Roger Clemens, steroids, innocence and bias: An insightful Q&A with my uncle

Here at, we like to consider ourselves an interactive website.  This time around, my dearest uncle and lifelong baseball fanatic, has graciously agreed to partake in our latest Q&A and perhaps shed some light, or at least his opinions, on Roger Clemens’ innocence, Major League Baseball’s guilt and the steroids era.

SportsChump: Unc, I know you’ve commented on the website in the past but please give my readers a little more insight, some sort of indication that you’re baseball-talk worthy and not just some bum off the street I chose to discuss the game with.  You don’t have to go into detail about your Bill James summer camp or your Bob Apodaca pajamas but do tell us all how long you’ve been a fan of the sport, your allegiances, likes, dislikes, turn-ons, etc.

Uncle Alex: Actually, they’re Ed Kranepool pajamas, but I digress.  I grew up in NYC, and since my mother was a Brooklyn Dodger fan, I (naturally) became a Mets fan at an early age.  I was hooked in ’69, when the Amazins won that improbable World Series, and I’ve been a baseball fan ever since.  I moved to Boston for college, and became a turncoat in ’86, following the Sox instead of the Mets.  The furthest I’ll go to justify it is by pointing out that the Mets had sucked for a very long time, while the Sox were electrifying early that year.  Clemens’ 20K performance against the Mariners was the specific event, and I think it was so important to me because I was a huge Tom Seaver fan.  Seaver held the previous record of 19, and of course it didn’t hurt when Seaver was traded to the Sox later that year.

Now I follow baseball in general and the Sox in particular.  My rant do jour is the silliness of the Boston media and its habit of trying to manufacture rather than follow the news.  The biggest culprit, IMHO, is Nick Cafardo, who proudly thumps his chest that he was the first to advocate Bobby Valentine as the new Sox manager (See his latest ‘objective’ story). Let’s see how that works out. Read more here…