Ali Frazier program 806x1024 Wherefore art thou boxing reduxI remember boxing.

I remember 1986, when I rooted for Marvin Hagler, only to see him lose a 12-round classic to Sugar Ray Leonard.

I remember being at a house party ten years later, when Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield came to blows after Tyson had taken a chunk out of Holyfield’s ear… twice.  It was the best pay-per-view money any of us had ever spent.

I remember the disappointment on my father’s face in 1978 when Muhammad Ali lost to Leon Spinks.

I remember the programs he had in his apartment from Ali vs. Frazier in the Garden.  Boy, what they must fetch on eBay right now.


Memories of a sport, the sweet science, which so many of us grew up with, that so few of us do now.

Further exemplifying what has gone wrong with professional boxing, one fight which once stood to revive the sport, may never take place, and even if it does, has now lost its luster.

In the meantime, another sport, equal in its brutality, is giving boxing a standing eight count; it won’t be long before the referee calls the fight.  Take gross mismanagement in one sport and multiply that by the near perfect marketing and growth rate of another and you have boxing’s extinction.  This weekend’s controversial Bradley-Pacquiao decision was the bitter icing on the cake. Read more here…