Time gets us all, even A-Rod

Alex RodriguezAlex Rodriguez will go down as one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game. I repeat, Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest baseball players EVER, in the history of the game. I realize most people understand that, but it seems to have been forgotten over the past few days.

Donald Trump, for example, the king of idiots, has tweeted several things about A-Rod. First he suggested the Yankees should renegotiate A-Rod’s contract because he hasn’t earned his money, clearly ignoring the fact that MLB contracts are fully guaranteed, and the last time A-Rod tried to renegotiate a contract to take less money the Players Association denied it. (Before getting traded to the Yankees, A-Rod was headed to Boston, pending a contract restructuring. The MLBPA told A-Rod forfeiting money for no real reason was a dangerous precedent, and a month later A-Rod was a Yankee)
Trump also suggested A-Rod was only good because of his steroid use, which is completely false. At a time when the majority of the league was taking steroids, A-Rod was emerging as the league’s best player. Yes, he was on them too, but it’s not like he was a small guy. Even without steroid use, it’s hard to imagine A-Rod not being a superstar. But again, Trump and logic fail to meet.

A-Rod’s OPS since September 3, when he came off the DL, is an absolutely atrocious .478, so a benching certainly seemed fair based on production. However, the Yankees didn’t bench A-Rod and start a solid player, they started Eric Chavez. Chavez’s 2012 season was his best in almost 5 years, and giving him a chance in games against right handers seemed logical with all of A-Rod’s struggles. But Chavez finished the ALCS 0-16.
Unfortunately, the whole Yankees lineup had trouble hitting the ball, so Girardi singling out A-Rod seems to suggest there’s more to the story than just this season. As has been mentioned in other places, the Marlins and Yankees likely will discuss an Alex Rodriguez trade this off-season. That hardly guarantees that he’ll be traded, but if the Yankees are willing to pay a portion of his contract to unload him, his hometown of Miami seems like his one of his only possible destinations thanks to his no-trade clause.
It’s worth noting that Alex Rodriguez seems like an odd man. He seems to care what people think a great deal, but despite being in the public eye for almost 20 years, he doesn’t seem to have any people skills. Kissing himself in the mirror, always looking like he’s going to cry, allegedly hitting on women behind the dugout while sitting on the bench… the list could be much much longer with all of A-Rod’s strange instances. However, his off-field personality is of no interest to me. He’s not marrying my sister.
Drafted first overall by the Seattle Mariners in 1993, Rodriguez made his Major League Debut in August of 1994 when he was just 18-years-old. He played in 17 games before the strike ended the season, and then in 1995 he spent time bouncing between AAA and the big leagues. Read more…

Who had the worst loss of the week?

We all experience it.  That bitter feeling of defeat, that punch in the gut where your whole week is ruined because something that you have been looking forward to for awhile (for me, its been 9 months in the making) is taken from you and ruined.  And even worse, you know what’s coming — the Facebook posts, the Twitter tweets, the text messages, the Snapchat’s of people laughing at you, and if people still use it — the phone calls of people giving you shit because your beloved team lost.

So I’m here — mainly because I needed to blog and Kavon wanted me to write something — to rank the worst defeats of the week.  So, if one of your teams lost in dramatic fashion, a blow out, or your favorite player got hurt, then get all your sharp objects away from you because we are all on suicide watch.

Warning:  If you are in a good mood, no that’s too happy, if you are in a mediocre mood don’t read this you will become extremely depressed and may cut your wrists and black your eyes while listening to the Dashboard Confessionals.

