4 Random MLB achievements that you probably didn’t know

The MLB season is amazingly getting set to reach the half-way mark as Tuesday most teams will be playing their 75th game of the season. How fast did that go by? With the All-Star break around the proverbial corner, we thought it only fitting that we come up with some of the more obscure achievements of players and teams as MLB completes it’s third month of games. See how many of these you really knew…but be honest.

1. BEST BATTING AVERAGE WITH 2 STRIKES: Joey Votto- Most of you do know what an outstanding season Votto is having so far this year, but in case you didn’t he has played in 20 games in June and through June 23rd has 10 multi-hit games. What that has done is raise his batting average 31 points from 3.29 to .360!

#19 Cincinnati Reds 1B Joey Votto will be one of those under consideration for MVP honors. Photo: cbssports.com

But aside from being a mega star slugger, here’s something you might not know; through 233 at bats this season, Votto is hitting .266 when he has two strikes on him. The league average is 90 points lower at .176. How’s that an amazing stat!

2. BEST OFF-SEASON TRADE: Melky Cabrera-What a steal this was! The S. F. Giants should be charged with a felony for the theft they pulled off acquiring Melky Cabrera from the Kansas City Royals! The soon to be 28-year-old has been enjoying an MVP season and is one of the main reasons that the Giants are 8 games over .500 and 3 games out of first place in the N.L. West.

For starters Cabrera has the most hits the majors (102) as of Sunday. His .355 batting average which is 73 points higher than his career average, puts him in second place behind the aforementioned Joey Votto (.360). His 49 runs scored ties him for second in the N.L. and third in MLB. Was there any other trade in the off-season bigger than this one? Read more here…

Joey Votto the highest paid Canadian player

Joey Votto

Joey VottoJoey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds said one of his goals was to become the highest paid athlete from his home country of Cananda. Well, he did it.

Votto’s 10-year $225 million dollar contract extension is the fourth biggest deal in the history of the game.

Votto’s deal has been scrutinized and then some because the Reds have made an incredible investment in him that will with the extension run a 12 year course.

So how important is it to a kid from Toronto to become the highest paid athlete in his home country?

According to the Toronto Sun, it was crucial.

“I didn’t know if it was possible, but I wanted to someday be the highest paid Canadian player.”

Goals such as this sound selfish and materialistic but they also speak to greatness.

It’s another step on the road to being the best.

To walk that road you have fight harder, practice longer and force the game to mean more to you than your peers.

You want the championships but you also want to be the best.

Votto’s merit as a player certainly speaks for itself.

With his latest deal, he scratched another thing off his “to-do” list on his way to being the “greatest”

Let’s see how many other goals Votto can take care of over the next 12 years.

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