The ultimate hypothetical baseball road trip : 2012 edition

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Wrigley FieldAh, Wrigley!  Despite over a century of complete ineptitude for the Chicago Cubs, your fabled walls and ivy grass outfield are romanticized in a way almost unrivaled in all of sports.  Many fans have this on their “bucket list”, and with the amount of history and tradition associated with it, for good reason.  Just make sure that at some point you get a picture taken reaching your hand out with an obnoxious facial expression over the fabled Section 4, Row 8, Seat 113. In case you don’t remember, let’s take a little walk down memory lane in regard to its significance. (Poor Steve!)
Based on the order we are going in, it would seem that the next logical step would be to take over a parade or turn back the odometer on your rental car (if you didn’t understand that reference, you really should watch more movies).  For the rest of the evening and the next day, there is no shortage of things to do.  Among them are Wills (formerly Sears) Tower, Millenium Park (a must), getting a picture next to the Michael Jordan statue, a tour of Northwestern,  and lots of famous places associated with the likes of Al Capone, Obama, Oprah, and many more.
This will likely be the longest stretch of continuous driving on the trip, but it isn’t all barren. Keep in mind, an unbelievably large number of America’s most important inventors, presidents, and most influential people came from Cleveland.  In order to be succinct, there are 3 main stops that may be of interest.  Of course, a visit to Notre Dame’s campus and stadium (home of “Touchdown Jesus”) is a pilgrimage for many sports fans and isn’t far from the highway.  Moving on, there are two more stops in western Ohio that may take up the rest of your “Sunday Funday”.  The first is the Lake Erie Islands, especially Put-in-Bay, which  draw comparison to places off the coast of New England for how nice they are, but not how expensive.  For those thrill-seeking roller coaster fanatics, this is your “mecca”.  Cedar Point is unquestionably the king of thrills at amusement parks around the world. From the Millenium Force which takes you down an initial hill of 300 feet and goes about 90 mph for a majority of the ride, to the Top Thrill Dragster, which lives up to the name, shooting you at 120 mph 420 feet in the air in less than five seconds, this is definitely not for the faint of heart.
If you decide to stay nearby in Sandusky for the night, it should be a little over an hour drive to get into Cleveland.  Once there, your first impression will be how much the city doesn’t live up to its reputation as the “Mistake by the Lake”.  To start with, many people would head to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but that’s definitely not the only option.  The art museum is one of best in the world, and is also completely free of charge, as is the house from the classic movie “A Christmas Story”.  For lunch, Cleveland is very well-known for two places in particular. One is Melt, which is famous for making overstuffed grilled cheese sandwiches on the west side, and the east side, to counter this, has a place called Slyman’s, known for its fantastic corned beef sandwiches. Cleveland also has many different restaurants, shops, and a new aquarium within close range of the stadium. Read more here…
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