Steve Nash reaches 10,000 assists

Steve Nash reaches 10,000 assists as the Lakers took on the RocketsSteve Nash is simply poetry in motion on the hardcourt. His latest accomplishment should lead him into the status of legend even for those who aren’t fans of the scrappy, 6’3” Canadian.

In front of an amped up crowd at the Toyota Center in Houston Tuesday evening, Nash joined a stellar and select crowd as he became only the fifth player in NBA history to reach 10,000 assists. It would be hard to argue that Steve Nash is one of the best when it comes to the pick and roll that the league has ever seen.  He reaches the 10,000 mark because of his incredible sense of vision on the court and his ability to deliver the ball with expert precision.

With this achievement, Nash joins John Stockton with 15,806 assists, Jason Kidd with 11,969 assists, Mark Jackson with 10,334 and Earvin Magic Johnson with 10,141 assists. Definitely a powerful group of individuals to join, establishing Nash as one of the absolute best in the business.

Nash has been a boost to the Lakers team, which is sorely in need of a boost.  After a dismal 9-14 start, the Lakers began progressing once Nash recovered from injuries and was able to take the floor and provide his much-needed leadership.  The Lakers saw a comeback over the next several games,  The Lakers evened it up to 15-15 before losing 4 straight games to dip back down to 15-19. The possibility of the team missing the playoffs is fast becoming a reality. Moreover, the woes of the Lakers have been increased because of the injuries to their two big men, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. This puts the pressure on both Nash and Kobe Bryant to double their efforts because the scoring of the team will fall on their shoulders.

The Lakers difficulties aside, Nash’s 10,000 assist accomplishment is considered to be a legendary mark that several Hall of Fame point guards before Nash haven’t hit.  Nash is truly one of the best all-around players of all time which led him to win two MVP awards as well as three All-NBA First Team Selections.  Without question, Steve Nash is certainly one of the best floor generals ever to play the game, and this is a fitting achievement for him. Nash’s powerful combination of great vision, durability and an uncanny ability to make some impossible passes is the stuff of legends. Hopefully the Lakers will be able to capitalize on these skills and recover their season.

Tick-Tock: Lakers’ Brown must win now

Mike BrownOn paper, the Los Angeles Lakers have one of the best starting line up’s the NBA has ever seen. By adding  two-time MVP point guard Steve Nash and three-time defensive player of the year Dwight Howard, the Lakers added to an already stacked team that includes Pau Gasol and one of the best to ever play the game, Kobe Bryant.

Last season was a disappointment.

In a shortened season, the Lakers finished with a losing record away from the Staples Center. (14-16) Even though they won the Pacific Division for the 33rd time and earned the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference playoffs, they were outrun by a young, up and coming team in the Thunder during the semi-finals.

Many of their shortcomings were put on the shoulders of first-year head coach Mike Brown and for good reason. It’s not easy to replace a legend and unfortunately it’s not going to get any easier this season.

During his introductory press conference Brown stated “We don’t play for second here, it’s as simple as that.”

The pressure started at that moment and now the lofty goals for the Lakers continue. While Brown had his excuses from last season there are none to be heard of this year.

Off to a slow start, the Lakers can’t afford to not gel in a timely manner.

With injuries to Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard getting back into shape the Lakers haven’t had the game experience yet.

What must worry Lakers’ fans, Last season the rotations Brown used took too long to mesh together and at many times he would randomly pick a player to give huge minutes to out of thin air. Brown must find the rotations to use and quickly.

The truth is if the Lakers are unable to unseat the Heat and bring home a 17th Championship the season will be a failure and Mike Brown will be the scapegoat.

NBA 2012: Story lines, predictions

Dwight Howard-Ray AllenJust think, a year ago we were all telling jokes about how LeBron James had no rings, no killer instinct, and couldn’t put the team on his back.  Now after he won the NBA Championship, MVP, NBA Finals MVP, and an Olympic Gold Medal in the past year we are now asking what’s next?  Can LeBron take himself to MJ levels?  Can he be the greatest of all-time?  And that has to be the main storyline for the upcoming 2012-13 season.

