Week 2 NFL power rankings

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Source: AP

The first two weeks of the season are in the books, and honestly, I don’t think many people have an idea of how this NFL season is going to shake up. Some teams look like a definite playoff team (San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta), some teams look to be creeping in (Seattle, Arizona, San Diego), and some teams look plain awful (Tennessee, Oakland, Kansas City). Football is a long season, and as you will see below, the power rankings have changed incredibly from Week One to Week Two.  Here are the Goat’s Week 2 NFL Power Rankings!

32. Tennesee Titans (0-2)

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Week 2: Loss @ SD (38-10)

Last Week: 31

Without any kind of help in the rushing offense, the Titans could be looking to clean house after the 2012 season

31. Oakland Raiders (0-2)

Week 2: Loss @ MIA (35-13)

Last Week: 26

Maybe trading for Carson Palmer was the last bad deal of the previous era in Oakland

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)

Week 2: Loss vs. HOU (27-7)

Last Week: 27

The Jaguars looked like a JV team against the Texans on Sunday, a bad look for the home fans of a team which may leave Jacksonville

29. Kansas City Chiefs (0-2)

Week 2: Loss @ BUF (35-17)

Last Week: 24

The Chiefs have been outscored 75-41 in the first two weeks…in 2011, they were outscored 89-10 in the first two weeks…point is, they’ll get better

28. New Orleans Saints (0-2)

Week 2: Loss @ CAR (35-27)

Last Week: 16

Pegged at 8-8 before the season began, it looks like the Saints are in a lot more trouble than many would have projected

27. Cleveland Browns (0-2)

Week 2: Loss @ CIN (34-27)

Last Week: 32

The Browns are the best 0-2 team, why? At least they have shown some fight and effort

26. Miami Dolphins (1-1)

Week 2: Win vs. OAK (35-13)

Last Week: 30

A completely different showing from Week 1, the Raiders were the perfect opponent for the Dolphins to respond from a week ago

25. Minnesota Vikings (1-1)

Week 2: Loss @ IND (23-20)

Last Week: 17

Despite the loss, the Vikings battled adversity and fought all the way through until the end, a good sign if you are a Vikings fan

24. Indianapolis Colts (1-1)

Week 2: Win vs. MIN (23-20)

Last Week: 29

Indianapolis received some penalties in their favor, but the Colts grew together as a team after a late victory over the Vikings

23. Buffalo Bills (1-1)

Week 2: Win vs. KC (35-17)

Last Week: 28

Buffalo’s defense looked much better in their home opener, and the offense has a plethora of underrated weapons

22. Washington Redskins (1-1)

Week 2: Loss @ STL (31-28)

Last Week: 10

The Redskins have the talent to win at the NFL level, but the lack of maturity has to change quickly

21. St. Louis Rams (1-1)

Week 2: Win vs. WAS (31-28)

Last Week: 25

Another close game for the Rams, but Week 2 ends in their favor, as the Rams have shown a lot more fight from 2011

20. Carolina Panthers (1-1)

Week 2: Win vs. NO (35-27)

Last Week: 22

If the Panthers can run the ball like that on a consistent basis, this offense will be hard to stop in 2012

19. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1)

Week 2: Win vs. CLE (34-27)

Last Week: 21

Even though it was against the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals rebounded nicely from last week’s Monday Night pummeling in Baltimore

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1)

Week 2: Loss @ NYG (41-34)

Last Week: 20

The Buccaneers had a prime opportunity to steal a game away from the defending Super Bowl Champions, but didn’t play best when it mattered most

17. New York Jets (1-1)

Week 2: Loss @ PIT (27-10)

Last Week: 12

The Jets started fast in Pittsburgh, but the offense tapered in the final 3 quarters with the need to improve

16. Chicago Bears (1-1)  Read more…


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