Anderson Silva 300x199 UFC 153: Anderson Silva vs. Stephan BonnarWhen UFC President Dana White put this fight together, he is giving the folks a fight that could have epic proportions. In Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, the reigning Middleweight Champion and the best pound for pound fighter in the world today, you have an unparalleled fighter.  Stephan ‘American Psycho’ Bonnar you have a true warrior who can fight with anyone. He does not retreat, he can take a punch and not afraid to get hit to win his objective.

Silva is actually stepping into Bonnar’s world by coming up to fight in the Light Heavyweight category at 205lbs. Bonnar is always in great shape. In his 11 year career he has fought in some wars. The fight that he had with Former champion Forrest Griffin is considered the best fight in UFC history. Both fighters trying to win a six figure contract with the UFC. They fought so hard and were so bloodied and worn out at the end of the fight which was awarded to Griffin. UFC President Dana White was so impressed with Bonnar also, that he extended him a six figure contract also.

What can be said about Silva, he has not lost a fight in six years, and he has defended his title 10 times in the past six years.  He has been the consummate champion by being an ambassador to the sport of MMA and he carries himself in a manner that screams Champion.

Bonnar, the warrior who has lost fights in his career, but he has never been knocked out or submitted.  He is a strong willed competitor who would be carried off on a stretcher before he quit.  He leaves it all in the cage every time that he fights.

Silva is a great stand up fighter and will trade punches with you.  He has an arsenal of punches and kicks. He will also take the fight to the ground where he has a good ground game.  He sometimes has problems with grapplers, shown in his first fight with Chael Sonnen.  Bonnar is a good grappler so Silva will have to be on his guard and not slip up.

Bonnar will stand and throw punches, but he has litany of kicks to his credit. Standing 6”4, he has a slight height and reach advantage over Silva who stands 6”2.  Bonnar will press the action with Silva and make him work for everything that he gets.

The longer that the fight goes on, the more it favors Bonnar who is in his natural element. Silva fights rarely go into later rounds.  Both fighters have their work cut out for them and it is a hard one to predict. Conventional wisdom would say to go with Silva, but not being a conventional kind of guy, I think that Bonnar stands a very good chance to win this fight.

The folks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and fans around the world will get everything that they asked for tonight.  Brazil is going to be off the chain tonight and I know this journalist would love to be there to partake in the action close up and personal.

Mike Samuels is a Featured Journalist for The Sports Blitz. He can be reached at on Twitter @Steeler_Mike and at