The Miami Heat:  The Heat come into 2013 as the defending champions and all the pressure is on them to take control of the NBA like they did last year.  The big storyline is can they repeat?  If so, can they go on a historic run like Jordan did with the Bulls and win multiple titles in a row?  Miami not only has the best player in the NBA, LeBron, but they now surrounded that man with shooters all around him signing the best 3-point shooter off all-time, Ray Allen.  Last year in the Playoffs, the Heat figured out who they are and it only took them two years to do it!  The Heat run an unprecedented offense with “no positions”, it will consist of LeBron doing whatever he wants and surrounding him with shooters.  The Miami Heat are clearly the team to beat in the NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers: Arguably the next biggest storyline of the off-season was the Lakers making trades to give a three-year window to allow Kobe Bryant to at least (and hopefully surpass) Michael Jordan’s six NBA Titles.  The Lakers shocked the world by not only getting Steve Nash (the best point guard that Kobe will ever play with), they traded for the much maligned and best Center in the NBA, Dwight Howard.  The Lakers are now four-deep in their starting lineup with potential Hall-of-Famers, and the Artest formerly known as Ron, Metta World Peace will only have to be a spot up shooter and play defense.  The question is can this team gel and do they have enough in their legs to last a grueling 82 game season with a long playoff run?  Dwight Howard is the great equalizer and one of the best defenders in the NBA who can clog the middle.  The Lakers will be learning to play with each other on the run and are installing the new Princeton offense.  The Lakers will start slow but will hit their stride later in the season, don’t panic if the start off around .500.

James Harden Trade:  The Los Angeles Lakers main competition to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals to a big step when the Oklahoma City Thunder abruptly traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets.  As a small market team, the Thunder “said” they couldn’t have three max players and decided to low-ball James Harden after paying Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge  .  In the short-term, the Thunder are hurt by this trade in the Western Conference, they get a big-time scorer in Kevin Martin and a developmental two-guard with Jeremy Lamb, but that won’t replace the Sixth-Man of the Year.  In the long-term the Thunder might be better off.  Westbrook and Durant are still in their early 20′s and will eventually have to sign another contract, Sam Presti and the Thunder want to make sure that the talent they have will get better and they know in three years that the Lakers will potentially be without Nash and Bryant. Read more…

Top 5 Fantasy Basketball centers

Dwight Howard Lakers

Dwight Howard LakersBeing 5’8 I vicariously live through every big man in the NBA. As an outstanding Center on the YMCA Green team I consistently had 2 points, 2 rebounds, and 5 fouls every game. My numbers were never fantasy worthy and probably the reason that I spend most of my time analyzing players now instead of making the effort to play. I am hoping that my son has an inkling of a chance, but unfortunately with 5’8, 5’4, 5’6, and 5’7 in the lineage, his hopes are looking very slim. The guys below tower over my ancestors and me, because of this they have the best chance of producing every night for my fantasy hopes and dreams. Below are my 2012 Fantasy Basketball: Top 5 Centers.

Top 5 Centers

1. Dwight Howard: Superman is just that, Superman. Howard is definitely my top ranked Center this year. Playing with the Lakers, he is surrounded by a cast of talented players. This potentially could hurt some of the potential scoring, but on Fantazzle’s leagues he makes up for it through blocks and rebounds. Howard averages 38 minutes per game and scores 20 points a night. This pretty much guarantees us a 20 point head start. The true scoring comes from the average of 14 rebounds a game and 2 blocks a night. I see Dwight as a consistent 30 point guy and will definitely be taking him in all limited lineup games. He may be too pricey in salary leagues, but can be worth the money if you can level out the scoring between cheaper utility players.

2. Al Jefferson:  Jefferson is the Jazz and the Jazz revolve around Jefferson. He hasn’t been as consistent in the preseason this year, but when the ball is thrown into the air for the first tip-off, Jefferson will be getting the rock. Jefferson is a 20 point 10 rebound guy every night. He doesn’t have the ability to get the blocks that Howard had, but he will be consistent. I feel like his salary point will be lower than a couple of the other guys, so he is definitely a good pickup.

3. Andrew Bynum:  In my mind, Bynum is the closest thing to Howard on the list. If he is healthy and stays healthy then he will be my pick in weekly leagues and definitely limited lineup leagues. He had an All-Star season last year and should continue his success. I predict him to have 20 points, 11 rebounds, and at least 1 block a night. Remember this, if he gets healthy and remains that way he is a great pickup. Read more…

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Derek Fisher on his way back to the Lakers?

Derek Fisher

Derek FisherMany will argue the Los Angeles Lakers have enough dominant personalities on their roster, but a player like Derek Fisher could help the new-look Lakers gel sooner, rather than later.

At 38 years of age and retirement staring him at the face, Derek Fisher is a free agent.

One more chance at an NBA title would put a pretty bow on top of a solid NBA career.

