New York Knicks will miss Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy LinWith the New York Knicks choosing not to match the Houston Rockets offer sheet on Jeremy Lin, the team has made the worst decision this off-season in the entire NBA. The Knicks will be in a struggle at starting point guard next season. If Jeremy Lin was returning to Madison Square Garden the Knicks would have been a top-3 seed in the East. Next season the Knicks will be regretting this decision while they try to win two playoff games in a series for the first time in 12 years.

Jeremy Lin may not be an all-star point guard in this league, but he didn’t turn a mediocre playoff team to the draft lottery like Raymond Felton did. Jeremy Lin provided a spark to this team, and the NBA for that matter with his play. Felton was playing this season looking like he was eating Dunkin’ Donuts every day after practice  instead of finding his teammates opportunities to dunk.  Jeremy Lin brought Linsanity to the world, Felton looked like he should be doing Insanity to lose weight. Lin dropped 38 against the Lakers while Raymond should be losing about 38 pounds. Ok I will stop with the cheap shots about Felton being overweight, his play last season should be enough to understand that this decision is horrible.

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Jeremy Lin is not only a great player, but he is also profitable. With all the NBA’s greedy owners who are trying to find the ways to make the most money possible, isn’t keeping a guy who more than doubled your average ticket prices during a 25 game stretch? New York could’ve been making bank off his play and all the merchandise, and the international sensation Lin became. The Rockets made a copious amount of money off Yao Ming during his career, now it looks like they will be making money off the acquisition of Jeremy Lin.

With Lin the future of the Knicks looked solid and sturdy, exactly the opposite of what Raymond Felton’s stomach looks like. Jason Kidd would have came in to mentor Lin. He would have had all-stars in Carmelo and Amare by his side. The Knicks could have looked like a more fluid offense, in contrast to four players watching Melo trying to play hero ball every possession. New York’s season looked so Linteresting in my eyes. I can not see why the Knicks do see the possible Lindorsements that they could have made money on. Now its seems like the departure of Jeremy Lin was indeed Linevitable and now their playoff seed next year will show how much New York will miss Jeremy Lin.

Morgan Grimmett is a NBA writer for  The Sports Blitz and can be contacted at or on Twitter  @Morgan_Grimmett


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