2012 Fantasy Football | Tight End Rankings

Rob GronkowskiBelow is our 2012 fantasy football tight end rankings. These projections are based on the following scoring: 6 points for touchdowns, 1 for catches, 1 point for every 10 yards. As you will see, Peyton Manning has two tight ends at the very bottom of this list. While Tamme is projected to be slightly more productive, if either one of these players were to go down you could be rewarded quite handsomly.

Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski had record setting years for the tight end position last year and while we do believe in their skills (and their qbs) we feel that the type of production in 2011 may just be too much to ask for again in ’12. That said, they should be the top two tight ends drafted and will produce like number-one receivers no matter what the projections you find say.   Read More…

Gronkowski says ankle is great, ready for season

Baltimore Ravens strong safety Bernard Pollard tackles New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski

Four months after his ankle was the No. 1 story during the week of hype prior to the Super Bowl, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski says his ankle isn’t a story at all.

Asked at a charity golf tournament today to describe the status of his ankle, Gronkowski needed just one word: “Great.”

The Patriots, who just signed Gronkowski to a contract extension, obviously don’t think his ankle is going to cause him any long-term problems. And Gronkowski’s one-word description of his ankle today more or less matches what he said a couple of weeks ago, when he declared that the ankle feels better every week.

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