Rumors have surfaced of his return to the Lakers, especially since an injury to Steve Nash could leave him out for four weeks.

Is a return back to the Lakers a possibility? According to ESPN’s Marc Stein – yes. Per the report:

It’s not feasible for the Lakers to bring back Fisher now, with a payroll approaching $100 million, but sources with knowledge of their thinking say that the team has made it clear to the rest of the league that Chris Duhon and/or Steve Blake are available via trade to any interested party willing to absorb their respective contracts.

While it’s true that no trade is imminent in either case, that’s also the norm in October when outlooks are still rosy in pretty much every NBA training camp and teams generally aren’t ready to move. Could the Lakers eventually find a taker for one of those vets? Blake has one season left on his contract after this one valued at $4 million, but Duhon’s $3.75 million salary in 2013-14 is unguaranteed, which makes his contract a more attractive acquisition.


Lakers reloaded: Kobe Bryant holds key to NBA title


Emmanuel Dunand/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers made some significant upgrades during the offseason acquiring two-time NBA MVP, Steve Nash, and the best defensive Center in the league in Dwight Howard.  They key to both of those acquisitions was that the Lakers found a way to get better and keep Pau Gasol.  Gasol is one of the most versatile big men in the NBA today and despite constant criticism, the Lakers are better off with him.

As the Lakers head into their 2012-13 campaign they will eventually boast one of the most formidable lineups in recent NBA history.  Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard once he is ready to return; sounds like a walk to the NBA title right?  Well maybe not so fast.

The Lakers may look like the best team on paper but they are truly far from championship material.  Chemistry could cost this team significantly and ultimately hinder their title aspirations.  Whether it’s distribution or scoring, Kobe, Nash, and Dwight all need the ball in order to do what they do best.  Throughout his NBA career, Kobe Bryant has never had a premier Point Guard.  Now that he does, he’ll surely have to adjust his game if this Lakers team is going to reach its maximum potential.

For years Kobe Bryant has made a living on creating the best shots possible for himself.  With Nash in the mix, that philosophy will have to change.  Nash has the ability to find the open man in the best position to score whether it’s Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace or Reeves Nelson.  Come on Lakers fans. Be honest.  How long can Kobe tolerate the Lakers attack not running primarily through him?  He’s already made it clear that the Lakers are still his team.

“I got a question earlier about whose team this is,” Bryant told reporters at the Lakers media day Monday. “I don’t want to get into the, ‘Well, we share …’ No, it’s my team. But I want to make sure that Dwight, when I retire, this is going to be his. I want to teach him everything I possibly know so that when I step away this organization can ride on as if I never left.”

The bottom line is that Kobe Bryant is the key to making this Lakers team work.  It’s often said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and as Bryant enters his 17th season in the NBA, his willingness to conform to the new look Lakers roster strengths could make or break the team’s season.  If Bryant can swallow his pride (doubtful) and become a role player in the Lakers offense, then the Lakers have a tremendous shot at winning it all.  However if he still wants to be the centerpiece on an offensively gifted roster, the Lakers chemistry will suffer.  Kobe has to learn quickly to separate leadership from scoring. The Lakers can still be “his team” without him taking 30 shots a game.  Just ask Magic Johnson.

We’ll see what happens.  But it’s really all up to Kobe Bryant.

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Ménage à Trois: The NBA’s love triangle

Don’t worry, my loyal readers, this isn’t some kind of actual weird love triangle with NBA players, where Chic-Fil-A fans will burst into my house and ‘teach me a lesson’.  Instead, this ‘Love Triangle’ in the NBA is the top three teams trying to win my affection and eventual choice as the favorites going into the NBA season a couple of months away.

Those three teams are, of course, the defending NBA Champions the Miami LeBrons Heat, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and after stealing Dwight Howard away from the Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Think of it like the Bachelorette finale (shameless way of getting girls attention to keep reading), I went on three different dates and met the players and the families a.k.a. the Front Office’s of the three teams, but who did I give my final rose to?

Seeing as I’m getting older, I wanted to feel young again so my first encounter was with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  They took me out to the only bar in Oklahoma City and tried liquoring me up to get me to give it up. (It being the rose, get your mind out of the gutter!). I enjoyed my time with them, they have a young nucleus with Kevin Durant, turns 24 next month, Russell Westbrook, turns 24 a month into the season, and James Harden, turns 23 this month.  Durant is the biggest mismatch in the NBA standing at 6’11 as small forward, or the 3, and has in the gym range.  The Thunder were the favorites after defeating the Spurs in the Western Conference Championship, but got caught up by their lack of experience and LeBron realizing he’s the best player since Michael Jordan, and evolving like he’s a Pokemon character.  But with this team getting older, more mature, and simply getting better they made a strong argument for the final rose.

