Jeremy Lin: Blasted by New York media, knee not ready

Jeremy LinMore than six months ago after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus, Jeremy Lin, part of the new look Houston Rockers, continues to blame his struggles on his knee.

“My speed and my explosiveness and my agility (are not) there yet,” Lin said the other day. According to the New York Daily News

The former member of the New York Knicks saw his first action since injuring his knee last March against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Lin was unable to stay with Russell Westbrook, who accounted for 19 points in only 16 first-half minutes.

While some Rockets coaches have confided that Lin needs to work harder to improve his play, he points to his knee as the problem.

“I’m still trying to recover from knee surgery and get to where I was pre-surgery,’’ Lin said.

The New York Daily News pointed out, Lin didn’t have microfracture surgery or tear his ACL, so we can now safely assume that he’s one of the world’s slowest healers. But let’s also remember that even before his storybook career in New York effectively ended against the Pistons, he was anything but a premier athlete. Any problem he might have because of the knee in the future is going to make the Rockets’ $25 million investment look even more ridiculous than it did last July. When you consider that his old team was able to spend that amount of money to go with Raymond Felton ($15 million) and Jason Kidd ($9.3 mil) at his old position, you can see that the Rockets overpaid.

“More than a problem with his knee, what I saw again from Lin is that he is limited as an athlete,’’ was how one person with years of NBA experience put it after seeing Lin’s debut. “Offensively, he should be fine. But when he has to guard opposing point guards, especially guys with speed like Russell Westbrook, he is going to really struggle.’’

Seems to me as if the New York media is waiting and hoping on Jeremy Lin to do nothing but fail.

Knicks content on pretending Jeremy Lin never happened

Jeremy LinIt wasn’t that long ago the New York Knicks and fans everywhere were emerged in nothing but ‘Lin-sanity’. Nowadays, James Dolan wants Jeremy Lin as the forgotten point guard that never existed.

According to the NY Daily News, “I’m not going to discuss Jeremy Lin,” Mike Woodson said Monday in Greenburgh as the Knicks officially began life without the Harvard point guard.

After the Knicks decided not to match the $25 million dollar offer Lin received from the Houston Rockets this was the first time the team addressed his stunning departure.

“Basically, it comes down to the fact that Houston made a commitment to him that we weren’t prepared to make,” GM Glen Grunwald said. “But I’m very happy for Jeremy that things worked out for him personally and for his family and I wish him the best. But I’m more excited for our team, by the team we assembled right now.”

Initially, the Knicks made it very clear they would do anything and everything to re-sign the point guard, but Dolan’s selfishness screwed the Knicks once again. He was upset Lin went back to Houston to have his original offer increased to include more guaranteed money in the third and final season. Once Dolan felt betrayed, Lin was done.

The Knicks move on with Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton and the spotlight, once again will fall back to Carmelo Anthony.

Satire: New York Knicks write Jeremy Lin a goodbye letter

The debate will go on for the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin as to if one is better without the other, but key members of the Knicks sat down and took a brief moment to say goodbye to Lin.

It can be argued with out the key burst Lin gave the Knicks, they wouldn’t have made the playoffs this year and for that Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire say thanks.

Knicks Letter to Jeremy Lin

New York Knicks will miss Jeremy Lin

Jeremy LinWith the New York Knicks choosing not to match the Houston Rockets offer sheet on Jeremy Lin, the team has made the worst decision this off-season in the entire NBA. The Knicks will be in a struggle at starting point guard next season. If Jeremy Lin was returning to Madison Square Garden the Knicks would have been a top-3 seed in the East. Next season the Knicks will be regretting this decision while they try to win two playoff games in a series for the first time in 12 years.

Jeremy Lin may not be an all-star point guard in this league, but he didn’t turn a mediocre playoff team to the draft lottery like Raymond Felton did. Jeremy Lin provided a spark to this team, and the NBA for that matter with his play. Felton was playing this season looking like he was eating Dunkin’ Donuts every day after practice  instead of finding his teammates opportunities to dunk.  Jeremy Lin brought Linsanity to the world, Felton looked like he should be doing Insanity to lose weight. Lin dropped 38 against the Lakers while Raymond should be losing about 38 pounds. Ok I will stop with the cheap shots about Felton being overweight, his play last season should be enough to understand that this decision is horrible.

Jeremy Lin is not only a great player, but he is also profitable. With all the NBA’s greedy owners who are trying to find the ways to make the most money possible, isn’t keeping a guy who more than doubled your average ticket prices during a 25 game stretch? New York could’ve been making bank off his play and all the merchandise, and the international sensation Lin became. The Rockets made a copious amount of money off Yao Ming during his career, now it looks like they will be making money off the acquisition of Jeremy Lin.

