Rasheed Wallace back to teach the NBA?

Rasheed Wallace is back, but not exactly. After spending two years away from the NBA, Wallace signed with the New York Knicks this offseason.

The 38-year-old returned from retirement to provide a defensive presence and veteran experience for the Knicks.

Rasheed WallaceCeltics coach Doc Rivers stated, “I’ve got a feeling the Knicks will have a spike in technicals this year.”

In an interview with Brian Lewis of the New York Post, Wallace didn’t hesitate to answer the question.

“Passion, just sitting watching the way some of the guys you call great post players not playing in the post,” Wallace said. “It’s the passion to come back and show y’all how post players really need to play — old-school basketball. Y’all are used to all this new, young stuff, high-flying and dunking. That’s not basketball. Terrible footwork by a lot of young guys out here. Let’s go back to old-school basics.”

Knicks star, Amar’e Stoudemire was sent down to Texas to study post play with Hakeem Olajuwon as the Knicks “back-to-the-basket” work was a huge focal point for the Knicks. Can Wallace at this age still contribute and help the Knicks?

Ball Don’t Lie, a sports blog by Yahoo Sports stated, Still, though, it’s not exactly like Wallace has spent a ton of time over the past seven years showing us “how post players really need to play.” There’s not much “old-school basketball” about taking your 7-footer, having him play pick-and-pop 24 feet away from the rim and utilizing him pretty much explicitly to shoot fadeaway 3-pointers. I don’t doubt that Rasheed knows every trick in the low-post book and can flip through the Rolodex at light speed as soon as he feels a defender’s forearm in his back — his mind’s always been that sharp — but like latter-decade Pistons fans and Celtics fans before them, Knicks fans will likely wait to see Wallace actually park himself in the post before they believe they’re about to witness the strength of ‘Sheed knowledge.

A good start would be actually seeing him on the court, which, for all the fun photos of him boxing and stuff, hasn’t actually happened yet. Woodson told reporters that Wallace is “still in the conditioning mode” and that the Knicks are “holding him out until we feel like he’s ready to go,” while Wallace says he’s ready whenever called upon.