Move over Tebow, Jeff Driskel breaking Florida records

Jeff Driskel

Jeff DriskelIt’s always hard to compare as a running quarterback when you attend Florida, but Jeff Driskel is doing things even Tim Tebow didn’t do.

Driskel ran for 177 yards and three touchdowns as the fourth-ranked Florida Gators beat Vanderbilt 31-17 as they prepare for No. 3 South Carolina.

The most amazing part of Driskel’s career night? He only ran 11 times as the sophomore set the Florida record for rushing yards by a quarterback topping Tim Tebow’s 166 yards against Mississippi in 2007 on 27 carries.

“We kept running really the same play, and they didn’t really make adjustments,” Driskel said. “So we kept going to it. If something’s working, keep going to it.”

The Gators move to 6-0 on the season, 5-0 against the SEC with their 22nd straight win over Vandy.

Even more impressive for the Gators, three offensive lineman were out with injuries. Center Jonatthan Harrison, left guard James Wilson and left tackle Xavier Nixon didn’t play, and the Gators had receiver Latroy Pittman, linebacker Michael Taylor and tight end Jordan Reed injured during the game.

“We’re a little bit of a M.A.S.H unit on the offensive line,” Florida coach Will Muschamp said. “So I was really proud of those guys, as many looks as Vanderbilt gave us, in being able to rush for 300 and something yards. … It says a lot about our guys stepping up and manning up.”

“He did an awesome job,” Florida receiver Solomon Patton said of Driskel. “With him being able to run like that, it opened up a lot, as far as the run game and passing game. Teams don’t know if he is going to pass it or take off running.”ade too many mistakes.”

2012 NFL predictions, Week 1 picks

Well, we made it.  It’s been a long seven months since the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, it’s been even longer since my 49ers won a game, but WE MADE IT! Football started on Wednesday, but for most of us this long agonizing time where we have to resort to baseball (yawn) to get us through the dog days of Summer are over and on Sunday and Monday we get back to what really matters, FOOTBALL!

If you are like me, then for the next twenty-two Sundays you are absolutely booked and for legitimate reason and I wish you all good luck that your team is alive those twenty-two weeks, and I actually mean it if you are a 49er fan.

I have a couple predictions for the 2012 season and I make my Week 1 picks which will surely be wrong.

Tim Tebow will NOT become the starting Quarterback for the New York Jets unless there is an injury to Mark Sanchez.  A lot of the media pundits, experts, my friends, and random weirdos (seriously homeless guy on San Marcos Blvd. stop yelling “Tebow” at me!) on the street have been yelling for Tebow to start possibly week 3….of the Preseason, but that hasn’t happened yet and although the offense looks abismal I believe that Rex Ryan and the Jets will stick with Sanchez the whole year barring injury. So hide all your Te-bowners until the Jets offensive line pulls a “Remember the Titans” and allows their QB to get hurt for Sunshine aka Tim Tebow.

The Indianapolis Colts will make the playoffs.  I know, I know, it’s preseason, but damn did Andrew Luck look good.  How can I a guy with this much hype come into the season possibly being underrated?  He has the least amount of pressure for a #1 pick that is supposed to be the best Quarterback prospect since John Elway or ever.  Yet, RG3 has more pressure playing for the Redskins, after they gave up a shit-ton of picks and play in the NFC East, Ryan Tannehill has a huge spotlight on him after being featured in Hard Knocks*, there is the Saints Bountygate, Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez, the media’s love for Russel Wilson because he’s so tiny and everyone is electrified by him — get over it.  Everyone seems to forget about Mr. Luck, he handles him self correctly, he’s pro-ready, and he’s got the weirdest voice for a white guy.  The Colts upgraded at the coaching staff and on defense, and even though he’ll be throwing to Austin Collie if he still has a brain and an old Reggie Wayne, this team is in a weak AFC South where he can play the Titans and Jaguars four times this year, the AFC is wide open for them to sneak in. Read more…

This week’s caption contest celebrates Tim Tebow and fatherhood

I’ve never birthed a child.

Let me rephrase.

I’ve never borne a child, or fathered a child, or whatever it is guys do when they’re in love or having unprotected sex with a perfect stranger.

Regardless, somehow, some way, this picture of Tim Tebow holding someone’s newborn child surfaced on the internet, with most reports poking fun that the former Heisman Trophy winner doesn’t know how to properly hold a baby, despite the fact that he’s reportedly circumcised several on his various missions to the Philippines.According to most reports, Timothy Richard Tebow has done none of those things either.  Yet he’s still the most popular football player in America today, perhaps for that very reason.

Either way, what we’re left with is a picture of Tebow holding what appears to be the only human being on the planet unhappy to be in his presence.  The nerve of that baby!  What’s the kid thinking?

