Hope Solo: TSB’s hottie

God bless America and God bless Hope Solo for posing nude in ESPN’s The Magazine. 

The American goaltender appeared nude while watering the lawn in tasteful nude poses. She is a strong believer that “being naked outside is very liberating.”

If the soccer player gets her “kicks” by watering the lawn nude,  mine is in need of a good hose-down.

Sure, Hope Solo is beautiful and athletic, but what makes her even more attractive is her drive.

Hope switched to the goalkeeper position while attending the University of Washington and became a four-time All-Pac-10 selection and the team’s all-time leader in shutouts, saves  and goals-against average.

As the starting goalkeeper for the U.S. in the 2007 FIFA World Cup she gave up two goals in four games including consecutive shutouts of Sweden, Nigeria and England. As the U.S. prepared for the semifinal match against Brazil the U.S. coach benched Solo in favor of veteran Briana Scurry. The U.S. lost 4-0.

In the 2008 Summer Olympics, Solo was once again the starting goalkeeper for the U.S. team and in a complete roll reversal, Hope Solo won the gold medal by defeating Brazil 1-0 in extra time.

Let’s all celebrate Hope Solo and enjoy these wonderful, tasteful nude photos.


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Olympic divers’ photoshop goes viral

Divers on the toilet

Watching the Olympics it’s always fun to find the lighter side of things as everything seems so serious.

Well, someone has an interesting sense of humor as they have photo-shopped pictures of the Olympic divers during their dive and placed them on a toilet.

Some people are finding it offensive and ridiculous  while some are just taking it as a good laugh.

One comment by Ashvin Kanwal stated “plz do not make fun of any athlete, this pic is just like an racial abuse.”

Another took the lighter side, Peter S. Oser “You don’t want to catch the Olympic fever.”

Either way it’s good shit!

Leryn Franco: TSB’s hottie

The 2012 London Olympics might be on to something.

Leryn Franco, a Paraguayan javelin thrower, admitted she has far more chance of retaining her title as “hottest female Olympian” than she does of leaving London with a medal.

She can throw my stick anytime she wants.

Putting hot women into the Olympic games makes things much more interesting. It’s an intelligent move by the committee and Paraguay who should draw solid ratings, much better than Hand Ball.

Now how do we get her into those Beach Volleyball outfits? Oh, imagine the Olympic ratings then!

Franco was Yahoo’s second-most searched Olympian, trailing only Michael Phelps, at the 2008 Beijing Games and was voted the most attractive competitor by several men’s magazines. She managed just a 51st place finish in Beijing. Despite improving her performances over the last four years, she’s still not expected to finish in the top 20.

Women’s javelin starts August 7th and all eyes will be Leryn Franco.

Leryn Franco



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Mickey Rourke, the fastest man alive

There’s this joke that starts out “So Mickey Rourke meets Usain Bolt outside a London café, at four in the morning, challenges him to a race and beats him.”

Actually, that’s no joke.

According to Rourke, that really happened.

Rourke, 59, was hanging out in London, doing what movie stars do, and he just happened to run into Bolt.  Rourke then challenged the gold medalist to a footrace.  Rourke allegedly asked Bolt to line up a few steps behind him, giving Rourke a slight head start.  The Oscar-nominated actor then beat him in a 30-yard dash, which is odd considering he was likely wearing a leather jacket, cowboy boots, baggy jeans and a lot of clanky jewelry.

Apparently sun-drenched skin and extensive, facial reconstructive surgery make one more aerodynamic and thus, Olympically viable.

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Michelle Jenneke: Hurdler and future stripper

Michelle Jenneke, a young Australian hurdler, is taking the Internet by storm with her performance during the IAAF World Junior Championship last weekend in Barcelona.

But while she completely dominated the women’s 100-meter hurdle event, it’s Jenneke’s warm up dance that’s making her famous around the Web.

USA Today called Jenneke’s “unique way of stretching,” writing, “You have to appreciate anyone who enjoys themselves this much.”

Let’s all watch in slow-mo…

Your unofficial 2012 Summer Olympics preview

Thank goodness for the Summer Olympics.  With basketball season over and football still months away, London is about to provide us all with a cure for the summertime blues, and an opportunity to try our luck at some Olympics 2012 betting to boot.

Aside from watching Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and USA Basketball prolong their worldwide dominance, I thought I’d preview some lesser known Olympic events to see if I could generate a little interest.

So here goes nothing.

Trampoline: Men’s – August 3rd; Women’s – August 4th

Trampoline.  That’s right, I said it.  That rusty old deathtrap in your neighbor’s backyard that his eight year old broke his ankle on months earlier.  It’s a garage sale item waiting to happen.

I never knew Trampoline was an Olympic event but apparently it debuted in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  I’m pretty sure I watched those but don’t recall seeing anyone bounce up and down repeatedly on some dangerous, Plasticine roundtable while doing somersaults in mid-air.

I’ve never been fond of trampolines, partially because I don’t like heights and partially because I’m scared to death of falling off the darned things.  I’ve always preferred those inflatable bouncy houses.  At least they had walls to use as a safety net.

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Michael Phelps helps Aaron Maybin gain weight

New York Jets v Washington Redskins

Michael Phelps has said that he’s planning to retire from swimming after the Summer Olympics and that means he’ll need to find another career path to fill his days. You might not expect it, but Phelps might have a future as a trainer for NFL players looking to add weight to their frames.
Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin lives near Phelps in Baltimore and spent some time with the swimmer this offseason to get a look at his famous 12,000 calorie a day eating regimen. Maybin wasn’t planning on consuming quite that much, but he was interested in adding some weight to his frame before the 2012 season.
The idea is to get big enough to stay on the field for three downs after making an impact for the Jets as a situational pass rusher last season.