2012 NFL predictions, Week 1 picks

Well, we made it.  It’s been a long seven months since the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, it’s been even longer since my 49ers won a game, but WE MADE IT! Football started on Wednesday, but for most of us this long agonizing time where we have to resort to baseball (yawn) to get us through the dog days of Summer are over and on Sunday and Monday we get back to what really matters, FOOTBALL!

If you are like me, then for the next twenty-two Sundays you are absolutely booked and for legitimate reason and I wish you all good luck that your team is alive those twenty-two weeks, and I actually mean it if you are a 49er fan.

I have a couple predictions for the 2012 season and I make my Week 1 picks which will surely be wrong.

Tim Tebow will NOT become the starting Quarterback for the New York Jets unless there is an injury to Mark Sanchez.  A lot of the media pundits, experts, my friends, and random weirdos (seriously homeless guy on San Marcos Blvd. stop yelling “Tebow” at me!) on the street have been yelling for Tebow to start possibly week 3….of the Preseason, but that hasn’t happened yet and although the offense looks abismal I believe that Rex Ryan and the Jets will stick with Sanchez the whole year barring injury. So hide all your Te-bowners until the Jets offensive line pulls a “Remember the Titans” and allows their QB to get hurt for Sunshine aka Tim Tebow.

The Indianapolis Colts will make the playoffs.  I know, I know, it’s preseason, but damn did Andrew Luck look good.  How can I a guy with this much hype come into the season possibly being underrated?  He has the least amount of pressure for a #1 pick that is supposed to be the best Quarterback prospect since John Elway or ever.  Yet, RG3 has more pressure playing for the Redskins, after they gave up a shit-ton of picks and play in the NFC East, Ryan Tannehill has a huge spotlight on him after being featured in Hard Knocks*, there is the Saints Bountygate, Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez, the media’s love for Russel Wilson because he’s so tiny and everyone is electrified by him — get over it.  Everyone seems to forget about Mr. Luck, he handles him self correctly, he’s pro-ready, and he’s got the weirdest voice for a white guy.  The Colts upgraded at the coaching staff and on defense, and even though he’ll be throwing to Austin Collie if he still has a brain and an old Reggie Wayne, this team is in a weak AFC South where he can play the Titans and Jaguars four times this year, the AFC is wide open for them to sneak in. Read more…

AFC teams that may have turned the corner

Predicting the AFC can be a mundane task. The Patriots, Ravens and Steelers are sure to make the playoffs. Barring some miracle, the Broncos will likely win the AFC West and join the other four. That leaves two spots up for grabs, though, and someone has to take them. These are the three AFC teams that are most likely to make a turnaround from not being in the playoffs to winning a few games and making some noise.

New York Jets: After making it to the AFC Championship in the two years prior, an 8-8 finish for the Jets was something of a surprise. It may have also served as a wake-up call to quarterback Mark Sanchez and the rest of the team; a harsh reminder that all the talent in the world can’t make up for dysfunctional relationships within the locker room.

The most visible change for the team, and one that few people will stop talking about until well after the season is over, is the acquisition of Tim Tebow. Although the organization has stated that he wasn’t brought in to play quarterback, Mark Sanchez has to realize the immense pressure that’s building. For a quarterback who seems to have failed to play to his potential during his short career, the threat – no matter how real it is – of losing his job should jump start his game and, by extension, the rest of the Jets. They’re not going to win the AFC East this year, but they have enough talent to sneak in as a Wild Card and put together a run. Read more here…

Jets install practice buzzers to speed decision-making process

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Rex Ryan is trying to help his quarterbacks speed up their decision-making in the pocket by installing a practice buzzer.  This is not a new technique, as it was used previously by the Packers Mike McCarthy.  The Packers use a buzzer that is set at 2.5 seconds.

Rex feels that adopting that system will be beneficial to his signal callers.  “I think we need that a little bit, ” Ryan said Monday.  “(Tebow and Sanchez) are holding the ball a little too long.  Got to get that ball out.  I’ll talk to Tony (Sparano) about doing that.

This is not the first time that Rex Ryan has deployed the buzzers though.  In fact he installed them last year during week 5, after Sanchez got pounded by the Ravens.

Read more here…