Top offensive AFC rookie prospects for 2012

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Andrew LuckWhen it comes to offensive rookies in the AFC, there’s one name that immediately comes to mind: Andrew Luck. Looking beyond Luck, though, this is a draft that featured some interesting picks throughout. There weren’t multiple teams who managed to rebuild their entire offenses through the draft, as there are in some years. Instead, most AFC teams this year used their draft picks to add pieces to existing offenses. These are the top three offensive rookies coming into the AFC in 2012.

1. Andrew Luck, Colts QB
There were no surprises at the beginning of this year’s draft when the Indianapolis Colts selected Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the first pick. There’s little that can be said about Luck that hasn’t already been said. He’s a player with all of the physical tools that are needed to play the position in the pros, as well as more than enough intelligence to use those tools and make the right decisions. He’s played in a pro-style offense and could have easily gone first overall in 2011 had he not decided to play another year in college.

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With so much hype behind Luck, it’s easy to forget that he’ll likely struggle out of the gate. He’s been frequently compared to the man he’s replacing in Indy, Peyton Manning. Manning struggled in his first two seasons before morphing into the elite quarterback that he is today.¬†Colts¬†fans can only hope that Luck’s career follows a similar arc. Read more here…

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