Fights breaking out at Patriots practice

Chandler Jones, Jake Bequette

Bill Belichick generally keeps things orderly and business like at Patriots training camp, but when the Patriots practiced under the lights at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday night, several players lost their cool.

It started when offensive tackle Nate Solder took what several people on the scene have described as a cheap shot at linebacker Brandon Spikes during 11-on-11 drills. That started a fight that got multiple players from the offense and the defense going at it. Solder was required to run a penalty lap, and Spikes went into the locker room and came back wearing a knee brace and jawing at Solder, although Spikes was apparently not seriously hurt.

Center Dan Koppen was also engaged in plenty of pushing and shoving, with post-play skirmishes with two players on the Patriots’ defense, Dane Fletcher and James Ihedigbo.

Patriots rookie defensive end Chandler Jones was asked if he would be joining in the training camp fights, seeing as his brother is UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones. But Chandler said he’d pass.

“You know what? I’m not Jon ‘Bones’ Jones,” Jones said. “My name is Chandler.” Read more here..


Ryan Jimmo: This is the knockout face

Ryan JimmoRyan Jimmo a Canadian fighter who is fighting his first bout in the UFC brought his debut in with a bang. The light heavyweight was fighting Anthony Perosh. The bell rings, both fighters touch gloves Jimmo closes the distance between the two and throws a big right hand catching Perosh the ear and he goes to sleep in record time.  Jimmo pounces on him and throws a punch to the side of the head, but Perosh was already KO’ed and napping. The Referee steps in and waves Jimmo off of Perosh.  This knockout is now tied for the fastest KO in UFC history. The time was seven seconds.  The KO was devastating, but more funny to me was the look on Perosh’s face as he lay sleeping. I will call this the “Knockout Face”.

You never judge how a fight is going to go, but in tonight’s case Perosh was overmatched before he even got into a rhythm to attempt to fight a good fight. Perosh has a record of (13-7) four wins by knockout and 5 wins by submission, he has never had a fight go to decision. Jimmo has a record of (17-1) 8 wins by decision, 6 TKO’s, 2 by submission, and 1 by KO. Jimmo lost his first fight via TKO.

Could Jimmo be a challenger for Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones? Only time will tell. Jimmo helped his stock tremendously with his impressive knockout of Anthony Perosh.  UFC President Dana White was thoroughly impressed with Jimmo, and whether that like will earn him a title shot down the road can only be speculated at this point.  When you knock out a guy with one punch in your first fight in the UFC and impress Dana White your stock is only going to go up.

My thoughts on Jimmo are that he has great power, but how is he going to go follow up this fight? He needs to keep doing the things in a positive way. If he can continue to win he should get a title shot down the road. In the 205 lb. weight class there are some really good fighters, Dan Henderson, Rashad Evans, Rampage Jackson Lyoto Machida to name a few, all who have fallen victim to Champion Jon Jones.

Stay tuned in the Light Heavyweight division, things could get interesting.  This division is stacked with talent and putting the right matches together will make it one of the busiest weight classes in the UFC.  The continuous flow of new talent in this weight class has kept it very competitive.  I see Dana White using this class a springboard for all the other weight classes.  The caliber of athletes in the UFC are by far the best in the world. This is where aspiring fighters look to get and be able to fight the stiffest competition in the world.


Anderson Silva: How many more will get stuck in the web?

Anderson Silva

Anderson SilvaI am Anderson “The Spider” Silva and I am the current and reigning UFC Middleweight Champion. I have not lost a fight in 6 years.  I last defended my title for the second time against challenger Chael Sonnen and in both fights I was victorious. Sonnen pushed me to the brink in our fight, but he did something that I do not do. He made a mistake, and I submitted him in round 5 to retain my title.  At UFC 148 we fought again and once again he made a mistake and I made him pay for it. The fight was stopped in the second round due to strikes and again I retain my title.

I am the best pound for pound fighter in the world today.  I am 37 years old and I am in phenomenal shape. I train twice a day 6 days a week. I can knock you out striking or I can take you down and submit you. To beat me, you have to fight a perfect fight. You and I know that is not going to happen because I will pressure you and you WILL make a mistake. Then it is my turn to add you to my list of victims. The list is long, and the opponents have been many. I have defended my title on ten occasions and I always come out victorious.

When my opponents are asleep or watching television or whatever it is that they do. I am training, I am always training to make and keep myself in the best condition so that I am ready for any challenger to step up and try and take my title. I welcome each and every challenge, but I warn you that I am not going to go down easy. I will stay on you like a relentless pitbull until I knock you out or I make you submit to my superior will to win. My will to win each and every fight is stronger than the fighters that I fight.  Do I have an ego problem? No I do not, I am just supremely confident in my abilities.

I am a family man, a spiritual man, a quiet man, I am all of these things until I get into the ring. Then I transform into the “Spider” and when you come into my web, I dictate the action, the pace, and where we are fighting either on the ground or we can stay on our feet and my excellent striking skills take over. I am always going to fight my fight and you do not get to dictate anything.  The octagon is my domain and you are a guest, but you are not welcome, so I will be knocking you out or choking you out shortly.

