Maurice Jones-Drew could need season ending surgery

Maurice Jones-DrewThe Jacksonville Jaguars don’t have an official diagnosis for running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s foot injury yet. But they’re concerned it could be something very serious.

Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey acknowledged at his press conference today that a Lisfranc injury is a possibility. The Lisfranc injury usually keeps a player out at least a few months, which would make it a season-ending injury at this point in the season.

That’s the worst-case scenario, and it’s possible that further examination will reveal a less serious injury. But there’s real concern in Jacksonville that a bad season is about to get a lot worse with the loss of the Jaguars’ best player.

Jones-Drew, who led the league in rushing last season, held out of training camp this season in the hopes of getting a new contract — which the Jaguars refused to discuss. This year he ranks 18th in the league with 414 rushing yards, and he might not gain any more. Read more…

Jim Irsay: Trade talks stalled, but for who?

Indianapolis Colts Traning Camp

As reporters and fans scramble to guess at the player to whom Colts owner Jim Irsay was referring when he said (via Twitter, obviously):  (1) trade winds are blowing; (2) the team would be giving up a high draft pick for a “serious” veteran starter; and (3) the owner would be getting out the check book if/when the trade happens, Irsay has added an update (via Twitter, obviously) several hours after he went back behind the curtain.

Said Irsay:  “It’s standing still…at 1am…shut it down…as Paul Simon says.. ‘There’s only so much you can do..go on and get some rest…’”

This could mean that the talks have stalled.  Or, as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen suggested during halftime of the Cardinals-Titans game, Irsay could simply be messing with everyone.

Assuming that Irsay wasn’t throwing a curve ball, perhaps in the hopes of stirring up a trade market for Maurice Jones-Drew in order to get him out of the division, there’s no further smoke to suggest that any one specific player has been targeted.

A source with knowledge of the situation in Indianapolis believes that Steelers receiver Mike Wallace would be the most likely player to justify the team sending a high pick and Irsay writing a big check, given that Wallace has been holding out in Pittsburgh.  With former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians bringing the offense with which Wallace is familiar to Indy and with starting receiver Austin Collie out once again due to his latest concussion, that move still makes the most sense. Read more…

Colts pursuing Maurice Jones-Drew or Mike Wallace?

Jim IrsayIndianapolis Colts fans are paying attention to Jim Irsay’s Twitter page. Maybe Mike Wallance and Maurice Jones-Drew should as well.

After Peyton Manning was fired and Andrew Luck was hired, we didn’t think there would be much for Colts owner Jim Irsay to tweet about.
Wrong again.
Irsay says, with enough all caps to hurt the eyeballs and exclamation points to make Jake Jarmel hurl, that the trade winds are blowing.
He says that they’re “talking about giving up high pick for a SERIOUS Vet/Starter,” and that his “check book stands ready!”
The obvious targets are Steelers receiver Mike Wallace and Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew.
As to Wallace, Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians served as the Steelers offensive coordinator for all three years of Wallace’s career.  As to Jones-Drew, former coach Tony Dungy has said multiple times that he wanted to draft Jones-Drew in 2006.
Wallace is the more likely target, even though the Steelers have said he won’t be traded.  Coach Chuck Pagano has said Donald Brown will be the “bell cow” tailback.  Besides, the Jags likely wouldn’t want to trade Jones-Drew within the division. Read more…

Khan tells MJD the train is leaving the station?

Maurice Jones-Drew

The Jaguars haven’t budged from their negotiating stance of not negotiating with holdout running backMaurice Jones-Drew and it doesn’t sound like they’ll be budging at any point in the future.

At a press conference announcing the Jaguars’ plans to play four games in London, owner Shad Khan, who previously said that Jones-Drew’s absence wasn’t a great concern, was asked about where things stand with Jones-Drew. There’s no reading between the lines needed to get his point.

“Train is leaving the station. Run, get on it,” Khan said, via Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union.

Gloomy predictions about the Jaguars offense have not found much supporting evidence in the team’s first two preseason games. Blaine Gabbert’s looked better than he did as a rookie, Justin Blackmon hit the ground running in his debut and, most significantly for Jones-Drew, Rashad Jennings is averaging more than five yards a carry. All caveats about preseason appearances being deceiving apply, but Jones-Drew’s case hasn’t gotten any stronger since his holdout began. Read more…

5 Fantasy Football players that are overrated relative to ADP

Andre Johnson is Overrated in Fantasy Football They say you can’t win your fantasy football league on draft day, but you certainly can lose it. As I said before, fantasy football is all about value. You want to maximize the value of each and every pick. Every time you draft a player a fantasy football bust who doesn’t perform to his draft position, you’re at a disadvantage.

With that said, here are five fantasy football players that I think are overrated in drafts right now.

1. Maurice Jones-Drew (ADP: 8.5)

Jones-Drew was great last season, but his stats were a bit inflated by a four touchdown game and a 169 yard game in Week 17 when most fantasy leagues don’t play (also his only game with over 125 rushing yards). I’m not sold on Blaine Gabbert and the Jaguars offense to keep defenses honest and his holdout doesn’t help his cause. I wouldn’t take Jones-Drew in the first round.

2. Peyton Manning (ADP: 53.6)

He’s had four surgeries on his neck. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what would. One hit and his season and career could be over. Now you can say that about any player, but if I’m a Manning owner every time he gets I’m holding my breath and praying he gets up.Quarterback is too deep for me to take a chance on Manning.  Read more here…

Note: ADP Data from

Maurice Jones-Drew to skip mandatory camp

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts

The NFL’s leading rusher is so unhappy with his contract that he’s refusing to show up to work.

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew will skip the team’s three-day minicamp that begins today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

That means the Jaguars can fine him up to $60,000, which would cut his 2012 pay from $4.45 million (an amount that Jones-Drew thinks is far too low) to $4.39 million. He could also be subject to having to forfeit a portion of the $9 million signing bonus he received when he signed his current five-year, $31 million deal in 2009.

The Jaguars have not yet said whether they plan to dock Jones-Drew’s pay, but they have said they expect him to honor his contract. By not showing up to the mandatory minicamp, he’s not honoring his contract.