Ten gallon hats, true love and one unhappy Dallas millionaire

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Jerry JonesWith all this talk about sexuality and sports, one high-profile athlete has finally emerged from the proverbial closet.

That athlete… is the Dallas Cowboys.

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The following story has to be a stiff thorn in Jerry Jones’ side, which is better than something else that might be sticking in his backside if he were to frequent the website that bears his team’s name.

According to a recent Yahoo article, the NFL’s most recognizable franchise tried to purchase the URL Cowboys.com.   Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  They already own DallasCowboys.com, but unfortunately not the neighboring URL with Dallas in the name.

So let’s say you were a Dallas fan and decided to visit Cowboys.com to see how your team fared this weekend.  You wouldn’t find any box scores, stats or tidbits about the game, but you would find other information on balls, holding and contact.  Cowboys.com, which Jones has wanted to purchase since 2007, is a gay, online dating service where you can find “a man to ride off into the sunset with.”  Yeehaw!

Not exactly the image Jones wants associated with his brand although after a rocky start to the season, I would imagine a number of those online cowboys have a better passing rating than Tony Romo. Read more…

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