Twins’ acquire Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos in review

Matt CappsTwo seasons ago, Joe Nathan went down in Spring Training and the Twins were forced to find a closer from within their organization. They chose Jon Rauch, and from opening day until July 30, Rauch was 21/25 on save attempts with a 3.05 ERA. Now, Rauch didn’t fit the closer mold, as he no longer had elite stuff, but he was clearly getting the job done. However, since the Twins organization has long valued scouting over stats it wasn’t surprising to find out that they were looking for closer help at the deadline.

*In recent years the Twins have began hiring front office executives with advanced stats backgrounds, which is a good thing. No matter how much people want to insist they can see things stats don’t show, the truth is stats are far more accurate than the human eye. It’s not surprising that the Twins were one of the last teams to join the advanced stats craze, and they’re one of the league’s worst teams at the moment. You simply can’t evaluate players as well without advanced stats.

Unfortunately, the Twins decided on Nationals closer Matt Capps to replace Jon Rauch. On July 30, the Twins announced that they had traded one of their top prospects, major league ready catcher Wilson Ramos, along with a minor league reliever, for Matt Capps. The early reaction from even common Twins fans wasn’t a good one, and that instant reaction was backed up by local and national baseball analysts. What were the Twins doing? Read more here…