Video: The hardest tackles in NFL history

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#92 James Harrison of the Steelers levels #12 QB Colt McCoy of the Browns. Photo:

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VIDEO: Before all the rule changes like the ones that were enforced to ‘protect the quarterback’, ‘in the grasp’, plus no ‘helmet to helmet’ hits, no ‘horse-collars’, etc,  there were plays made that will turn the stomach of even the most staunchest of football fanatics. But this was how the game was played. For the ones on the battlefield it wasn’t pretty at times. Defense was what the game was all about. It wasn’t a quarterback-driven league like it is today. It was, instead, how hard can a player hit another. And, undoubtedly, there were “Bountygate” types of meetings before some games on most teams.

We’re not condoning this type of violent play any longer, especially given what we now know about such things as concussions and their long-term effect on the brain. Bears QB Jim McMahon, for example has been suffering with forms of dementia for years because he was concussed so many times. Some of the new rules have actually increased a players years in the league substantially, so it does have some validity and purpose. See the video

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