The Candidates: 

  • The San Francisco 49ers blow out loss to the New York Giants – Well, we might as well start with my number one reason for depression of the week.  It started on a cold January afternoon (actually it was like 65 degrees in San Diego, suck it non-Californians), but the 49ers were in position to advance to their first Super Bowl since defeating the San Diego “Super” Chargers in 1995 and all did not exactly go well.  In case you’ve been living in a cave or have been so inebriated for 9 months then you probably know that the 49ers lost that game because of a couple fumbles here and there and an inept offense.  Okay, I’m officially teary eyed…must power through.  Well, the 49ers had a chance for a little bit of revenge on Sunday.  They had the defending Super Bowl Champions – who the Niners thought had their championship – in their home stadium again and laid a complete egg.  Dominated 26-3, the 49ers threw three interceptions, recorded zero sacks and got one (!) hit on Eli “Mouth Breather” Manning and didn’t even reach the Red Zone.  It felt like I was watching a Cleveland Browns game.  Okay, now I’ve gone from teary eyed to weeping like I’m watching Click or Air Bud (Fun Fact: those are the only two movies I’ve openly cried too).  Level of Depression: Getting drunk and bashing your head while yelling “Oops” like you’re on Real World.  (PS: RIP to that guy in previous video).
  • The New York Yankees and Derek Jeter – Not only did the New York Yankees lose the first two games of the ALCS at home, they lost Mr. Yankee Derek “How Could You End it With Minka Kelly” Jeter to a broken ankle.  But don’t worry Yankee fans you still have Alex Rodriguez.  Wait…he’s not on the juice anymore and 37 years old and strikes out almost every time a pitcher throws him a pitch?  Well, shit.  They can still win tonight though, right?!  Oh…Justin Verlander is pitching?  Shoot…I’m trying to find a silver lining…I got nothing.  Level of Depression: Find someone to feed you popcorn because popcorn makes everyone feel better! Right A-Rod?  Read more…

MLB best bets of the day: August 24, 2012

Our MLB Best Bets of the Day continue with three match-ups that are sure to excite.

NY Yankees at Cleveland 7:05 PM Sabathia vs Kluber

The White Sox swept the Yankees and left them grasping for air earlier in the week. Well today, the Yankees get C.C. Sabathia back and will receive a helping hand from Corey Kluber. If the Yankees are going to get back on track today is going to be the day against Mr. Kluber.

In just four starts this year Kluber has a 1.77 WHIP and a 6.27 ERA…and a .329 BAA! The Yankees are going to win, and probably win big today, but that’s not where the money’s at. Take the over and hope for fireworks.

Pick: Over 9 (-110)

Kansas City at Boston 7:10 PM Chen vs Lester

The Red Sox have a few things going for them in tonight’s game; their offense has been picking it up lately, Jon Lester has a 2.93 ERA in August, and they get to face lefthander Bruce Chen. The Red Sox are the fourth best hitting team when facing lefties, have a .307 team BAA Chen and face the Royals pitcher at home (Chen has a 6.32 ERA on the road this season).

Get Cody Ross, Dustin Pedroia and a handful of other Boston players in your fantasy baseball lineups today as I suspect there will be an offensive explosion. Read more…

MLB best bets of the day: August 24, 2012

corey kluberOur MLB Best Bets of the Day continue with three match-ups that are sure to excite.

NY Yankees at Cleveland 7:05 PM Sabathia vs Kluber

The White Sox swept the Yankees and left them grasping for air earlier in the week. Well today, the Yankees get Sabathia back and will receive a helping hand from Corey Kluber. If the Yankees are going to get back on track today is going to be the day against Mr. Kluber.

In just four starts this year Kluber has a 1.77 WHIP and a 6.27 ERA…and a .329 BAA! The Yankees are going to win, and probably win big today, but that’s not where the money’s at. Take the over and hope for fireworks.

Pick: Over 9 (-110)

Kansas City at Boston 7:10 PM Chen vs Lester

The Red Sox have a few things going for them in tonight’s game; their offense has been picking it up lately, Jon Lester has a 2.93 ERA in August, and they get to face lefthander Bruce Chen. The Red Sox are the fourth best hitting team when facing lefties, have a .307 team BAA Chen and face the Royals pitcher at home (Chen has a 6.32 ERA on the road this season).

Get Cody Ross, Dustin Pedroia and a handful of other Boston players in your fantasy baseball lineups today as I suspect there will be an offensive explosion. Read more…

Daily Fantasy Baseball must starts: Monday August 20th

Daily Fantasy Baseball Must StartsLook for players that can hit for both average and power when building your daily fantasy baseball lineup today.

