Vinny Del Negro’s seat is boiling

Vinny Del Negro

Vinny Del NegroWith multiple coaches leaving or getting fired by their teams this year it gets me wondering,which teams will have new coaches by the time next season rolls around. The coach that should be worried the most about their job and would have to post a strong playoff performance is Vinny Del Negro of the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clippers have been in a recent downfall lately. After finishing 20-11 before the all-star game and being at top of the pacific division, something they haven’t won since the 2005-2006 season, the team has dropped 10 of the last 19. With the losses, multiple players are saying the offense is too simplistic and opposing teams are picking up on it. The Clippers are also have been playing without veteran leadership on Chauncey Billups, which may be showing everyone the lack of leadership that Vinnie has to this team. The Clippers just seem like they are giving up some nights and not caring on the defensive end, looks very similar to the situation in Portland before McMillian got cut loose.

Don Sterling has taken Vinny off of the hot seat for at least the remainder of the season. The Clippers could find a better more experienced coach, and should for development of their younger core. Who would be the candidates for this task after Vinny were to receive his pink slip? The option would be Nate McMillian, the most intriguing coach Mike D’Antoni. Nate has more experience coaching and has had to go through more things as a coach. He was the coach for the Sonics when they won the Northwest after being predicted as one of the lesser teams. Nate also had to go through the rebuilding process with Portland, with some success. Mike D’Antoni would have the opportunity to bring his up and down style offense to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. I just start seeing flashbacks of Steve Nash and Amare in the Western Conference Finals. The Clippers main downfall though this season has been defense, which over the years has not been D’Antoni’s forte. While Mike would be the most entertaining option, if Chris Paul comes back, the Clippers need a experienced coach. Don’t be surprised if you see Nate McMillian is on the Clippers sidelines next year.

The Clippers should be very concerned with how they finish this season, not just for this seasons sake, but the future of this electrifying core they have constructed. Chris Paul could have gone anywhere in this league and made them a first round playoff team, save the Charlotte Bobcats. The reason he liked the Clippers was because he thought he could win here. The difference between the Clippers fourth seed and sitting at home watching the playoffs on April 28th is only 2 and half games. If the Clippers falter, then Lob City may fade just as fast as it became popular and Vinny Del Negro would have to take the blame.

Morgan Grimmett is a NBA writer for  The Sports Blitz and can be contacted at or on Twitter  @Morgan_Grimmett