Next up, I took my talents to South Beach..(I had to.)  LeBron, a limping DWade and a still dapper and great-haired Pat Riley picked me up from the airport in LeBron’s Mom’s Hummer, I didn’t appreciate their lack of love for the ecosystem, but I was impressed.  After wining and dining me all night, the master negotiator, Riley, made his pitch on why they deserved my final rose.  The aforementioned greatest player since Jordan, LeBron James, figured out how to play as their point forward, Wade is now his Scottie Pippen, and they signed the greatest three-point shooter ever, Ray Allen, while also signing Rashard Lewis, one of the most overpaid athletes of all-time, but he has one job – hit threes.  The Heat will keep playing the Oregon offense in the fast-break, while posting up LeBron and putting 4 shooters around him, not to mention they are the best defensive team in the league.  Nice job Pat. Read more…

5 reasons Howard makes the Lakers only paper champions

Dwight Howard

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t rebuild, they simply reload.  With an impressive 16 NBA Championships throughout their illustrious history, the Lakers only trail the Boston Celtics by one in the overall title count.  In attempt to bring another championship to L.A. during the Kobe Bryant era, last week the Lakers pulled off one of the biggest trades in recent NBA history as they acquired Center Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic.  The move has Lakers fans ready to take a day off following next year’s NBA Finals in order to attend a Championship parade. Well, not so fast.  On paper the Lakers indeed have a championship roster but here are five reasons that a paper crown is the only one they’ll be wearing in the near future.

1.   Howard is an upgrade in name only.  When was the last time a Center led his team to an NBA Championship?  Try 2002 when the Shaquille O’Neal led Lakers won three consecutive titles.  The Lakers had the second best Center in the NBA and traded him for the best.  The problem is that Dwight Howard isn’t capable of taking over a game night in and night out.  Sure with the plethora of options in the Lakers starting five he won’t have to but then again neither did Andrew Bynum.  Last season, Bynum averaged 18.7 points, 11.8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game with a trigger happy Kobe Bryant and a productive Pau Gasol.  Meanwhile, Dwight Howard averaged 18.4 points, 13 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game in an offensive system that featured him. The bottom line is that Howard is not a significant enough difference to put the Lakers over the top.

2.  Mike Brown is still the Lakers coach.  For several years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mike Brown had the best team in the NBA and it wasn’t on paper either.  His LeBron James led teams were kicking ass and taking no names; until it really counted in the NBA playoffs.  How will Brown put it all together and make all of the personalities mesh?  Kobe and Metta World Peace are enough on their own.  Now he’s going to have Dwight Howard, who we know can be a whiner, to deal with.  Brown’s one saving grace could be Steve Nash.  Nash is a floor general who is the Lakers best chance at finding chemistry quickly.

3.  The status of Howard’s back is an X factor.  The status of Dwight Howard’s back will be a huge question mark for the Lakers next season.  In April, Howard had season ending surgery to repair a herniated disk.  The move kept him out of the Olympics and crippled his former team’s chances during the playoffs.  Howard is currently unsure when he will return but reports have already begun to surface that he will not be ready for the start of the regular season.  What if he suffers a set back and doesn’t play until December or even the playoffs?  The trade will have become a huge bust for the Lakers.

4.  History says no championship next season.  As NBA history teaches us it’s difficult to assemble and NBA Championship team overnight.  The recent exception being the 2008 Boston Celtics who brought in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to form a Big 3 along with Paul Pierce and went on to win a title immediately.  The Miami Heat tried to replicate what the Celtics did by signing LeBron James and Chris Bosh to go along with Dwayne Wade.  As everyone knows it took them two seasons to figure it out.  Back in 2003 the Lakers signed veteran free agents Karl Malone and Gary Payton to go along with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.  That Lakers team struggled with chemistry which eventually resulted in a five game defeat at the hands of a lackluster Detroit Pistons roster in the NBA Finals.

5.  The Oklahoma City Thunder.  Before the Lakers can even entertain the thought making it to the NBA Finals they’ll have to dethrone the current Western Conference Champions and a hungry Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will have plenty to say about it.  OKC assembled its team from the ground up and after losing to LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals they will be determined to make another championship run.  For the Thunder to fall to the Lakers (another assembled to win team) it would be a slap in the face of the right way to win championships.  And Lakers fans better believe that the Thunder aren’t ready to rollover in defeat just yet.