With Lin the future of the Knicks looked solid and sturdy, exactly the opposite of what Raymond Felton’s stomach looks like. Jason Kidd would have came in to mentor Lin. He would have had all-stars in Carmelo and Amare by his side. The Knicks could have looked like a more fluid offense, in contrast to four players watching Melo trying to play hero ball every possession. New York’s season looked so Linteresting in my eyes. I can not see why the Knicks do see the possible Lindorsements that they could have made money on. Now its seems like the departure of Jeremy Lin was indeed Linevitable and now their playoff seed next year will show how much New York will miss Jeremy Lin.

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The Houston Rockets rolled the dice

Jeremy LinThe Houston Rockets should never go anywhere and gamble… EVER. Recently the Rockets tried to out smart their fellow NBA teams by offering some sneaky contracts to players. Their thoughts were to try and lock up these individuals so that the franchises couldn’t be able to be major players in the 2013 free agency. This free agency will feature certain players like Chris Paul, Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard (if he doesn’t get traded and sign a deal). The new CBA has called for some steep penalties if the teams go over the salary cap.

Houston recently has made certain moves to make sure they would have enough room to sign two mega stars preferably Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Its no secret that Paul and Howard have expressed interest in playing with each other. Recently Houston waived Luis Scola in efforts to make room for their cap and trade for Dwight Howard. The Rockets made a move to block the New York Knicks from the Howard sweepstakes by offering Jeremy Lin, a restricted free agent to an offer worth 25.1 million dollars. This move, couldn’t be because Lin deserves this much but to gamble and think that Knicks liked Lin so much that they wouldn’t let him walk.

Unfortunately for the Rockets it looks like the Knicks will call the bluff and let him go play for the Rockets.  Read More…

Should the Knicks sign Nash or Lin?

SteveNashandJeremyLin 150x150 Should the Knicks Sign Nash or Lin?

Who should the New York Knicks sign? Old versus new, the experienced versus the potential. They are both entering into free agency and will definitely have several teams blowing up the phones for their services. Recently, there has been talk of The New York Knicks signing Steve Nash and resigning Jeremy Lin. The question remains should the Knicks let Lin leave and sign Steve Nash? There are many opinions and debates out there but who will get the New York Knicks the elusive NBA Title they have searched for over the last 39 years?

Jeremy Lin, the Lin-sanity creator and the man who single-handedly sent the Knicks fans into a frenzy, made a name for himself this year . He was claimed off of waivers by the Knicks. He was buried on the Knicks bench, one step from a towel boy.

Read more here…

Did expectations finally get the best of Jeremy Lin?

Jeremy LinWas it finally too much for Jeremy Lin? As the expectations continued to climb Lin finally fell short, or did he?

It was the first game Lin picked up his dribble when the opposing defense attacked and to make matters worse he seemed out of control at times rushing down the lane.

The buildup for the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin were at all-time levels as they took on the Miami Heat.  Tickets were being sold at double the prices of an NBA Finals game as fans filled the American Airlines Arena.

While offense was on everyone’s mind to start the game it was the defense of Joel Anthony, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh that made the difference as the Heat knocked off Carmello Anthony and the Knicks.

Everyone tuned in to see Jeremy Lin but if this was his stage to shine, he blew his chance.

Lin was horrific from the field going 1-10 and at times throwing up shots that didn’t have a chance.

In his previous games one of his strengths was his display of court vision and the ability to see the open man. Things did not go his way tonight as he forced the pass and racked up eight turnovers in the loss.

It wasn’t all Lin’s fault as the Knicks didn’t have an offensive rebound in the entire third quarter when they were outscored  29-19.

Steve Novak and JR Smith came in off the bench and gave the Knicks a spark including Novak hitting four straight three-point shots, but still would not be enough.

Is this finally the end of Linsanity? Or is this just a road bump in the eventual trip to his ultimate goal of becoming one the leagues best?

Jeremy Lin vs Tim Tebow: No Contest?

Tebow and Lin

Let’s get this over with. Jeremy Lin has fundamentals, talent, and skills at his sport that Tim Tebow does not. If you want to try to compare statistics, Jeremy Lin has a higher field goal percentage than Tim Tebow’s completion percentage, which means that when the ball leaves Lin’s fingers, it is more likely to go into the basket, than a Tim Tebow pass actually being caught by one of his receivers. There is a statistic that they do match up well to date, that they are both winning! Lin’s New York Knicks have won the last seven, with Lin starting the last six. Lin has not had much talent around him during that time span, and the one game he did (playing with Amare Stoudamire), they won in blow-out fashion. If defensive coordinators in the NFL didn’t prescribe to prevent defense, this article would not be necessary, because most of Tebow’s accomplishments have come during desperation time at the end of games. Lin’s biggest moments have come with his team in the lead or tied.