Value plays: 

Ichiro Suzuki – Rarely is a high-powered offense ignited from the bottom of the order, but Ichiro could very well do just that for the Bronx Bombers against Gavin Floyd. He owns a .385 career average against the White Sox righty with an “un-Ichiro” like .590 slugging percentage. Combine Ichiro’s past success with Floyd’s recent struggles (5.40 ERA and a .307 batting average against in August), and you’ve got yourself a 5 tool player who can help your fantasy baseball team in a multitude of ways.

Paul Konerko – With Ichiro we had an average hitter who could surprise with power, and Konerko provides us with the exact opposite in the same game. Typically a player you roster for his power potential, Konerko owns an impressive .357 career average against Freddy Garcia. The White Sox first basemen is batting 23 points higher at home this season, making him a safe bet to do some damage at home against an average at best starter. Paying for a nice average from Konerko doesn’t come at the loss of the elite power, as he holds a .786 slugging percentage against the Yankees righty. Read more here…

Daily Fantasy Baseball must starts: Sunday August 19th

Daily Fantasy Baseball Must StartsTonight figures to be a solid night for two of the games elite, making them more than worth the lofty price tag that they fetch in daily fantasy baseball games.

Value plays:

Robinson Cano – Everyone knows that he is an elite 2B, but why should you spend top dollar on him tonight? Consider that he had hit 64% of his home runs at home and that he is batting 99 points higher against right handed pitchers. That’s a pretty convincing argument, and that doesn’t even include his success against Josh Beckett over his career. Cano holds a .329 career batting average against the Boston righty, with an amazing 54.2% of his hits going for extra bases (leading to a .589 slugging percentage in 73 career at bats). He leads all Yankees in doubles, home runs, and RBI versus Beckett, and there is no reason to think he won’t add to that total tonight, proving himself worth every penny it takes to roster him in daily fantasy baseball games.

Philadelphia Phillies – This offense has underachieved all season long, but that shouldn’t bother daily fantasy baseball owners, as you play in a 1 game season. The Phillies hold a .330 team batting average against Randy Wolf, with Placido Polanco (.500 batting average) and Juan Pierre (.389) leading the way. The two pesky hitters atop the order figure to give the power hitters (6 differnet players have taken Wolf deep on the Phillies roster) plenty of RBI opportunities. Jimmy Rollins has seen his power pick up in the seasons second half, so don’t let his low batting average prevent you from rostering him against the Brewers. Wolf has surrendered 65% of his home runs at home this season, giving me even more confidence in Philly connecting for at least one round tripper. Read more here…

MLB best bets of the day: August 16, 2012

matt kemp dodgers

Texas Rangers at NY Yankees 1:05 PM Holland vs Nova

The first game of the day is between two pitchers who have had their share of success and failures this season. This one won’t be easy going for the pitching as it features the top two hitting teams to date and while the Rangers haven’t been living up to that lately, that can all change with on bad Ivan Nova outing.

After a 3-2 Yankees victory yesterday my hope is this game will be a bit more exciting, but I don’t expect it to get too wild. While both of these pitchers’ ERA’s are much closer to 5.00 than 4.00, I suspect they will be able to right the ship today and hold the offenses to less-than-average runs scored. That said, the Yankees have a .322 team average when facing Holland and rank fourth in the league in runs scored when facing lefties.

Picks: Yankees -125 and Under 10 (-115)

LA Dodgers at Pittsburgh 4:05 PM Blanton vs Burnett

The Pirates will send out their only semblance of an “ace” today, in hopes that A.J. Burnett can prevent a Dodgers sweep. I certainly respect what A.J. has done so far this season, as I don’t believe anyone could have predicted that he would have anywhere close to the numbers that he currently possesses. However, after getting pounded by the Padres at home last week, I think Burnett’s and the Pirates’ magical year may be coming to an end. Read more here…

New York Yankees push for another pennant

Robinson CanoThis is All-Star week. We have the Home Run Derby and the All-Star game.  Now is the time when teams begin to make their push for the playoffs. The New York Yankees are no different.  At this point the Yanks have the best record in MLB. Usually at this point in the year they begin to play a different kind of game throughout the rest of the season.  The second half of the year Yankees are a different animal then during the beginning of the year Yankees.

