Kate Upton: TSB’s hottie


Kate Upton is setting the world on fire and is the latest hottie to grace the cover of  Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition.

Upton, a 19-year-old swimwear model seems to be pushing everyone’s buttons and not the way a half-naked beauty should.

Everyone has an opinion on her. Even Victoria’s Secret casting director Sophia Neophitou, while interviewed stated  “She’s like a page 3 girl.”

Page three? Well then I’m skipping my happy ass over to page three because she is much hotter than any other model they have.

Excuse her for not having the anorexic body of other models, she actually has curves.

Yes, we might not actually find her in the bathroom after each meal.

Doesn’t Kate Upton actually resemble exactly what we want in a model? Instead of the stuck-up, bitchy attitude and willingness to not eat for three days we get someone who is down to earth and real?

She’s a self-made star and her own publicity machine. Posting videos of herself on YouTube and tweeting out pictures to her followers on Twitter.

At only 19 she is already competing on a different level than other models of her peer group.

For that Kate Upton…you are my hero.Ok, not hero but damn hot!


Kate is too hot for our PG site, view her full photos here.