Manufacturing hands at the poker table

On slow nights at the poker table, you sometimes have to create your own luck.  So begins the next chapter in our pokerblog.

After a frenzied night of tending bar in one of South Tampa’s finer establishments, I walked into the Seminole Hard Rock with a little financial cushion to throw down on some No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em.  However, I sat at the table of choice for the better part of three hours without literally having anything better to play than A-J suited pre-flop.  Not a single pocket pair, no ace and higher, nothing of the sort.  Like I said, slow night, yet I still managed to come out ahead.

Here’s why.

It didn’t take long for me to ascertain the relatively, conservative make-up of the table.  With no monster stacks and no aggressive raisers, it wasn’t long before I decided to test the waters.  It was either that or sit there all night like a bump on a log with blind after valuable blind eroding my chip stack.  I decided to take a shot on a couple of hands that were playable under the circumstances.  Note: before you go trying this at home, there are a few things you should consider before adopting this sort of table behavior.

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