The Yankees seem to be clicking on all cylinders right now, even though they have some major injuries.  C.C. Sabbathia has a hamstring issue, Mariano Rivera has a torn ACL and needed surgery, and Andy Pettitte has a broken foot.  Their bullpen and other starters have taken up the slack and kept the Yankees in contention.  The hitters are hitting and hitting well. The Yankees have hit the most Home Runs in MLB.  Thirty-eight year old Derek Jeter, the team Captain always leads by example. He makes the plays that no one else does. He is hitting at a very high level, his batting average is .313. He has a legitimate shot at an AL MVP.  Jeter has also made another All-Star team, he will be the lead off hitter and start at Shortstop.  Robinson Cano will bat second and play second base.  Curtis Granderson will start in the outfield and be ninth in the lineup. C.C. Sabbathia also made the All-Star team, but will not play due to being on the disables list.

The New York Yankees as an organization, from management down to the players, the fans, and everyone else that is affiliated with the organization expect every year to make the playoffs and win a World-Series. They demand it, and anything less is not acceptable.  With this mind set and loyalty of their fans is one of the main reasons that the New York Yankees have won more World-Series than any other franchise.

When the All-Star break is over, the Yankees go into what I call pennant mode. They work with their line-ups to get that perfect mesh and cohesive unit that will push them closer to the play-offs. They take less days off. I know that all teams work harder in the second half of the season, but I believe with the Yankees is goes to another level. A level that teams that do not make the play-offs can understand, especially teams that have never made it into the play-off or won a pennant. The teams that do not have can do and will do attitude. They do not play as the Yankees play, for pride.  During the second half of the season, the Yanks get harder to beat because they feel that they have more on the line and a lot of history to live up to year after year.

The Yankees are probably one of the toughest teams to deal with going down the stretch after the all-star break.  I see them in the play-off picture again this year because as their injured players start to come back into the fold, the stronger they get. They are very good at maintaining themselves during rough periods during the season, I do not see this year as any different.

