Top 5 players in the NBA: Where’s Kobe Bryant?

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Is Kobe Bryant one of the top five players currently in the NBA? To be a top five player in the NBA means that if the league was reset and everyone became available in some sort of draft you would be one of the first five selected.  The top five players are someone with whom a franchise would be willing to build their future around.  Someone with a premier basketball skill set and IQ.  Someone with the ability to make those around him better.  With that said, here are the top five players in the NBA.

5.  Dwight HowardAt 6-11 265 lbs Howard is the best Center in the NBA today.  The only problem with that is the fact that the age of the dominant big man is over.  Because of that, Howard’s numbers which are nice, should be astronomical.  He should be averaging 30 and 20 per game but in 2012 Howard is averaging 20.9 PPG, 14.5 RPB and 2.1 blocks.  Nevertheless Howard rounds out the bottom of this list.  He is more than capable of being the cornerstone of any NBA franchise.  With the right pieces around him he would be an integral part of a championship team.

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4. Kobe Bryant:  Ranking Kobe is always interesting.  With Bryant you have a 6-6 guard capable of getting you 30 a night.  The problem with Kobe is that he shoots entirely too much to get that 30.  He’s a gunslinger; the Brett Favre of the NBA.  He’s spectacular at the end of the day but it ‘s not always pretty getting there.  Case in point, this season Kobe is the NBA scoring leader with 28.2 PPG but he’s shooting .425 from the floor.  It’s one of the worst shooting seasons in his 15 year career.  What Bryant does have is killer instinct.  He’s a fierce competitor and he wants the ball in the clutch no matter how many shots he’s missed that game.  And for that reason, any team in the NBA would love to have this guy.

 3.  LeBron JamesAt 6-8 250 lbs James is by far the most gifted athlete in the NBA.  He’s bigger, stronger, and faster than the competition.  This season James is averaging 26.5 PPG, 6.6 APG, and 8.2RPG.  James takes a lot of criticism for often deferring to lesser capable teammates late in games.  The unfortunate thing for James is that where deferral often worked for Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson in clutch moments, both former players knew when it was time for them to close out a game and when to defer.  LeBron has the ability to that as well, he just needs to work on the decision-making aspect of it; is it time for me to score or pass?  Despite all the criticism James is again putting up MVP like numbers and there isn’t a team in the NBA who wouldn’t take him if given the opportunity.  Yes that includes
the Cleveland Cavaliers.

2.  Derrick RoseOne of Rose’s greatest strengths is the relentless passion with which he plays.  At 6-3, 190 lbs, Rose is the most athletic point guard in the NBA.  With cat-like quickness and off the chart jumping ability, Derrick Rose can score at will as well as come out of nowhere to get a key block or rebound.  This season Rose is averaging 22.8 PPG, 8.0 APG, and 3.5 RPG.  The problem with Rose is that he plays with reckless abandon.  He’s a lot like Dwayne Wade in that sense and this season it’s costing him significant playing time.  Rose has had a series of nagging injuries that have forced him to sit out 19 games.  Despite the missed time, the Bulls have the best record in the NBA.  Where that fact under values Rose’s contributions, every GM in the league would love to have No. 1 running point on their roster.

1.  Kevin DurantIf Paul Pierce is The Truth then Kevin Durant is The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.  This guy is phenomenal in every sense of the term when it comes to basketball.  At 6-9, 235 lbs, Durant is an explosive forward.  Averaging 27.7 PPG, 3.5 APG and 8.1 RPG, Durant is the foundation of the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise.  Like Derrick Rose, Durant’s value is under appreciated but not because of his team’s success without him.  Durant plays alongside Russell Westbrook and the together they form the most lethal scoring tandem in the NBA.  Additionally, Durant plays in a small market so he doesn’t get the PR runs of a Bryant, James, or Rose.  But make no mistake about it, if the NBA was dissolved today and every player went into a pool for a new league, Durant would be the first one chosen; hand down

Do you agree or disagree with this Top 5?  If you disagree, who is in your Top 5?

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2 Responses to Top 5 players in the NBA: Where’s Kobe Bryant?

  1. Juan the Don says:

    Aaron you are getting smarter but why is Lebron James and my fav D Rose and KD over Kobe lets be smart and stop making Kobe look so awsome because you are not doing so good at making him look bad instead you should be fired as a writer.

  2. Leo Bryan says:

    i m gonna act like you didnt even put lebron in 3..

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