What I present you with this time around, dearest readers, is another healthy caption contest.  Come up with the most creative caption to this week’s photo and receive one limited edition, Tim Tebow autographed foreskin and an unopened box of Pampers. Read the captions here…




AFC teams that may have turned the corner

Predicting the AFC can be a mundane task. The Patriots, Ravens and Steelers are sure to make the playoffs. Barring some miracle, the Broncos will likely win the AFC West and join the other four. That leaves two spots up for grabs, though, and someone has to take them. These are the three AFC teams that are most likely to make a turnaround from not being in the playoffs to winning a few games and making some noise.

New York Jets: After making it to the AFC Championship in the two years prior, an 8-8 finish for the Jets was something of a surprise. It may have also served as a wake-up call to quarterback Mark Sanchez and the rest of the team; a harsh reminder that all the talent in the world can’t make up for dysfunctional relationships within the locker room.

The most visible change for the team, and one that few people will stop talking about until well after the season is over, is the acquisition of Tim Tebow. Although the organization has stated that he wasn’t brought in to play quarterback, Mark Sanchez has to realize the immense pressure that’s building. For a quarterback who seems to have failed to play to his potential during his short career, the threat – no matter how real it is – of losing his job should jump start his game and, by extension, the rest of the Jets. They’re not going to win the AFC East this year, but they have enough talent to sneak in as a Wild Card and put together a run. Read more here…

Jets install practice buzzers to speed decision-making process

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Rex Ryan is trying to help his quarterbacks speed up their decision-making in the pocket by installing a practice buzzer.  This is not a new technique, as it was used previously by the Packers Mike McCarthy.  The Packers use a buzzer that is set at 2.5 seconds.

Rex feels that adopting that system will be beneficial to his signal callers.  “I think we need that a little bit, ” Ryan said Monday.  “(Tebow and Sanchez) are holding the ball a little too long.  Got to get that ball out.  I’ll talk to Tony (Sparano) about doing that.

This is not the first time that Rex Ryan has deployed the buzzers though.  In fact he installed them last year during week 5, after Sanchez got pounded by the Ravens.

Read more here…

Tebow already winning over Jets locker room

Tim TebowAP

Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez has Joe Namath in his corner.  Jets backup quarterback/personal punt protector Tim Tebow enjoys the support of a guy who has slightly more pull in the locker room. Cornerback Darrelle Revis sees something special in Tebow.  “He’s a born leader, he really is,” Revis said Wednesday, via Rich Cimini of  “Very few athletes have the gift he has.  He tries to lead by example all the time.  He tries to be positive, which is awesome, and that [has resulted] in his success on the field. Read more here…

Heisman quarterbacks don’t always work out in the NFL

This is a journey into the deep dark abyss of college quarterbacks who dominated Saturdays but failed when it came to Sunday in the NFL.  Over the past 12 seasons, ten college quarterbacks have won the Heisman trophy, including Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow,  Matt Leinart, and RGIII.

Winning is an honor that recognizes an athlete as the best of the best as related to college football.  Unfortunately this coveted collegiate prize has been somewhat of a curse for quarterbacks; a stigma that says you’re the best in college but not good enough for the NFL.  Since 2000, of the nine quarterback Heisman winners, all have gone on to have some interaction with the NFL. Unfortunately for Cam Newton, their track records aren’t in his favor, or are they?  Let’s take a look, and you decide.

#9 –  2000 Heisman Trophy winner, Chris Weinke, Florida State

Weinke Spent seven years in the NFL from 2000-2007 with the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers.  His career statistics were 15 TD, 26 interceptions, 3,904 passing yards, and a 62.2 passer rating.  For his lack of contributions in the NFL, Chris Weinke was a BUST!

#8 – 2001 Heisman Trophy winner, Eric Crouch, Nebraska 

Coming out of college at 5’11 it was thought that Crouch was too small to play NFL quarterback.  He was originally drafted by the St Louis Rams as a wide receiver where during his one season with the team he racked up a whopping zero receptions.  In 2005 Crouch attempted a comeback signing with the Kansas City Chiefs but was sent to NFL Europe where he played safety.  Eric Crouch was a BUST!

#7 – 2002 Heisman Trophy winner, Carson Palmer, USC

To date, Carson Palmer has spent eight seasons in the NFL with the Bengals and a few games with the Oakland Raiders. He has thrown for over 22,000 yards, 154 touchdowns with an 86.9 passer rating.  He is the only Bengals quarterback to pass for over 4000 yards in two seasons.  His accomplishments make Carson Palmer a BEAST!

#6 – 2003 Heisman Trophy winner, Jason White, Oklahoma 

 White is the only of our Heisman heroes to go undrafted.  He tried out with the Chiefs but the team did not sign him.  He again tried out with the Titans and this  time he was offered a contract but instead decided to leave the game of football  because of his bad knees.  Jason White is without a doubt a BUST!

