5 NBA Playoff teams that are in trouble

Kobe BryantThe NBA is a different type of sport. The positioning is key when it comes to playoffs, draft and even salary cap. The main thing is that in the NBA if you don’t win the championship that year, your best bet is to be the worst team in the league.

Why would I say that?It’s because of the NBA draft. Frankly over the past few years it has been top heavy. The first ten picks have usually been players that could make an immediate impact for an NBA team. What if you were trapped? Trapped meaning that you are consistently making the playoffs every year, but you can’t get over the hump. You are stuck in an endless cycle of making the playoffs but not being able to draft talent or sign a significant free agent because of players taking up cap space. What do you do?

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Cleveland Browns’ Trent Richardson: The next Cadillac Williams?

Trent RichardsonI read an article that was put out by BleacherReport.com, saying that they expect for the Cleveland Browns to use Trent Richardson a lot. A lot like the Tennessee Titans used Eddie George

Trent Richardson has the body, collegiate production and powerful skill set to become a genuine workhorse runner in the NFL. He’ll play an Eddie George throwback-type of role for the Cleveland Browns next season and beyond.

And frankly, he should.

George was the last successful true workhorse back in the NFL. He carried the ball over 311 times every year he spent with the Tennessee Titans, from 1996 to 2003. He made the Pro Bowl four times and was an All-Pro in 1999 and 2000.

There was no questioning that George was the focal point of the Titans offense during his time with the team. And it didn’t matter if opposing defenses knew he was getting the ball 30 times or more—they couldn’t stop him.

Expect the same for Richardson in Cleveland.  Read More…