T.O. is back, get your popcorn ready

20120807-165549.jpgTerrell Owens aka T.O., is one of the most dominant wide receivers to play the game.

Marred with controversy everywhere he plays, T.O. has consistently been a threat on the field.

At age 38 T.O. signed with the Seattle Seahawks, it marks his return to the NFL after a year absence.

After injuring his knee with his last team Cincinnati, T.O. couldn’t find an NFL team.

Was it because he was too old or was it because of his reputation of being a locker room distraction?

Clearly, it was the locker room distraction. T.O. should never be questioned for his work ethic.

At age 38 he ran a 4.45 40 yard dash. That’s faster than some WR’s who were drafted this year. Read more here…

Doug Baldwin raves about T.O.

Doug Baldwin

38-year-old receiver Terrell Owens has yet to officially arrive at Seahawks camp.  But that hasn’t stopped 23-year-old receiver Doug Baldwin from raving about his new teammate.

“Terrell Owens is an unbelievable talent,” Baldwin said, via Mike Sando of ESPN.com.  “They brought him in because that’s what Pete Carroll believes in is competition.  He’s going to come in immediately and compete for a job, and that’s what we’re all about here.”

Baldwin, who likely will be one of the starting receivers when the real games start, doesn’t sound interested in racing Owens.

“That’s faster than my pro day, and he’s 38 years old,” Baldwin said regarding the 4.45-second 40-yard dash Owens supposedly ran on Monday.

Yeah, I said “supposedly.”  Because the Seahawks had every reason to hit the button a little bit early in order to provide cover for an out-of-the-blue decision to sign a player that no one wanted. Read more here…

Terrell Owens should be on an NFL team

Terrell Owens PopcornI can only imagine the vitriol that this headline stirs up in the hearts of fans around the country,  From San Francisco, to Philadelphia, down to Dallas and back.  Terrell Owens has left a legacy.  While most people can not stand T.O., it is based on the past and not present.  Does this mean that T.O. is a better person, a changed person at this point in his life?  No, not necessarily.  But he could be.

We have seen all the trash that has circulated through the media over the last several months regarding the future Hall of Famer.  Articles decrying his character as a deadbeat dad of multiple children, a washed up star battling depression (even contemplating suicide), to a man who squandered a fortune.  Most of us fail to find sympathy for the man who once said, “they love to hate me”.  The money that he has made and squandered is perplexing and appalling to the average American who struggles to get by.  Forgetting the narrative that suggests Owens was the victim of a crooked financial adviser and greedy baby mamas, we want him to reap what he has sown.  After all, he has lost more than most of us ever have the chance to ever find.  How could we want him to receiver anymore second chances?  It’s not like we get second chances.

It’s a natural human response.  Especially to one whose antics clearly revealed extreme levels of narcissism, anger, and a general disregard for other human beings not named T.O.  But what is it that “the player” has done to be so reviled among athletes?  Has he ever been arrested for a DUI?  When has he ever been charged with assault?  What drug did Terrell ever get convicted of possessing or trafficking?  When was the last time T.O. failed the league’s substance abuse policy? How many times has Terrell manipulated league drug tests?  When did he ever say, “I play when I want to play,” or ask, “for who, for what”?  How many animals has he harmed?  Has he ever been accused of taking someone’s life? Read more here…

T.O. desperate, talks about his respect for Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys Terrell Owens Jerry Jones

The Terrell Owens “Please Hire Me” tour continues, as the controversial wide receiver tries to get past his ill-fated stint with the Allen Wranglers.

In an interview with Yahoo.com (via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News), Owens expressed his admiration for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. (The full video can be seen here).

“Jerry’s a great guy,” Owens said. “Obviously, he gave me an opportunity in 2006 and I had a great three years there with the Cowboys. That’s the type of guy Jerry is. It goes beyond just the football relationship. I think he’s done that not only with myself, he’s done that with a number of his players. You think about the Troy [Aikman]s, the Emmitt [Smith]s the Michael [Irvin]s, Charles Haley.

“These relationships continue to go on even when football stops. So I think that’s what’s most notable and admirable about Jerry.”

Read more here…

Carson Palmer endorses T.O.

carsonpalmerterrellowensGetty Images

At least one of Terrell Owens‘ former quarterbacks likes him. Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer, who completed 72 passes to Owens during the 2010 season when they were teammates in Cincinnati, invited Owens along for a workout this offseason with Raiders receivers Darrius Heyward-Bey and Eddie McGee and tight end David Ausberry. Palmer said it was great for those youngsters to see how an old veteran like Owens works. Read more here…