Top 10 NBA players drafted out of high school

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As many would have guessed, The NBA Championship will host two of the most exciting teams in transition, Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. Why most are focusing on Lebron James and Kevin Durant story for many reasons, one story line intrigued me the most.

You have two of the best small forwards playing the game now matched up. Lebron James, a special talent that was drafted right out of High School and took the league by storm. His talent is so rare because for all the rewards that he has one and now this will make the third finals he has appeared in. For most players straight out of high school, he has an impressive resume.

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That made me search and find out who most people thought the top ten best players straight out of high school…

According to this is what they came up with.

10) Jermaine Oneal/Tracy McGrady: Both of these players were, at one time, right behind Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan as the finest wing scorer and power forward, respectively, in the NBA. Both of these players, however, were hobbled by injuries a little too early in their careers, and will ultimately be remembered for how much more they could have done with a few extra years of prime basketball.

9) Josh Smith: He can score (airborne or otherwise), rebound, defend, run the floor and even drop a pretty dime here and there. The only knock on him is still shot selection and, occasionally, motivation, in spite of which he’s one of the more sought-after players in the league whenever trade talks arise. By the time his career is over, Josh Smith has the tools to be remembered for a long time.

8) Darryl Dawkins: While Dawkins was not the first player ever drafted out of high school, he was the first to go straight to the NBA. Although he never really set the league on fire performance-wise—don’t go thinking he wasn’t a feared player—Darryl Dawkins is one of the more notable, recognizable players ever to skip college for the pros. Read the rest here…

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