Outside of statistics, Lin has the fundamentals that will carry him through a career. Tebow has the worst footwork and throwing motion for his position out of all starting quarterbacks in the league for a number of years since the Byron Leftwich days. Lin’s footwork and quick release has already been proven as game-winning, and able to out duel superstars like Kobe Bryant! It does seem that Tebow can put together a great play every once in a while, but far more inconsistently than Lin.

Lin has a greater following already as well. Being cheered for making a game-winning shot in an opponents arena is virtually unheard of. He is also the 42nd player from an Ivy-league school to play in the NBA. Tim Tebow came from the University of Florida who has produced Hall-of Fame talents like Emmitt Smith, and played with current NFL talent including the Pouncey brothers, Percy Harvin, and Aaron Hernandez(last seen in Super Bowl46).

Honestly, a better comparison would be when Denver can bring better talent to surround Tebow, but it also might expose him as the one-and-a-half dimensional player he is. We will see very soon what Lin can do with real talent around him. Lin does play the correct position for his sport at point guard, while Tebow would be better off at Fullback.

David Gallagher is an NBA writer for The Sports Blitz

Jeremy Lin to the Lakers?

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy LinLet’s face it, the Los Angeles Lakers are in desperate need of a solid point guard and Jeremy Lin made that clear if it wasn’t already.

When the New York Knicks played the Lakers in a recent game, Derek Fisher and Steve Blake of L.A. were not suitable defending a quicker guard. It wasn’t until the Lakers put small forward Matt Barnes to guard Lin when Lin’s fire power dramatically declined. This is just another reason why the Lakers are hurting without Lamar Odom, who played all five positions. Every Lakers loss is a learning lesson and instead of giving Lin more credit than he deserved, the Lakers need to point the finger at themselves for that night.

So what’s the deal with Jeremy Lin?

As NBA fans turned on ESPN to watch the game in the world famous Madison Square Garden the show seemed to be clearly bias with all attention on the Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. Why are people suddenly talking about him now? And if he was so talented and original, then why wasn’t he drafted when he entered the 2010 NBA draft? Two words. International Marketing.

When former Chinese NBA player Yao Ming retired in 2011 the NBA lost one of their biggest international attractions. Yao was one of the top players in All Star Votes for the past decade and continues to receive votes in the “write in” section as a retired player!


Jeremy would be a perfect example of how to make success in this world. A Harvard graduate that plays in the NBA is rare enough, the twist that seals the marketing deal is the 1.3 Billion people in China that are devoted to their culture and kind. NBA Commissioner David Stern knows what type of players he wants to put in front of the camera and Jeremy Lin will be that man if you didn’t already notice. His recent success on the court is an example of a team that’s attempting to find something without their two star players in Carmelo and Amare sitting out. However, the overwhelming attention to an undeserved and undrafted player such as Lin could end up being a virus to the team. Especially if it gets to head coach Mike D’Antoni who should be starting Baron Davis as soon as he returns from injury.

So what has Lin physically done on the court that we haven’t seen? Could the Los Angeles Lakers who are in desperate need of a PG look over to the new media star? For now Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak is remaining silent as he is hopefully looking to prepare his team for a successful playoff run. The purple and gold squad needs an experienced and selfless scorer somewhere in the lines of; Brandon Jennings, John Wall, Steve Nash, or Deron Williams. Someone who has lead their team and knows what it takes to win.

Lin has only played in forty-three NBA games and shined in just a few of them. It’s just like his role model Tim Tebow who is more known and dangerous in the media than the professional performance they are paid to put on. In other words, there are a handful of NBA point-guards who have performed the same moves and score every night the way Lin has that are much better choices for the Lakers. As the time ticks towards the trade deadline, The Lake-Show seems one minute away from a blockbuster trade that sends the western conference shaking. However, don’t expect to see Lin’s name dropped in the discussion for any reasons beyond media attention. In-fact “Lin-sanity” will be as big as the NBA wants him to be as he has already stolen Vince Carters’ well-earned name.

Sam Sepanji is an NBA team writer for The Sports Blitz and can be found on Twitter @PersianZombie.

Jeremy Lin is a dream for China

Jeremy LinOnce rejected by a number of NBA teams, New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has emerged in one of the worlds biggest sports markets.

While Linsanity hits America we can only imagine the insanity that is hitting China, the NBA’s biggest market outside of North America.

As his success continues so will marketing efforts not only here in America but also in China.

“There’s no question brands will be interested in Jeremy Lin,” Jeremy Walker, head of sports marketing and branded entertainment for GolinHarris, told Reuters by telephone from Hong Kong on Monday.

