An open letter to Michael Robinson

Michael RobinsonDear Michael Robinson,

Shut up.

I am listening to you on the Dan Patrick radio program as I type (hosted by Bonnie Bernstein today) and did you really use the words “Joe Paterno” and “integrity” in the same sentence?

Did you really say the Freeh report was “one-sided”?

Some would argue that what Jerry Sandusky did was one-sided.

The powers that be at Penn St. at the time when Sandusky was running vile apparently had enough concerns to consider an investigation. The honorable Mr. Paterno apparently vetoed those concerns.

I’m still listening to the interview and I repeat: Shut up.

You are making yourself and your Alma mater look worse than it currently does, if that’s even possible.

The sports talk radio universe and the sports blog universe and the sports universe in general are going to be playing sound-bites from your interview today for years to come. Probably even under oath somewhere.

You are “outraged” at the decisions that the NCAA made? The decisions came “too fast”?

How long ago was the first victim learning his particular facts?

You want the victims “to learn all of the facts”? I’m guessing they know most of the pertinent facts.

They know (more than you or me or anyone else) how long Sandusky was allowed to continue his predatory behavior through his charity and the apparently tacit wink-wink and let’s look the other way approach taken by the honorable Mr. Paterno and his place of employment.

All of the money and probation and scholarship restrictions and re-writing of the record books in the world aren’t going to help you to know any more, or them to know any less.

They know. You say you didn’t know, and I believe you. You didn’t know, and you don’t know.

Shut up.