This is a short look inside the mind of Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and how he goes about his routine of training and how he dictates the pace of the fight and his will to win. Silva has been great for Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC.   He is hero to the children and people of Brazil, and he is becoming very well known around the world.  How much gas does the 37 year old Silva have left in his tank? How long can he go? Only time will tell, but from where I am sitting he has a long way to go before it is all said and done.

Jonny “Bones” Jones: Fighter profile

Jon JonesThe youngest champion in UFC history, those are wonderful credentials to have gained at the young age of 23 when he won the light heavyweight crown. Jon Jones was a stand-out high school wrestler and state champion. He was a Junior College champion as well. Jones has been a stand-out throughout his athletic career. In just about four years as a professional he has amassed an impressive record of 15 wins with just one defeat. That single defeat was by disqualification due to downward elbow strikes. He was handily winning that fight as well.

Jones stands 6”4 with an 84.5 inch reach, the longest in UFC history. He presents many obstacles for his opponents. He utilizes his wrestling, jiu jitsu, and Muy Thai to defeat his opponents. He is a very unorthodox fighter. He throws kicks and punches from odd angles. The elbows and spinning elbows that he throws are lethal. He is not easy to take down. His take down defense is excellent. He has very good submission skills as well. He uses the guillotine and rear naked choke very well. Coming from a Greco Roman wrestling background he has great upper body strength. He is somewhat of an enigma to those who have faced him. No one has been able to figure out his style of fighting. He is a student of the game. He watches a lot of tapes of other fighters. It has helped his all-around fight game. He is a very complete fighter in that he utilizes all aspects of the fight game. He kicks, he punches, he shoots for take-downs, he throws vicious elbows and knees. For a fighter who has only been in the game for a few years, the techniques that he uses are that of a fighter who has been at it for a much longer period of time.

He defended his title first against former champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135 defeating him at 1:14 of the fourth round with a rear naked choke. He had Jackson on the defensive through three rounds of their fight and did not allow Jackson to mount much of an offense. When the fight was over Jackson gave the younger Jones a lot of praise and respect. Jones’ performance in his first title defense was to quote the video game Mortal Kombat a “Flawless Victory”. His second title defense came against another former champion in Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 and defeating him at 4:26 of the second round due to a guillotine choke. In the first round both fighters felt each other out. Exchanging punches and kicks, Machida caught Jones with a good shot, but Jones worked through it. Jones took Machida down and hit him with an elbow that put a deep cut into Machida’s head, they worked back to their feet where the referee stopped the fight to let the doctor check out the deep gash in Machida’s head. The fight resumed and just prior to the end of the fight Jones caught Machida with a short left that sent him to the canvas, and in getting to his feet he stumbled into the guillotine which ended the fight. Machida was completely knocked out and Jones left him in a bloody heap against the side of the cage to retain his title.

Jon Jones is one of the most gifted young fighters to come into the MMA world in a very long time. Now at the tender age of 24, his skill level as a fighter is well beyond his young age. Every time we see him fight it seems that he has added another weapon to his ever growing arsenal. One of the things that most impresses me about this young man is that he is very humble and soft spoken. He puts thought into the words that he speaks when being interviewed. He is an all-around nice young man. That is until you have to face him across the cage during a match. I think that Jones can be the champion as long as he chooses to be. He trains properly and has good folks around him to help him stay focused. Jones brother Arthur plays for the Baltimore Ravens and his younger brother Chandler is a D Lineman at the University of Syracuse.

If you are a fan of Mixed Martial Arts then Jon Jones is a fighter that you really need to watch if you have not done so already. You will not be disappointed in what you see. He is a one of a new breed of athletes that can compete at the elite level of whatever sport or sports that they want and do well at that level. According to Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is the No.1 light heavyweight in the world and the No. 3 Pound for pound fighter in the world.

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Mixed martial artists are the gladiators of today

Fedor EmelianenkoThese gladiators stepping into the octagon do not carry swords, shields, spears, or wear armor. They step in with only their wits, their hands in four ounce gloves, a pair of shorts and their bare feet. There is no being fed to the lions if you lose, but there is always the chance of being knocked out, choked out, or just being thoroughly beaten up. Fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, Anderson Silva, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Dan Henderson compete because this sport is the closest thing to no holds barred fighting as you can get. These gladiators are not brawlers or undisciplined fighters. They are highly skilled, well trained and, very disciplined at their craft. In order to be successful in this sport you have to be all of the above or you will have a very short lived career.

What is a mixed martial artist? He or she is a combination of a boxer, a wrestler, and a martial artist. The martial arts portion encompasses a lot of different styles of martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and Judo to name a few. Using this combination of skills the fighter have a multitude of weapons at their disposal to help them win the fight. By the time these gladiators get to the professional ranks, they are some of the most well-conditioned and mentally tough individuals on the planet. Some have been competing in one sport or another all their lives and just want a higher level of competition or they come into the sport and learn it from the ground up. In any event it makes the sport one of the most exciting sports to either participate or watch as a spectator.

