New York Giants Cheerleaders: TSB’s hotties

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Giants FanThere are actually a few NFL teams that do not have an official cheerleader squad and the New York Giants are one of them.

What woman would want to be called a “Giant” cheerleader anyways?

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Why don’t the Giants have cheerleaders?

According to many, the Giants refuse to put together a squad because the team feels like it would take away from the overall game day experience.

Basically, they are worried that more people will spend time watching hotties in cheerleader outfits than Victor Cruz and Eli Manning.

The lack of hot women wearing skirts and provocative outfits have led Giants’ fans to insane measures.

How desperate are the Giants faithful for cheerleaders?

There are a number of sites that will take different cheerleaders and put the NY Giants logo on them. In fact, we have one in our gallery.

The Giants are one of the more popular teams in the NFL and just because they don’t have cheerleaders doesn’t mean there aren’t a good number of hot women cheering for Big Blue each and every NFL Sunday.

Our images are too hot for our PG site. To see the hottest New York Giants Cheerleaders visit our sister site here.

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