be set at point guard right now (Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic), but the Rockets seem to be active trade partners every year. Lin would make sense in Houston for a couple of reasons. The Rockets have the marketing infrastructure in place to do business in the Chinese market. After drafting Yao Ming, the Rockets adopted a uniform color scheme eerily similar to that of the Chinese national team, and there is no doubt that the organization’s executives still have contacts in Asia; this would be a marketing marriage made in heaven. Second, bringing Jeremy Lin to Houston could help Houston finally get over their playoff hump. If Jeremy Lin continues to play as well as he is now, he may be this franchise’s best hope of getting out of the first round of the playoffs.

4. Golden State Warriors
Early in the season Steph Curry was linked to both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard trade rumors. There is no doubt that the Warriors organization is still not sold on Curry’s ability to co-exist with Monte Ellis. While Golden State was the organization that cut Lin in the first place, don’t count out a reunion for the Northern California native. A Lin/Ellis back court could be deadly, and with a point guard with Lin’s vision could really do wonders for the Warriors young spot up shooter Klay Thompson and freak athlete Ekpe Udoh. Signing Lin would allow the Warriors to actively shop Curry, a strategy that could yield more young talent and draft picks for a team looking to escape from the cellars of the west.

5. Los Angeles Lakers
Last, but surely not least, the Lost Angeles Lakers are almost guaranteed to make a run at Jeremy Lin. The Lakers have been looking for an upgrade at point guard for years now. Jordan Farmar wasn’t the answer and neither is Steve Blake. The point guard situation has gotten so bad in L.A. that Kobe Bryant is literally lobbying the organization to sign Gilbert Arenas. Lin could be the answer for L.A., and an infusion of scoring, playmaking, and youth at the point guard position could be just what Kobe needs to get a sixth championship. Those variables, combined with the fact that L.A. is also a large Asian market, make L.A. a match too perfect for the Lakers and Lin. Look for Kobe to lobby for Lin during the off season.

Yao Ming: A future Hall of Fame candidate?

Yao MingAs the top pick of the Houston Rockets in the 2002 NBA draft Yao Ming only played a total of nine years. While his stats may be impressive during his brief career his impact in the globalization of the NBA brand is unparalleled.

Ming finished with career averages of 19.0 points and 9.2 rebounds, including two seasons when he averaged 20 points and 10 rebounds. He retires sixth in Rockets history in points (9,247) and rebounds (4,494), and trails only Hakeem Olajuwon in blocks.

During the first seven seasons of his career no center scored more points than Yao  who at the same time was able to rank in the top four at the position in rebounds, blocks, and field goals.

While there is no such thing as the “NBA Hall of Fame” the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is not linked specifically with the American pro league. It also honors international players, amateurs, women, coaches, contributors and referees. The criteria to gain admittance in the Basketball Hall of Fame is less focused on American professional on-court performance.

As the first Chinese player in the NBA there is no doubt that Yao Ming will be there.