MLB Power Rankings: Week 13

Power Rankings
Current Team Previous
TEX MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 1 Texas Rangers N/A
The best team in baseball has won 8 of its last 10 games, and has just 1 starting position player with an OPS+ below 100.
NYY MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 2 New York Yankees N/A
Andy Pettite continues to impress this season. He has a 3.29 ERA and 52 strikeouts in 54.2 innings so far this season.
LAA MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 3 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim N/A
 Since starting off 6-14, the Angels have gone 34-19. The addition of Ernesto Frieri has helped greatly as he has struck out 26 in just 20.2 innings without allowing a run. Despite spending the first 20 games of the season in the minors, Mike Trout now leads the American League in WAR. He is on pace to post the highest single season WAR total by a rookie position player since Dick Allen in 1964
WAS MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 4 Washington Nationals N/A
Bryce Harper leads all Nationals position players in wins above replacement so far this season.
CIN MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 5 Cincinatti Reds N/A
Joey Votto, who leads baseball in OPS+ and WAR among other categories, is possibly the best player on the planet right now. While Votto has taken over the offense, Johnny Cueto has been leading the rotation. His 187 ERA+ ranks 4th in the National League.
LAD MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 6 Los Angeles Dodgers N/A
The Dodgers who once held a commanding lead in the NL West, have lost 7 of their last 10 games and are just 3 games ahead of the Giants in second place. The loss of Matt Kemp and an offense that ranks 20th in baseball in runs scored have been their downfall. The offense will have to pick it up if they want to win games, but I think LA may have finally come back to reality.
TB MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 7 Tampa Bay Rays N/A
The delayed return of Evan Longoria has definitely hurt the Rays, but they’re still just 3.5 games back in the AL East. Matt Joyce has replaced Longoria as the team’s catalyst for now, as he is hitting .279/.387/.512.
SF MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 8 San Francisco Giants N/A
Bruce Bochy spent most of the first part of the season playing Brandon Belt sporadically, when he probably should have been the starting 1st baseman. In his past 14 games since earning the starting job, Belt has hit .348 with 4 home runs, 12 RBIs, and 8 walks.
STL MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 9 St. Louis Cardinals N/A
Despite having the 2nd best run differential in baseball, the Cardinals are just 3 games over .500. Adam Wainwright has finally started to return to form. In his past 3 starts, he has pitched 21 innings, striking out 21, while allowing just 5 runs.
BOS MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 10 Boston Red Sox N/A
The Red Sox, winners of 8 of their last 10, seem to have found a nice little groove. The Red Sox don’t have a single starting pitcher with an ERA below 4.00, so pitching will be the key if they want to reach the postseason.
CHW MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 11 Chicago White Sox N/A
 This weekend, the White Sox acquired Kevin Youkilis in a trade with the Red Sox. The trade is a huge upgrade for the White Sox who have had their 3rd basemen combine to hit .167/.244/.221 with just 1 home run this season
BAL MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 12 Baltimore Orioles N/A
 In Jason Hammel’s last 2 starts, he has combined to pitch 17 innings, striking out 18, allowing just 6 hits and no earned runs.
NYM MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 13 New York Mets N/A
 While RA Dickey has been dominating the majors with his knuckleball, Johan Santana has quietly been having an all star caliber season of his own. He is striking out a batter per inning and his ERA sits at exactly 3.00. He has won 4 of his last 5 starts and has allowed more than 4 runs just once this season.
PIT MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 14 Pittsburgh Pirates N/A
The Pirates offense has been pretty much dormant all season, but since June 16th, they have scored 45 runs in just 8 games. The offense has been sparked by Pedro Alvarez who has hit .444 with 5 home runs and 10 RBIs during the streak.
ATL MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 15 Atlanta Braves N/A
 After missing part of last season, Tommy Hanson leads the majors with 15 starts this season and he appears to be back to his pre-injury form.
TOR MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 16 Toronto Blue Jays N/A
 The Blue Jays are the only team in the majors with 2 players that have hit 20 or more home runs so far this season in Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion.
CLE MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 17 Cleveland Indians N/A
The Indians are only a half game back from the White Sox for first place in the AL Central, despite having a negative run differential. While the offense has been strong, it is important to note that the Indians rank 28th in the majors in ERA and don’t have a single player in their starting rotation with an ERA+ above 96.
ARI MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 18 Arizona Diamondbacks N/A
The D-backs are 6-4 in their last 10 games and have finally gotten above .500 for the first time since May 4th. They have outscored their opponents by 28 runs since June 14th and are slowly creeping up on the 1st place Dodgers.
DET MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 19 Detroit Tigers N/A
The Tigers have suffered through injuries and rotation problems that have really set them back so far this season. Their offense is extremely potent, but they may have the worst defensive team in all of baseball. According to Baseball Reference WAR, the Tigers defense has cost them over 3 wins so far this season.
PHI MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 20 Philadelphia Phillies N/A
The Defending NL East champs currently sit 8.5 games out of first place in the NL East. The veteran laden team has really struggled this season. One exception being Carlos Ruiz, who is enjoying a nice breakout season as he leads all catchers in wins above replacement.
OAK MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 21 Oakland Athletics N/A
Oakland has been on a bit of a run lately, going 7-3 in their last 10 games. Brandon McCarthy and rookie Jarrod Parker have been leading the rotation, while Josh Reddick is enjoying a career year offensively.
MIL MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 22 Milwaukee Brewers N/A
Ryan Braun is on pace to match his monstrous 2011 campaign. He is projected to hit .319/.399/.612 with 45 home runs and 29 steals. Zack Grienke is also on pace for a CY Young caliber season as he has been worth nearly 3 wins already this season.
KC MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 23 Kansas City Royals N/A
Disappointing seasons from both Eric Hosmer and Jeff Francoeur, as well as injuries to the pitching staff, have really hampered this team. Despite their poor play this season, they are just 6 games back in an underwhelming AL Central, so a 2nd half surge could potentially push them into October.
SEA MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 24 Seattle Mariners N/A
The Mariners have just 2 position players with an OPS+ of 100 or better in Michael Saunders and Kyle Seager. Felix Hernandez is the only starting pitcher with an ERA+ above 100. The Mariners have a bright future on the horizon, but time will tell if some of their current young big leaguers can make the necessary adjustments to be a part of the Mariners long term plan.
MIA MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 25 Miami Marlins N/A
Heath Bell started the year by allowing 15 runs in his first 14 appearances, blowing 4 saves. Since then, he has allowed just 3 runs in 14.2 innings, converting all 10 of his save opportunities. The Marlins are 20-3 in games he has pitched in since the start of May.
HOU MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 26 Houston Astros N/A
According to Elias, Dallas Keuchel is the first player to throw a complete game in his 1st or 2nd career start since Clay Buchholz threw a complete game no-hitter in his 2nd career start on 9/1/2007.
COL MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 27 Colorado Rockies N/A
The Rockies have the worst ERA in the majors this season, and a 4 man rotation of fly ball pitchers in Coors field is probably the worst idea since the invention of saves.
MIN MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 28 Minnesota Twins N/A
Since starting off 18-32, the Twins have essentially been playing .500 baseball since the start of June. They were fueled by Trevor Plouffe who hit 9 home runs in the first 12 games of June, but since then, Plouffe has hit just 1 in his last 8 games.
CHC MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 29 Chicago Cubs N/A
In their last 3 games alone, the Cubs have been outscored 23-6. The good news is that Alfonso Soriano is quietly enjoying somewhat of a comeback year. He is on pace to post his highest WAR since 2008.
SD MLB Power Rankings : Week 13 30 San Diego Padres N/A
Chase Headley is playing great, but that’s pretty much the only positive for this struggling team. They rank last in the majors in runs scored and have been outscored by their opponents 40-24 in their last 8 games. The Padres have won just 4 series all year, and two of those were against the Rockies and Mariners.