#5 – 2004 Heisman Trophy winner, Matt Leinart, USC

Matt, Matt, Matt…To date, Matt Leinart has five years in the NFL with theArizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans. In those five years he has thrown for less than 4,000 yards with 14 touchdowns and 20 interceptions.  Coming out of college most thought he’d be the next great thing but this guy wasn’t fooled!  He proved he wasn’t hungry for the NFL when he opted to return to USC for a final year after back to back Rose Bowl and National Championship victories and a Heisman Trophy.  Although his career isn’t over it’s not going anywhere fast and because of that, Matt Leinart is a Big Time BUST!

 #4 –  2006 Heisman Trophy winner, Troy Smith, Ohio State 

After four years in the league Troy Smith threw eight touchdowns and five interceptions with the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers before signing with Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League. The highlight of Troy’s career was a sideline blowup with last season with then 49ers Head Coach, Mike Singletary.  Troy Smith was a BUST!

  #3 – 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow, Florida 

Tebow is only entering his third season in the NFL.  Tebow led the Broncos into the playoffs and stunned the Steelers but would eventually lose to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. After John Elway stated he was going to help Tebow, something better came along and Tebow was traded to the New York Jets.  Although the jury is still out on Tebow as to whether or not he can be a successful NFL quarterback, Tebow gets the benefit of the doubt and a PUSH!

 #2 – 2008 Heisman Trophy winner, Sam Bradford, Oklahoma 

In his rookie season Bradford threw 18 touchdowns, 15 interceptions and accumulated just over 3,500 passing yards.  Despite his 76.5 passer rating, Fantastic Sam almost led the hapless St. Louis Rams to the playoffs in 2010.  Bradford definitely has tremendous upside but has not improved upon his rookie numbers in 2011.  Although his time is short, we’ve seen enough of Bradford to classify him as a BEAST!

 #1 – 2010 Heisman Trophy winner, Cam Newton, Auburn 

And then there was one!  Fasten you seatbelts this one’s gonna get a little bumpy. With virtually no off-season to prepare due to the lockout, Cam Newton entered the NFL pre-season in a quarterback competition with Jimmy Clausen.  Despite his poor statistical pre-season the Panthers decided his time was now, and the keys to the franchise were handed to the rookie. What did Cam do? He broke the rookie record for passing yards in his first game. He also broke the NFL record for rushing touchdowns as a quarterback.

Of the previous eight quarterbacks, all were Heisman winners, but only two, were the number one overall pick in their respective NFL Drafts.  They were, Sam Bradford and Carson Palmer; two of the three beasts on this list.

Jeremy Lin vs Tim Tebow: No Contest?

Tebow and Lin

Let’s get this over with. Jeremy Lin has fundamentals, talent, and skills at his sport that Tim Tebow does not. If you want to try to compare statistics, Jeremy Lin has a higher field goal percentage than Tim Tebow’s completion percentage, which means that when the ball leaves Lin’s fingers, it is more likely to go into the basket, than a Tim Tebow pass actually being caught by one of his receivers. There is a statistic that they do match up well to date, that they are both winning! Lin’s New York Knicks have won the last seven, with Lin starting the last six. Lin has not had much talent around him during that time span, and the one game he did (playing with Amare Stoudamire), they won in blow-out fashion. If defensive coordinators in the NFL didn’t prescribe to prevent defense, this article would not be necessary, because most of Tebow’s accomplishments have come during desperation time at the end of games. Lin’s biggest moments have come with his team in the lead or tied.

Outside of statistics, Lin has the fundamentals that will carry him through a career. Tebow has the worst footwork and throwing motion for his position out of all starting quarterbacks in the league for a number of years since the Byron Leftwich days. Lin’s footwork and quick release has already been proven as game-winning, and able to out duel superstars like Kobe Bryant! It does seem that Tebow can put together a great play every once in a while, but far more inconsistently than Lin.

Lin has a greater following already as well. Being cheered for making a game-winning shot in an opponents arena is virtually unheard of. He is also the 42nd player from an Ivy-league school to play in the NBA. Tim Tebow came from the University of Florida who has produced Hall-of Fame talents like Emmitt Smith, and played with current NFL talent including the Pouncey brothers, Percy Harvin, and Aaron Hernandez(last seen in Super Bowl46).

Honestly, a better comparison would be when Denver can bring better talent to surround Tebow, but it also might expose him as the one-and-a-half dimensional player he is. We will see very soon what Lin can do with real talent around him. Lin does play the correct position for his sport at point guard, while Tebow would be better off at Fullback.

David Gallagher is an NBA writer for The Sports Blitz