A tasteless and contentious interview for the ages

I’ve long been a fan of David Stern.

These days, I’m probably in the minority, what with him moving teams from city to city to suit his needs or siding primarily with the owners in the recent lockout, but Stern’s actions, or more specifically his words, demonstrate that he may have finally gone off the deep end, his impending retirement from the game he’s managed for three decades not coming a moment too soon.

In a recent interview with Jim Rome, the radio host asked the commissioner whether the latest NBA Draft was fixed.  Sports fans have asked that question ever since the New York Knicks landed the draft rights to Patrick Ewing back in 1985.  This year, a team in desperate need of some draft love, the New Orleans Hornets, a team currently owned by the league, landed the rights to the top draft pick, most likely Kentucky’s Anthony Davis, despite not having the greatest odds of doing so.

So when Rome asked whether “the fix was in,” a question that Stern thought was out of line, or which he thought questioned the integrity of his sport, Stern took offense, and blasted back with a question he felt was equally as offensive and ludicrous:  whether Jim Rome had stopped beating his wife. Read more here…