Vick must change to avoid injury

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Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick avoided broken ribs on Monday, but reminded the Eagles of the constant injury risk that comes with his style of play.

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According to wide receiver DeSean Jackson, Vick knows that he needs to try something different in order to stay on the field. Jackson recounted his halftime conversation with Vick during an interview on ESPN in the second half of the game against the Patriots.

“He’s sore and bruised up a little bit,” Jackson said. “He’s just like, ‘Man, I can’t keep taking hits like that.’”

Doing so will take a fundamental change to the way he plays. Vick got hurt on Monday night because he tried to make a play when the more prudent thing to do would have been to throw the ball away. The throw was a heave downfield as well, a ball that could wind up being intercepted, and that only adds to the reasons why Vick would have been wise to make another choice. Read more…

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