Twins Notes: DeVries, Mauer, etc

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– After thankfully designating Jason Marquis for assignment, the Twins decided to promote formerly undrafted Cole DeVries from AAA. DeVries attended the University of Minnesota and Eden Prairie High School before that, so he’s a local kid. As Aaron Gleeman noted,┬áDeVries is unlikely to have any kind of sustained success in the big leagues, but just getting to the show is a huge accomplishment and I would imagine today will be the most exciting day of his life.

– Speaking of Marquis, he allowed 32 runs in 34 innings while in the Twins rotation. Clayton Kershaw, Brandon Beachy and Johnny Cueto have allowed 38 runs COMBINED in 182 innings pitched. Marquis should give his agent half of his $3MM salary, because he fleeced the Twins.
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One Response to Twins Notes: DeVries, Mauer, etc

  1. s37en says:

    if mauer didnt have 23 mil on the books. we would be able to afford a pitcher that can pitch. but the hometown double play master thinks he is worth it.

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