Unsung hero: Why is Walt Bellamy not mentioned with Chamberlain?

Walt BellamyWelcome to another edition of Unsung Hero, where YourSportsCheckup goes in the past and highlights the players of our past. Players that were good but didn’t get their shine, players that belong in certain conversations but never get mentioned. This week we highlight Walter Jones Bellamy (born July 24, 1939, in New Bern, North Carolina)

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Bellamy graduated from Indiana University with the most rebounds in a career with 1,088 in only 70 games, while averaging 15.5 a game. Averaging 20.5 points a game and shooting 51.7 percent from the floor, Bellamy also averaged 17.8 rebounds a game (still Indiana’s record). He also holds the school records for most rebounds in a season (649), most rebounds in a single game (33), most double-doubles in a career (59), most rebounds in a three-year career (1,008). In 2000 he was selected to Indiana University’s All-Century Team.

Bellamy chose to go to Indiana when it was a time that black players weren’t featured on many teams in his time. Indiana just happened to be the closest school to North Carolina that accepted African American athletes.

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The next great NBA rivalry may be upon us

Magic versus Bird, Russell versus Chamberlain, Jordan versus everybody else.  These are the rivalries that molded the National Basketball Association into what it is today.  It’s why so many fans resented LeBron when he decided he’d rather play with his best friend instead of eking it out on his own. But fear not, NBA fans.  We may be on the verge of another great rivalry.  If franchise owners play their cards right, these two teams could dominate the league for years to come. I’m not talking LeBron versus Kobe.  That’s a Finals matchup we have yet to see. It can’t be LeBron-Carmelo.  Even though they entered the league in the same year, LeBron is showing us he’s a far more dominant player. Read more here…