Derek Jeter the pride of the Yankees

Derek JeterDerek Jeter was drafted by the New York Yankees in 1992 out of high school. Where in his senior year he batted .508 for the season, he also had college recruiters and pro scouts watching him as a youngster. The University of Michigan offered him a scholarship to play baseball. Spending his summers in New Jersey with his grandparents is where he got a chance to go to Yankees games and see his idol Outfielder Dave Winfield. He knew way back then that he wanted to be a player for the most storied franchise in the history of sports. Derek learned to play shortstop from his father who played the position at Fisk University.

Wearing the Yankees pinstripes is something that if you are a baseball player is the epitome of being a professional baseball player. When you think of some of the greatest to ever play the game, many NY Yankees come to mind Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Whitey Ford, Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, and now the great Derek Jeter. He is the only Yankee to ever reach the 3000 hit plateau. What does that say for him as a baseball player for the NY Yankees? All the great Yankees of days gone by, he is the “ONLY” player to wear the pinstripes to reach that plateau. He is the pride of the NY Yankees. For 17 years he has worn the pinstripes and will retire in the pinstripes when he finally ends his Hall of Fame career.

Jeter has always been known as a player that does what it takes to win. I have seen him make plays by diving into the stands or taking on an opposing player at second base. He has never been afraid of having a collision with another player. Jeter is fearless on the baseball field. There is not a play that he will not try to make. He is the field general of his team. The team rallies around the things that Jeter does on the field. This year at age 37, he is playing the game like a kid again. He is hitting well, and has been seeing the ball well. He has never been considered a power hitter, but he is putting the ball in play all over the field. He is playing like the Derek Jeter of old. Many thought his career to be over last year, but like he has always done, he shows his critics what he is made of. There is no quit in him as a man or as a player. He continues to play the game because he still has many things to contribute to his younger teammates and the game of baseball.

Does he have anything left to prove to baseball? I say that he does not, but I do say that as long as he can play at the level he is playing now, he should continue to play. His list of accomplishments is a long one most notable is the five World Series titles. He is a 12 time All-Star, 5 time Gold-Glove winner, 4 time Silver Slugger award, AL Rookie of the Year 1996, All-Star game MVP 2000, World Series MVP 2000, he owns the Yankees career hits record 3,137 and counting and the Yankees career stolen base record, and too many other awards to his credit to list. He is batting .392 so far this season and if he stays healthy opposing teams will have a lot to worry about with his offensive production.