“You only have to look at what Yao Ming has done not just for the NBA but for brands that he represents both in the States and in China.

“Every top Chinese star that comes out from the Olympic Games or wherever it might be, there’s always going to be an awful lot of interest for brands because all the major brands in the world are still looking to China for growth.

“A lot of brands want that positive ‘halo effect’ association they are going to get from being involved with a superstar.”

Lin’s exploits have been witnessed by tens of millions of Chinese fans on state run sportschannel CCTV 5 and, as of Monday, Lin had more than 800,000 fans on his microblogging account.

Just like Yao Ming once made over $50 million due to advertising and became one of China’s most popular figures with Lin’s success could come the same.

Jeremy Lin: Can nice guys finish first?

New York Knicks Jeremy Lin

Growing up when I looked at professional sports, one thing was said about most athletes. DIVA! There were other colorful adjectives like selfish, self-absorbed, and money hungry. Yes, the theme here is SELF, most athletes seemed to have lost the love for the game.

The public has decided and the time of being a diva is gone. The quiet, nice and humble image aka Mr. Nice Guy is finally rising. We have witnessed two great stories in sports, they have hit the media and spread like wild-fire. Tim Tebow and new comer Jeremy Lin. We all know about Tebow mania, but Jeremy Lin in his first three games for the Knicks has posted 25, 28 and 23 points plus 10 assists respectively. He played college basketball at Harvard and has turned out to be a pleasant surprise forthe Knicks because they had run out of all options.

Lin will come back down to earth eventually from his hot start. His vision and ability to get to the basket will make him a good point guard. How good? Only time can tell but for now… nice guys aren’t last anymore.

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Lin the Knick of time

After the season the New York Knicks have been having, the emergence of Jeremy Lin couldn’t have come at a better time. Both Carmelo Anthony and Amare’ Stoudemire are out and the Knicks were already pretty far back in the standings even when those two were in the lineup but Lin is showing how important a good point guard is to Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

Having a point guard that can run the pick-and-roll, push the ball in transition and break down the defense with penetration makes the game so much easier on the other four guys on the floor. If you don’t believe me then watch the last three games Lin has started.

Then go back and watch the last three games Anthony and Stoudemire played together. Knicks’ players do a lot of standing around, no one is sure what to do with the ball and there are virtually no fast break points. Anthony does a decent job of distributing the ball but the offense becomes stagnant the more Anthony has the ball in his hands.

So where did Mr. Lin come from? Lin was not drafted coming out of Harvard but Donnie Nelson of the Dallas Mavericks was intrigued enough with Lin’s game to offer him an invitation to play in the Maverick’s Summer League team.

Lin made the most of his opportunity and really turned heads when he outplayed rookie John Wall when the two went head-to-head during a Summer League game. Lin would receive offers from four teams but would choose to sign with his hometown team the Golden State Warriors. That ended up not being a very smart move since he would see little playing time on a guard heavy roster that featured both Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry.

Lin played two stints in the NBA Developmental League last year then would be waived by the Warriors during the offseason so the Warriors would have enough room to make a run at DeAndre Jordan. The Houston Rockets would claim Lin off waivers only to waive him again when they signed Samuel Dalembert. Lin would finally find a home when the Knicks claimed him off waivers on December 12th of last year.

Things this season hadn’t been much different than last season as Lin found very little time early on. Rookie Iman Shumpert was playing well and so was Toney Douglas which meant very little minutes were left for Lin. Despite the Knick’s poor record, Lin would once again be sent down to play in the NBADL on January 18th.

But something happened during Lin’s third stint to the D-League. A frustrated Lin would drop a triple double on the Maine Red Claws just three days into his D-League assignment. The Knicks would call him back up three days later.

D’Antoni was still hesitant to play Lin despite the slumping play of Shumpert. Lin would play a total of 39 minutes during the first seven games after being recalled from the D-League. Then Lin would come off the bench to spark the Knicks to a win over the New Jersey Nets. In 36 minutes off the bench, Lin would score 25 points and dish seven assists while adding five rebounds and two steals.

Next game Lin would be inserted as the starter and he would reward his team with 28 points, eight assists, two steals and most importantly another win. Then on Wednesday night he would continue his stellar play by scoring 23 points and adding ten assists against John Wall, the guy he made his name off of in the 2010 Summer League. Oh yeah, the Knicks would win that game also.

So is Lin a fluke? His numbers will definitely drop when Anthony and Stoudemire come back and the Knicks face stiffer competition than the Nets or the Washington Wizards but for the most part Lin has a game that is tailor-made for this offense. If nothing else he has proven that he is a better option than any of the other point guards they currently have on the roster.

Roosevelt Hall is an NBA Featured Journalist for The Sports Blitz. You can also follow him on Twitter @sportmentalist.