Has Tiger Woods already peaked?

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Tiger WoodsTiger Woods this past weekend said that he feels that he could win on the PGA Tour into his fifties and that if he felt that he had peaked competitively that he would pack it in.

Lets try to answer these statements now, shall we?

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On whether Woods could continue to win into his fifties, the answer is an emphatic yes. Jack Nicklaus nearly won the Masters at 58 in 1998! His top 24 finish that year would have qualified him automatically for the 1999 Masters if needed. (Once you win the Masters, you are invited to play for life.) Tom Watson nearly won the British Open Championship at 60! He had a putt outright to win and nerves jangled his attempt to make the second putt to get into a playoff.

Certainly, Woods if healthy could be a contender into his fifties at certain venues on tour. He has won numerous times at Bay Hill, Firestone, and Augusta. What an older golfer may lose on power, they should gain with finesse and familiarity. On courses that Tiger has won on multiple times, he will always contend as long as his game remains sharp. Local knowledge is a real advantage and Tiger’s maturity and know how will pay dividends against the next generation of young guns who may not know just quite how to handle a moment. Read more here…

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  1. John says:

    Tiger peaked when he was banging everything that moved AND his wife…

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