Polamalu: Tebow’s offense was so predictable, it was unpredictable

troy polamaluSteelers safety Troy Polamalu isn’t taking anything away from Tim Tebow or the Denver team that beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs, but five months later he’s still baffled that the offense the Broncos were running with Tebow at the helm was able to beat the Steelers.

Polamalu told Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports that he’s accustomed to playing against complex offenses in the NFL, and he never believed an offense as simplistic as the one Tebow ran in Denver could be as successful as that offense was in that game.

“It was an incredibly simple offense that you just don’t think can work in this league, but it worked for them with the kind of talent they had,” Polamalu said.

Polamalu said the Broncos’ offense became so predictable that it was actually unpredictable: The Steelers would be sure the Broncos weren’t going to run the same play over and over again because NFL offenses just don’t do that, and yet the Broncos did it. Read more here…