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Is Kobe the real NBA G.O.A.T?

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers drives t...

Kobe Bryant has been called many things in his illustrious NBA career.

Kobe has been called the prodigy.

Kobe is a great player, and is top ten All-Time, but first Kobe needs to get into the top 5 before he can even dream of being Jordan.

Kobe 16 years = 29484 pts

Jordan 13 1/5 years= 32292 pts (one fifth of a season is approx. 17 games 1994-95).

Jordan retired from the Bulls after his father was murdered at 30 years old and took off almost 2 years when he was still averaging 30 plus points a game.

Jordan’s defense was and is unparalleled by any 2G in NBA history and is considered by most to be top 10 NBA All-Time at any position, Centers, Guards, and Forwards included.

Kobe was a sidekick for 8 years in the NBA, and came off the bench for years before he started.

Can you name any player considered top ten All-Time that came off the bench at any point of his career, let alone was second string for years?  Read more here…

Why the Lakers need Howard more than Bynum to win a ring

Dwight Howard and Andrew BynumDwight Howard is the most dominant force in the NBA at his position. I say that with all due respect to Andrew Bynum the 24 year old up and coming beast that is the current Laker center and arguably the second best center in the league.

Bynum is no Howard. This should go without saying, but the proof is in the pudding to coin the old cliche’.

You say, look at those post moves and footwork that Bynum displays with ease after honing for 7 years now with help for the likes of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and surely a point or two from Kobe here and there. Bynum averaged 11.8 REBS and 18.7 PPG on .558 FG percentage from the field this past season. Not bad for a 2nd or 3rd option huh?

Bynum’s numbers speak to his skills improving dramatically over the past couple of years to the point where he is now on the path to becoming a perennial NBA All-Star and first or second team all NBA for years to come.

Still, Bynum is no Howard. Howard’s numbers are better of course, but not by much as you may be aware. 14.5 REBS and 20.6 PPG on .573 FG percentage from the field. Only 2 points and about 3 rebounds a game more than Bynum, he shoots a bit better as well. Not MVP numbers but without question the best at his position on the offensive end of the court, if not by much.

Where Howard becomes a “super-beast”, if there is such a thing, is on the defensive end of the court. He defends like no other player in the NBA today. He is now for the 3rd consecutive time the NBA defensive player of the year. With players like Lebron James, Kevin Garrnett, Serg Ibaka, and Tyson Chandler only dreaming of having his abilities to stop scorers from even thinking of driving to the rim, Howard is the lynch pin of any All-Defensive team the NBA could put together.  Read More…

In sports, for some players, there really is ‘No Place Like Home’

We’ve all heard those infamous words “home field advantage” and in most cases it usually has an impact on the outcome of games. But what about the other significance of ‘being home’; not teams but players?

What made me stop and consider the importance and impact it makes if a player is home with his family or if he plays cross country without them, was Steve Nash’s decision to accept a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. If it’s a ring he’s interested in wearing clearly he would have had a better chance of garnering one in South Beach. He would have had less of a chance of getting to the finals in New York but consider a starting five of Chandler, Stoudamire, Carmelo, Nash, and, if Dolan pushes the right buttons, O.J. Mayo. A finals team? Maybe not, but formidable just the same.

But Nash chose L.A. for another reason. He wanted to be closer to his family where he’s played for 10 of his 16 years in the NBA and the last eight straight seasons. L.A. to Phoenix is approximately a one hour flight which would get him there in less time than it takes me to get home during rush hour on most evenings!

Remember that Steve Nash never wanted to play for the Lakers and as recently as June 13th on a cell phone interview with ESPN, Nash said that there was ”no way he would ever play for Los Angeles”; one of the Suns’ most hated rivals. He said, “I could never see myself ever wearing a Laker uniform” and yet, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing because he couldn’t see himself uprooting his family and moving cross country, nor playing thousands of miles away from his wife and kids. Read more here…

NBA Mock Draft (Part II)

Fab Melo

With the NBA Draft only a day away, I figured I may as well present only ONE mock draft of the 1st round. Last year, my 2011 NBA mock drafts did not pan out as well as I would have hoped. Regardless of my poor NBA mock draft history, I have listed why each of these picks for each team would make sense. I am posting this on the current draft order as of 6 P.M. on Wednesday night, 24 hours before the 2012 NBA Draft kicks off.

