This week’s caption contest celebrates Tim Tebow and fatherhood

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I’ve never birthed a child.

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Let me rephrase.

I’ve never borne a child, or fathered a child, or whatever it is guys do when they’re in love or having unprotected sex with a perfect stranger.

Regardless, somehow, some way, this picture of Tim Tebow holding someone’s newborn child surfaced on the internet, with most reports poking fun that the former Heisman Trophy winner doesn’t know how to properly hold a baby, despite the fact that he’s reportedly circumcised several on his various missions to the Philippines.According to most reports, Timothy Richard Tebow has done none of those things either.  Yet he’s still the most popular football player in America today, perhaps for that very reason.

Either way, what we’re left with is a picture of Tebow holding what appears to be the only human being on the planet unhappy to be in his presence.  The nerve of that baby!  What’s the kid thinking?

What I present you with this time around, dearest readers, is another healthy caption contest.  Come up with the most creative caption to this week’s photo and receive one limited edition, Tim Tebow autographed foreskin and an unopened box of Pampers. Read the captions here…




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