Do the Lions have reason for optimism?

Matthew Stafford

Getty Images

The Detroit Lions have finally ended their losing streak as they nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. This team is still struggling though and this game should not offer much comfort to the team or its fans. Fortunately there has been some late game magic, but that formula will only get you so far in this league. The truth of the matter is that Matthews Stafford continues to struggle and has not looked like an elite quarterback outside of the 4th quarter.

His inconsistency and their offensive struggles aside, the Lions do have a glimmer of hope amid the cellar dweller record of 2-3. Believe it or not, the Detroit Lions defense is better than advertised. Yes, I have said the seemingly absurd. I can’t argue that the “all-hype” defensive line has not produced as expected, but I see a silver lining.

The Lions are currently ranked 24th in scoring defense with 27.4 points per game allowed which is putrid. In fact, that total would have ranked them for 30th last season with only the Vikings and Buccaneers being worse. The defense clearly has holes in, primarily on the back end, but it isn’t as bad as many believe.  Read more…