Baserunner runs into his own coach

We’ve all seen base runners make a wide turn when they round third but this is ridiculous! Not sure if Hunter Pence or 3rd base coach Juan Samuel is to blame for the awkward fiasco that took place at Citizens Bank Field on Saturday night, but I have never seen this happen before in all my years of watching baseball.

You would think that Samuels would have.. well…gotten out of Pence’s way. I mean he’s hard to miss…Technically, Pence could have been called out for making contact with the coach but since Samuels in no way aided the runner, the umps just turned the other way on the call.

But seriously, between the two of these dudes who play the game almost every day, you mean to tell me that one of them couldn’t make an attempt to avoid the other?  C’mon Man!! I know if I saw someone who was 6′ 4″ 220 lbs. coming full steam near or towards me I’m running in the opposite direction!

Phillies slugger Hunter Pence bowls over 3rd base coach Juan Samuels as both had brain freezes while Pence rounded third for home. Photo:

Pence is later seen laughing hysterically in the dugout with fellow teammates while Samuels was not at all amused…This could have been the comic relief the Phillies have been looking for because they’ve lost 11 of their last 12 and are 13 games under .500 at the break there hasn’t been too much to laugh about for most of the season. See the video here…