Top offensive NFC rookie prospects for 2012

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The NFC is home to some of the NFL’s most explosive offenses, including the Packers and Saints. With the league being so geared towards passing attacks, it’s no surprise that the teams drafting early looked to quarterbacks and wide receivers to try to narrow the gap between their teams and the established offenses in the conference. Two of the top prospects were taken in the first five overall picks, and it didn’t take long for the third to fall off the draft board, either.

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1. Robert Griffin III, Redskins QB
There were no surprises here, as Washington gave up a king’s ransom to move up to number two and draft either RG3 or Andrew Luck. With Luck off the board, the Redskins were more than happy to take RG3 and make him their QB of the future. In an organization that has run through a laundry list of quarterbacks in recent years,¬†Redskins¬†fans are confident that their team has finally solved that part of the equation.

As far as ability goes, there are few questions about what Griffin can do. The Heisman winner has an NFL arm and pairs that with the mobility to evade nearly any NFL defender. He will have to adjust to playing in an NFL-style offense, but many recognize that Griffin is an intelligent player who should be able to adapt over time. Read more here…

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