This competition puts one fighter’s skill against another fighter’s skills. Most of the time the decision comes down to whom has the stronger will to win. Some fighters like to fight standing throwing punches and kicks. Then some like fighting from the ground using their grappling and submission skills to their advantage. Some use the combination of both standing and ground game to win their fights.

There is much to be said when a competitor can take his or her battery of skills and make another competitor submit (Tap out) to the other fighter’s will to win. Some fighters are so committed to not submitting they will not tap out or will not quit under any circumstances. Tapping out to them is like quitting, and is not acceptable to their mindset. To some that might sound extreme, to let themselves get a broken bone or go to sleep rather than tap out, to others it is a point of honor. To say that no matter how much pain or lack of oxygen I have, I will not submit. Some fighters do not know anything but fighting and competing, but there is a larger number that are very cerebral and intelligent and do not have to fight. All the fighters that I have watched over many years fight because they love what they do. Many are very quiet people until they get into the octagon and the adrenalin starts pumping and then out comes the gladiator. Then there are others who are loud and boisterous are ready even before they step into the octagon.

In my opinion the very cerebral fighter who never gets rattled no matter what his situation in the octagon is, he finds a way to win and is the most fun to watch. That is when you see those last second knockouts or last second submissions. Being able to intelligently defend yourself while being low on stamina or oxygen is something to see. The fighter who will continually keep coming after being hit or kicked, or keeps getting up after being knocked down. I have seen fighters with deep cuts, lacerations, bruised and battered and they still continue to fight. It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to take that kind of beating. You have to respect not only the mental and physical toughness but, just the sheer will to win. The never say die attitude. Having that type of mental outlook, not only works in the octagon, but it is carried into their everyday life.

Watching these modern day gladiators compete is something to behold. In this day and age the crowds are just like the ones of the past who seem to have that thirst for action and competition. Again, there is no thumbs’ down, and being thrown to the lions if you lose, so I say thumbs up to all of these modern day gladiators. I applaud your efforts.

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The Jones boys are a lethal combination

Three young men coming from Endicott, New York by the name of “Jones” are somewhat of an anomaly in the fact that they are brothers and are all professional athletes. Arthur Jones of the Baltimore Ravens, Jon “Bones” Jones UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, and the youngest Chandler Jones who was just drafted in the 1st round of the 2012 NFL draft by the New England Patriots. What a happening for one small town, and what a great thing for one family. The sons of Arthur Jones Jr. and Camille Jones these young men are doing great things for themselves and their family.

Let me start off with the oldest Jones, Arthur Willis Jones III was a high school wrestler and football player at Union-Endicott High School. In his senior year he helped lead Union to a Section IV Championship. The two sport standout decided to attend Syracuse University over Pittsburgh and Rutgers. He was picked to the Second Team All Big East in 2007 and First Team All Big East in 2008 and 2009. Arthur earned a degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies. He was considered one of the better defensive tackles going into the 2010 NFL Draft. Arthur has good size for the NFL at 6ft. 3in. and 313lbs. He was chosen in the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens in that draft. He is currently on the active roster. He has become a defensive end with the Ravens. As of the end of the 2011 NFL season Jones has recorded 20 tackles. Only time will tell how far his career in the NFL will go, but with his two brothers being pro athletes also there is a lot of competition to push themselves to greater heights.

The brother in the middle of the pack in probably the most well known brother of the three is Jon “Bones” Jones the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Jon was a great high school wrestler and state champion and he was also a junior college champion. Jon decided to leave college and follow a career in Mixed Martial Arts where he has become somewhat of a prodigy in the sport. He has only lost one fight in his MMA career and that was a disqualification in a fight against Matt Hamill that he was clearly winning. When Jon won the title from Mauricio “Shogun” Rua when he was only 23 years 242 days old, he was the youngest champion in UFC history. Since then he has defended his title against Lyoto Machida, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and “Suga” Rashad Evans all former champions. Jon is considered one of the best “pound for pound” fighters in the world today. He is 6ft. 4in. and 205lbs. With all the tools at his disposal Jon can go down as the best fighter in UFC history.

The youngest of the three brothers is Chandler Jones who also played his college football at the University of Syracuse. He was selected to the 2011 All Big East team. He only played in seven games in his junior season at Syracuse. He decided to forgo his senior season and enter the NFL Draft. The New England Patriots chose him with the 21st pick overall in the first round. His NFL career is just getting started, but he has a bright future ahead of him. He has two very big influences on him as a person and as an athlete. We all know who they are.

The Jones boys are making their family, friends, and fans proud of them. These young men exemplify what is good in the younger generation of athletes coming up in the ranks today. All three are great role models and young men that their parents can be proud of.

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