Looking back, Gundy’s rant propelled Oklahoma State football

Mike GundyMike Gundy is passionate, determined and a winning coach for the Oklahoma State Cowboys who have had success as of late. Marquee players Dez Bryant now of the Dallas Cowboys, Justin Blackmon of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Brandon Wheeden of the Cleveland Browns are just a few names Gundy has recruited.

It was only four years ago that Gundy’s famous “I’m a man…I’m 40!” rant became an instant classic with fans and radio hosts all over but one of the aspects we may have overlooked is just how important this rant was to bringing in and signing recruits that have now propelled the Cowboy’s.

Before the rant in September of 2007, Gundy’s overall record was 13-15 since…40-14.

“The rant, in kind of perverse way, I think actually helped the program,” Oklahoma State president Burns Hargis said according to CBS Sports. “In the sense I think a lot of players and parents appreciated the way he stood up like that for one of his players. They say the only bad publicity is an obituary, but I do think it sent a strong message to his players and possible recruits that this guy will stand up for his players.

“It was complete passion, sincere and genuine. He was speaking straight from his heart. I think it was a net plus.”

Gundy confirmed the thoughts of the president as he was interviewed by Dan Patrick on Fox Sports Radio.

The You Tube video of Gundy’s “I’m a man! I’m 40!” went viral. It has been viewed 2.3 million times.

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