Another shot by Patrick Ewing rejected

Although retired from the NBA for almost a decade, former New York Knicks icon and hall of fame player, Patrick Ewing, seems to be having his shots at a head coaching job blocked. His latest rejection came on Wednesday from former rival, “Space Jam” co-star, and close friend, Michael Jordan.

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan has eliminated Patrick Ewing from consideration for the head coaching job in Charlotte.

I must admit that the news came as a complete surprise to me because I didn’t feel that any of the other candidates posed a severe threat to Ewing. I mean, Jeff Van Gundy, Pat Riley, or Phil Jackson had not been considered for the Bobcat’s position, so it wasn’t like the competition was stiff or anything-although sources are now saying that Jerry Sloan has now been added to the list, and more than likely will bring his hall of fame credentials to Charlotte.

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Bobcats’ Jordan does Ewing a favor, doesn’t hire him

michael-jordan-bobcatsFormer NBA great Michael Jordan has six NBA championships.  He is arguably the biggest reason former New York Knicks Center Patrick Ewing has none as the Knicks could never get past the Bulls in the Eastern conference playoffs during the 90’s.  The one year they did, Jordan had retired temporarily but the Knicks eventually fell to the Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals.  It was a series more remembered for being interrupted by the infamous freeway chase of a white Bronco driven by none other than O.J. Simpson then the one that got away from Ewing.

Almost two decades later, O.J. still finds himself getting in trouble and Jordan is still preventing Ewing from rising to the top, or is he?

According to Charlotte Bobcats President of Basketball Operations Rod Higgins says the team will hire a new coach within the next couple of weeks but it won’t be Patrick Ewing.  Ewing had previously interviewed for the team’s vacancy.

According to reports Jordan had already told his former Eastern Conference foe that he would not be bringing him in as head coach to replace Paul Silas at the time the announcement was made.

Ewing may have been dissed by Jordan again but the truth of the matter is that if Jordan wanted to keep Ewing from ever getting an NBA ring s a player or coach, he should have hired him.  The Bobcats are an abysmal NBA franchise and after Ewing stunk it up there for a couple of years his NBA coaching reputation would have been all but shot.

Maybe Jordan actually did him a favor this time?

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