Therefore, here are my final 15 mock draft selections for Thursday’s NBA Draft, enjoy!

16. Houston Rockets (via Knicks): F Terrence Jones, Kentucky

Although it sounds like the Rockets may trade this pick away for something bigger, the Rockets could use a true combo forward like Terrence Jones. Jones, a national champion at Kentucky this past season, decided to stay an additional year in school, and really improved between his freshman and sophomore seasons. Jones is an aggressive basketball player who plays hard on both ends of the floor, while also exhibiting premiere athleticism for a player as big him.  Read More…

Lakers to move Gasol and World Peace for draft picks?

Metta World Peace

With the NBA Draft only a few days away the Lakers trade rumors are flying fast and furious.

The latest involves Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace. It’s no secret that the Lakers are trying to move Gasol. He’s been the fall guy for the Lakers’ post-season woes the last two seasons.

According to reports Los Angeles is trying to trade Gasol to the Washington Wizards for the #3 pick in this year’s draft. That seems a little farfetched since the Wizards have just signed Nene and Emeka Okafor and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have three big men with three big contracts. But you never know.

The next rumor involves trading Metta World Peace for a late first-round pick. This one has a slightly better chance of happening than the Pau trade. Teams may look at MWP’s late season play (minus the elbow to James Harden’s head) and think he may be worth it. The only snag may be the fact that MWP is owed nearly $15 million over the next two years.

Apparently the Lakers have their eye on Kentucky point guard Marquis Teague. They definitely need a point guard but I’m not sure they need a rookie point guard. No matter how good he is. (Is it already time to say goodbye to Ramon Sessions?) Read more here…

Top 10 overpaid NBA players: Is Kobe Bryant No. 1?

Kobe BryantIs Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers overpaid?

Sports fans hold strong opinions about which pro basketball players deserve their massive salaries, and which ones don’t. One fan, however, has gone further than the average barstool commentator –– Southern Utah University economics professor David Berri.

According to Berri, NBA players are paid for high scoring, so the more points an athlete racks up, the more money he earns. Berri believes that this overlooks other factors that contribute to a victory, such as shots taken, turnovers, rebounds and fouls.

These and other elements are included in the “Wins Produced” algorithm.

“Wins in basketball are primarily about a team’s ability to get and keep possession of the ball and then turning those possessions into points,” Berri told in an e-mail. “In 2011-12, NBA teams paid $1.9 billion for 990 regular season wins. This means that the cost per win was $1.946 million. Given the cost of each win and knowing both how many victories each player produced and his salary allows us to see which players were overpaid.”

All salary information was provided by Berri, who used data from the NBA draft projection site and from basketball analyst Patricia Bender. All data was compiled by Berri’s colleague Arturo Galletti.
Check out David Berri’s 10 most overpaid players in the NBA.


The list:
10. Tyrus Thomas, Charlotte Bobcats (overpaid by $12,459,225)
9. Deron Williams, Brooklyn Nets (overpaid by $12,784,867)
8. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks (overpaid by $12,851,295)
7. Corey Maggette, Charlotte Bobcats (overpaid by $12,862,248)
6. Mehmet Okur, Brooklyn Nets (overpaid by $12,988,657)
5. Chris Kaman, New Orleans Hornets (overpaid by $14,613,480)
4. Amar’e Stoudemire, New York Knicks (overpaid by $14,918,309 )
3. Antawn Jamison, Cleveland Cavaliers (overpaid by $17,402,350)
2. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers (overpaid by $19,693,258)
1. Rashard Lewis, Washington Wizards (overpaid by $21,167,231)

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Is Pau Gasol headed back to the Grizzlies?

Pau GasolIt’s well known the Los Angeles Lakers want to trade Pau Gasol. Every week there is a new trade rumor regarding the two-time champion and this week is nothing new. The newest (and most interesting) rumor is the Lakers sending Gasol back to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Having Pau team up with his brother, Marc Gasol would be pretty interesting. They teamed up on the Spanish Olympic team back in 2008 and gave the US team a good challenge in the gold medal game.

But who would the Lakers get back in return? Rumors are that it could be Zach Randolph. That would be the best case scenario for Los Angeles. Randolph is the polar opposite of Gasol. No one will ever accuse him of not being aggressive enough or passing up open shots.

It would be great to see Z-Bo in the Purple and Gold but I’m not sure Memphis will be willing to let him go. Even for Pau. Read more here…