When Derek Jeter’s career is all said and done he could very well be the greatest player to ever wear the pinstripes. Those are big shoes to fill thinking back to all the greats who have worn a Yankees uniform. He is a humble player that has gone out and done his job in an outstanding fashion for only one team. The “Team” that is the New York Yankees. Derek Jeter, Cooperstown awaits you.

Mike Samuels is a writer for The Sports Blitz Network and can be contacted at MSamuels@ThePenaltyFlagBlog.com

Jay-Z Rocawear clothing line to partner with the Yankees?


For a while, many believed the rumors that rapper Jay-Z’s clothing line — Rocawear — was going to go under water, as Jay-Z would file for bankruptcy, but after successfully producing a commercial — which aired during the NCAA basketball championship game, it’s being reported that the clothing line will be teaming up with the New York Yankees.

Details of the partnership have yet to be reveled, but it’s being reported that the reason why the two — Rocawear and the New York Yankees — came to being partners was because of Jay-Z’s love for the baseball team.

“Jay-Z has been a long-time fan of the Yankees, regularly attends games and even included his favorite team in song lyrics, so this was a natural partnership”, said Jameel Spencer — Executive Vice President of Marketing at Iconix Brand Group. He continue with, “Rocawear, along with Jay-Z are very excited to be working with the Yankees for the 2012 season. We feel another championship in ’12!”.

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Are the New York Yankees too old to win the World Series?

Derek Jeter

Are the New York Yankees too old to win another World Series with the roster that they have today? How many more games can Mariano Rivera save this year? Can Derek Jeter be consistent enough to make a difference in the day-to-day standings? Will A-Rod stay healthy all season? These questions are yet to be answered. Only time will tell. The Yankees have fourteen players on their roster that are 30 years of age or older. Many of the players that are over 30 are very integral parts of the line-up.

I think that the veteran leadership is really good for their younger players to help them become professionals. The older players’ bodies are not what they used be. Derek Jeter for instance does not cover the same amount of area that he once did. He is not as fast. He still produces day in and day out, but still not the same player. The thing that stands out about him is that losing is not an option and he does whatever needs to be done to help the Yankees win a World Series. He is the captain of the team and leads by example.

I believe that having an older team is a good thing for the Yankees. I would not say that for every organization, but for this team, it works. The Yankee leadership is a major factor to their success along with fielding the players that give them the best chance to win. Fielding an older club means that you are working more on probabilities, and opponent tendencies. One of the best examples of this is Mariano Rivera who does not have the overpowering pitches of his younger days. He throws his cut fastball and moves it around the plate to get called strikes or batters to swing at bad pitches. As the most prolific closer in the history of baseball at age 42, Rivera shows that age is just a number. The Yankees have three players on their roster that have five World Series rings: Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. That is a lot of hardware.

With the veteran leadership and having a very good team dynamic the Yankees have a very good chance of getting back to the World Series again to possibly win an unprecedented 28th World Championship. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera could possibly end their careers on top and all with one team. They have good pitching with CC Sabbathia, Phil Hughes, and Ivan Nova in the starting lineup. Alex Rodriguez, Nunez, Jeter, Teixeira, and Cano platooning the infield, their defense is solid. Andruw Jones, Granderson, Swisher, and Ibanez working the outfield make a lot of great defensive plays. They have some pitchers on the DL who will be back in the line-up soon. Andy Pettitte should be just about ready to come up from the minors to jump into the starting pitching rotation. Their big hitters are starting slow, but coming along nicely. Joe Girardi is putting all his pieces together to make a run at another pennant. These guys are older, but they sure can play ball. Playing on the team that fans love to hate must be fun, especially when you win.

In my humble opinion, the Yankees are not too old to win another World Series. Let’s all watch and see how things turn out at the end of the season.

Mike Samuels is an MLB writer for The Sports Blitz.  He can be contacted at MSamuels@TheSportsBlitz.com.